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Top 10 Best Bison Jerky

This review will cover the 10 best bison jerky products you can purchase online.

Though beef jerky is delicious and makes a great snack, it’s not the only type of jerky that you can now find. Bison jerky is an excellent alternative because it tastes similar to beef but is a leaner type of meat that might be better for you. You can keep a bag in one of your office desk drawers for a snack in the middle of the day that contains the protein needed between meals. The packages also let you take a healthy snack with you when you go hiking. Our top Bison jerky products come in different size packages and flavors.

1. Original Buffalo Jerky

A highly affordable bison jerky comes from the people behind Instead of giving you just a single bag, this set comes with three bags of bison jerky. Each bag uses only natural ingredients and is free of the preservatives and chemicals found in other products. You also get two ounces of jerky in each bag. This jerky has a very natural flavor that lets you taste the best of the buffalo and has less than 100 calories per serving. Top Ten Bison Jerky

2. Gunsmoke Bison Jerky

If you prefer natural things in life, you’ll like this jerky because it is free of chemicals. It comes in a simple package with a brown paper exterior and a resealable lip. When you can’t finish the whole bag, you can use that lip to make sure it stays as fresh as possible. Free of both steroids and hormones, the jerky goes through a smoking process that gives each bite a slightly smoky and savory flavor.

Gunsmoke Top Ten Bison Jerky

3. Bison Jerky Chips

Not everyone loves huge chunks of jerky, which is why some call this the best bison jerky. It does not give you large or long pieces that you need to break before eating. You get smaller chunks that you can pop in your mouth to curb your hunger. That makes it easy to have just as much as you need without overindulging. This product comes with four ounces of natural bison jerky chunks in a resealable package that contains multiple servings.

Meat Maniac Top Ten Bison Jerky

4. Roam Free 100% Grass-Fed Bison Jerky Bites

Roam Free also makes a product that uses small chunks and bites of jerky. Each serving provides 24 grams of protein and serves as a convenient snack for those on the paleo or keto diet. With four full packages that each contain two ounces of jerky, you get enough for a week or more of snacks. The resealable bags are easy to seal, which stops air from getting inside and affecting the flavor of the jerky too.

Roam Free Top Ten Bison Jerky

5. Black Forest Bison Butt Naked Jerky

If you’re tired of constantly looking at labels to find a jerky that is free of allergens, this might be the best bison jerky for you. Not only does it naturally contain no gluten, but it’s also free of hormones, nitrates, preservatives and steroids. The Butt Naked flavor does not contain any added ingredients either, which lets you taste the full flavor of the delicious bison. It uses bison fed a healthy diet of only grass too.

Black Forest Bison Top Ten Bison Jerky

6. Katie’s Bison Original Jerky

The top bison jerky for those who want a product that contains strictly bison is this one. Unlike some products that mix the bison with beef, Katie’s only uses 100% grass-fed bison. You get large pieces of jerky that you will thoroughly enjoy. Those large pieces are easy to break into smaller chunks for fast snacks too. The original flavor contains 12 grams of protein and only 70 calories per serving.

Katie's Premium Jerky Top Ten Bison Jerky

7. Hunter’s Reserve Bison Smoked Trail Bites

A good product for those who like hiking and camping is these bison bites from Hunter’s Reserve. The eight ounces of bites inside are easy to divide into smaller packages for snacks, though this one does not come in a resealable package. A single bite can give you some extra energy, but you can eat several ounces to get more protein. Mixed with the bison are a combination of ingredients and spices that include celery. sea salt and chili pepper.

Hunters Reserve Top Ten Bison Jerky

8. Golden Valley Original Bison Jerky

Lacking the preservatives, artificial chemicals and other ingredients that some beef jerky contains, this Golden Valley product is suitable for those watching their diets. It comes in an original flavor that lacks any spices to help you focus on the true flavor of the bison. The resealable bag comes with three ounces of jerky and three servings. A single serving contains just five calories of fat and 60 total calories as well as 11 grams of protein.

Golden Valley Top Ten Bison Jerky

9. Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry Protein Bars

Epic truly embodies it’s name with this offering from the famed jerky company. This 12 pack of Bison Bacon Cranberry Protein Bars weigh 1.3 oz. each and contain 17 grams of protein in each serving. Gluten, hormone, and antibiotic-free, you can rest assured that you are getting the best nourishment possible from 100% grass-fed buffalo. Bacon, tart cranberries, and bison combine to create these out of this world snacks that will have you hooked.

Epic Top 10 Bison Jerky10. Tester Pack Bison Jerky

Eating the same flavor of bison jerky day after day can get boring, which is why this tester pack is a great addition to your snack drawer. includes its original bison flavor as well as its hot and teriyaki flavors. The hot flavor uses chili peppers and other spices that will linger on your tongue, while the teriyaki flavor uses Asian flavors to create a sweet and spicy taste. This three-bag set of low-cost bison jerky includes two ounces of each flavor. 2 Top Ten Bison Jerky



By BCR Staff

September 2019