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Top 10 Best Maca Powder

Today, we will take a close look at 10 of the best and most affordable high-quality maca powders.

Maca powder has become increasingly popular within fitness circles all over the world. Maca is derived from a Peruvian plant that is grown in and around the Andes mountain. As a cruciferous vegetable, the Maca plant shares similarity with broccoli and kale. Maca powder is a concentrated form of the Peruvian plant that has been shown to provide a wealth of health benefits. From increasing your libido to boosting your energy, maca powder can have a tangible impact on your life. With that being said, not all maca powders are created equally. In this review, we will highlight some of the top-rated maca powder brands you can purchase online.

1. Maca Powder Organic – Peruvian Premium Grade Superfood

Searching for a reliable maca powder supplier is all about focusing on quality ingredients. This Maca Powder is sourced from Peruvian grade ingredients that have since been certified USDA organic. This specific mixture includes maca root that was acquired in Junin, Peru. What makes this product special is that it is filled with B vitamins, iodine, iron, and magnesium. Using this maca powder as part of your daily routine can lead to inflammation reduction, a dramatic reduction in regular ‘colds’, and even healthier skin. In order to make the most out of this product, incorporate one giant teaspoon per serving into your smoothie.

Zen Spirit Top 10 Maca Powder

2. Soul Organics Maca Powder

Soul Organics Maca Powder was created specifically to cater to your body’s needs. Thanks to the enhanced bioavailability of the ingredients in the product, this USDA certified organic maca powder is fast-acting and effective. Sourced from the Peruvian maca root, the ingredients in this package came from high up within the Andes Mountains. The Soul Organics Maca Powder is filled to the brim with amino acids, nutritious minerals, and healthy vitamins. Maca root has been shown to be effective at increasing your energy, leveling your mood, and even diminishing your anxiety. This product is best used when incorporated into thicker beverages, like a fruit or veggie smoothie.

Soul Organics Top 10 Maca Powder

3. Healthworks Maca Powder Raw Organic 2 Pound

There are very few Maca Powder products that cater directly to bulk buyers. Thankfully, the Healthworks Maca Powder Raw Organic supplement comes in a hefty 2 pound bag. This maca powder is great for adherents to the Keto diet. This specific brand is considered vegan, non-GMO, and even guaranteed to be organic. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives within the package. You can use this root powder product in a number of different ways, including tea, juice, cooking, and even cereal. You’ll also find that the 30-day money-back guarantee is ideal for people who have never used maca root before.

Healthworks Top 10 Maca Powder

4. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder, 16 Ounce

Getting affordable supplements to improve your overall health can be hard. Thankfully, Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder is available at an affordable rate. This superfood concoction is organic, GMO-free, completely gluten-free, and also considered vegan. Packed with energizing vitamins and minerals, this powder is ideal for anyone looking to improve their overall health. In order to maximize the efficacy of the product, mix half of a teaspoon of powder into whatever medium that you are working with. In order to get the most out of the nutrients, opt for a cold concoction rather than something that is boiling hot, such as tea or coffee.

Terrasoul Superfoods Top 10 Maca Powder

5. Navitas Organics Maca Powder

Navitas Organics is an upscale provider of completely organic, all-natural health-food supplements. Their maca root powder is considered USDA organic as well as vegan, gluten, and GMO-free. Navitas touts the energizing ability of their maca powder while also boasting crash-free results of the aforementioned energy. You can buy this product in both raw and gelatinized forms in sizes ranging from 4 ounces to 32 ounces. Navitas focuses on providing minimally processed products at an affordable price, sourced from sustainable farms. Navitas is a member of the Certified B Corp which is an organization focused on Earth-friendly practices and policies.

Navitas Organics Top 10 Maca Powder

6. Viva Naturals Organic Maca Powder

Viva Naturals Organic Maca Powder is one of the more effective ways to introduce maca powder to your diet. This specific product features maca powder that has been gelatinized prior to packaging. Gelatinized maca powder is more bioavailable than raw or untreated maca powder, particularly for those who are not native to Peru. This product comes in a 1 pound, 8 ounce, and 250 capsule size. You can incorporate the Viva Naturals Organic Maca Powder product into your diet by adding one teaspoon of the powder to your meal or beverage of choice. All of the traditional benefits of maca root should be expected, from enhanced energy levels to cleaner skin, and everything in between.

Viva Naturals Top 10 Maca Powder

7. Anthony’s Organic Maca Root Powder

Anthony’s Organic Maca Root Powder comes in a one-pound bag. This root powder is different than most of the competitors in that it has been gelatinized with low heat in order to promote maximum bioavailability. As this is gelatinized root powder, users should see a sizable difference when compared to untreated maca powder. Anthony’s Organic Maca Root Powder is an affordable and organic supplement that tastes great in drinks, smoothies, baked goods, and more. There are about 93 equal servings within the one-pound bag, though frequent users would be advised to carefully measure each serving.

Anthony's Top 10 Maca Powder

8. Herbal Secrets USDA Certified Organic Maca Root Powder

Herbal Secrets Organic Maca Root Powder is an easy way to add a serving of healthy nutrients and vitamins to your meals or snacks. This maca root product helps to improve your immune health, balance your hormones, and even help your cardiovascular system. Certified USDA organic, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be getting weird additives in your supplement. Herbal Secrets is a company based on supporting body wellness based on healthy foods and healthy mindsets. In order to incorporate Herbal Secrets Organic Maca Root Powder, simply add one teaspoon to your meal of choice before blending.

Herbal Secrets Top 10 Maca Powder

9. Organic Yellow Maca Powder Root 1 Pound – Peruvian 100 Percent Natural Energy Supplement

Organic Maca Powder from Feel Good Organics is an affordable and effective way to immediately improve your lifestyle. This raw and organic maca powder is sourced directly from the mountain plateaus of the Peruvian Andes. Grown above sea level, this organic powder is filled to the brim with powerful minerals, plant sterols, and vitamins. Adding this to one meal per day can lead to a direct improvement in your everyday life. You may find you have clearer skin, increased energy without a crash, and even hormonal balancing. Feel Good Organics also offers a money-back guarantee for all customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.

Feel Good Organics Top 10 Maca Powder

10. Mamapacha Superfoods Organic Maca Powder

This unique maca root powder comes from Mamapacha Superfoods. This product features Organic Yellow Maca Root Powder in a single pound bag. This eco-friendly product has been certified organic and is considered a premium grade in quality. The powder has been thoroughly analyzed in order to verify that there are zero additives or unwanted contaminants. Mamapacha Superfoods works directly with the government of Peru in order to make sure that all of their products are sustainable. This product features raw maca powder, so you will want to mix one teaspoon of powder per serving when first beginning with the product.

Mamapacha Superfoods Top 10 Maca Powder



By BCR Staff

September 2019