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Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or other special occasions, it can be tough to find new ideas — and that’s where our list of the top 10 cheese gifts come in. Cheese is delicious, so it makes a true treat for a loved one. Plus, since it’s easy to eat, the recipient doesn’t need to make a special effort to consume it; they can simply grab it as a snack or eat it with a meal. Plus, for someone who already has a house full of things, a consumable gift like cheese is a thoughtful option. It’s fun to enjoy, but then it’s gone. That means that the recipient doesn’t need to find a place to store it. With so many tasty cheese options on the market, it’s a breeze to find one for any taste preference. Take a look at our favorite options.

1. Hickory Farms Hearty Selection

The Hickory Farms Hearty Selection is one of the top cheese gifts, and it’s not hard to see why. This box comes packed with delicious foods, so your recipient can use it for entertaining or enjoy it as a treat. In addition to five different types of cheese, this box includes a package of crackers and three summer sausages. The cheese comes in different flavors, including harvest vegetable and creamy swiss blend. All of these items are packed into a box that’s filled with crinkle paper, so they look gorgeous as soon as they arrive.

Hickory Farms Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

2. Beehive Cheese Sampler

Do you know someone who loves aged cheeses? If so, this Beehive cheese sampler is a fun way to branch out. This set comes with six wedges of cheese in a variety of flavors. The Barely Buzzed features a hand-rubbed coating of lavender and espresso, while the TeaHive is infused with bergamot and orange blossom. Then, there’s the spicy Big John’s Cajun, which is delicious on its own or with crackers. The four-ounce wedges are the perfect size for a wine and cheese evening at home or for occasional snacking.

Beehive Cheese Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

3. Wisconsin Cheese Company Deluxe Gift Basket

Give the gift of snacking with this deluxe basket from Wisconsin Cheese Company. First, there are four varieties of cheese, each produced in Wisconsin for a hearty flavor. Your loved one can enjoy them with the two varieties of crackers; there are even two different mustards to amp up the deliciousness. This box also comes with a bag of dipping pretzels for an extra burst of crunch. This mix makes a tasty treat for anyone who loves to snack.

Wisconsin Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

4. Bambusi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

When it comes to the best cheese gifts, it’s hard to do better than this Bambusi Premium cheese board set. This gift comes with all of the items you need to delight your favorite cheese-lover. It starts with the board itself; it features a pull-out tray loaded with four different cheese knives. A groove around the outer edge catches drips and keeps your entertaining area clean. Since this board is built from bamboo, it helps keep your knives sharp and it automatically resists bacteria growth for a cleaner kitchen.

Bambusi Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

5. Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler Gift Basket

Delight your favorite snacker with this gourmet meat and cheese gift basket. This deluxe basket is stuffed with meats, cheeses, and crackers, so it has all of the supplies for a delicious evening of snacking. We love the different flavors of cheese, which include smoked gouda and garlic cheddar. All of these treats are packed in a beautiful platter that can be reused over and over again to keep the fun going. Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

6. Spanish Cheese Assortment

If you have a friend who loves cheese or loves to travel, this Spanish cheese assortment makes a great present. It contains four 8-ounce pieces of cheese: Murcia al Vino, Mahon Reserva, Manchego, and Idiazabal. That way, the recipient has the chance to take a mini tour of Spain. This is one of the more affordable cheese gifts on our list, which makes it a great option for a coworker or a casual friend.

no!no! Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

7. Gift Basket Village Cheese Lover Gift Basket

Looking for a Christmas present for the cheese enthusiast in your life? The Cheese Lover gift basket from Gift Basket Village has you covered. It includes cheeses, cheese spreads, and a selection of crackers to enjoy them with. All of the items are beautifully packed into a gift basket for maximum visual impact — then, the whole thing is shrink wrapped to keep the items in place for easy shipping.

Gift Basket Village Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

8. Global Gifts Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket

Help a friend explore the cheeses of the world with this Global Gifts gourmet gift basket. Inside, you’ll find cheese from Spain, France, Holland, and more. As an extra treat, this basket comes with a fig spread that can be slathered on the brie for a touch of sweetness. If your recipient has an adventurous palate, they’ll love these options. The double-cream brie is rich and luxurious, and the horseradish cheddar adds just the right touch of spice.

Global Gifts Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

9. The Gift Basket Gallery Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket

When you want to splash out on a memorable cheese gift, this Classic Selection basket from The Gift Basket Gallery is your best bet. This gift is truly luxurious; it’s packed with a huge range of cheeses, sausages, and crackers. Then, there are a couple of jars of mustard to complete the mix. With its large size and varied contents, this basket is a great choice for a group or a family.

The Gift Basket Gallery Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts

10. Perl Creek Wisconsin Cheese Blocks 6-Pack

For fans of Wisconsin cheese, you can’t go wrong with this Perl Creek six-pack. In fact, when it comes to cheap cheese gifts, this is the most delicious option on the market. The six Wisconsin-made cheeses include flavors like Hot Pepper and Tomato Basil, so they’re delicious alone or on crackers. Each wedge is individually wrapped for freshness.

Perl Creek Top 10 Best Cheese Gifts
No matter what the special occasion, you can’t go wrong with the gift of cheese. By choosing cheese gifts that match your recipient’s tastes, you can find an option that will be a true treat.


By BCR Staff

November 2019