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Top Ten Best Debt Consolidation Services

Our list of the top ten debt consolidation companies offer alternatives for those struggling with their finances. Something as simple as a hospital stay can reduce your household income and make it difficult for you to pay your bills. If you or your spouse were to lose your job, you might have issues making your monthly mortgage payments and worry that the bank will take back your home. Debt consolidation allows you to consolidate all the debt that you have and make lower monthly payments while also saving on interest. The 10 best debt internet consolidation services come from top companies that can walk you through the process of recovering from your debt.

1. best egg

Best Egg Debt Consolidation Services

The debt consolidation offered by best egg takes the form of a personal loan. You can use that loan to pay debts with high-interest rates, and you may qualify for a loan that is large enough to cover most of your debt. The low monthly payments you make on that loan are less than you would usually pay on your debt. It’s easy to apply for a loan too because you can visit the site and input your name to start the process.

2. Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief Debt Consolidation Services

Freedom Debt Relief is a popular choice for those looking for affordable debt consolidation services. How to Manage Debt is a free resource that you can download to your computer. It goes over how you can recover from your debt and the steps you can take to consolidate that debt. Freedom Debt Relief will look at your finances and customize a plan just for you. Most plans allow the company to work with your lenders to lower the total amount you owe.

3. NetCredit

Net Credit Debt Consolidation Services

Those with poor credit and a history of financial issues may still qualify for one of the loans offered by NetCredit. These debt consolidation loans allow you to borrow up to $10,000 that you can use to make repairs on your home or pay off your debt. One of the loans can also help you reduce the amount that you owe on a credit card with a high-interest rate and lower the total amount you need to pay on your debt each month.

4. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief Debt Consolidation Services

Multiple sites and organizations named National Debt Relief as one of the top debt consolidation companies in the world. It offers a free quote for prospective clients. Once you enter the debt that you have and answer some simple questions, the company will show you how much you can save with its programs. National Debt Relief can work with your creditors and have them settle for less than you owe. The programs are especially helpful for those dealing with credit card debt.

5. Liberty Lending

Liberty Lending Debt Consolidation Services

One of the best online debt consolidation services comes from Liberty Lending. The online application is easy to fill out, and you’ll get a response within a few business days or less. Liberty Lending offers consolidation loans with a fixed interest rate that is usually much lower than the rates on your old loans. Another nice feature is that you can browse offers based on your application and pick the best one for you. Some clients have saved hundreds of dollars every month with Liberty Lending loans.

6. Consolidated Credit Solutions

Consolidated Credit Solutions Debt Consolidation Services

Reaching your financial goals when you have staggering debt may seem impossible. Consolidated Credit Solutions offers ways to help. You can look at alternatives to foreclosure when you cannot make your mortgage payments and find ways to reduce the credit card debt that you have. The company will work with you to find solutions to the specific problems that you face. You can also find ways to save for any future purchases that you want to make.

7. Countrywide Debt Relief

Countrywide Debt Relief Debt Consolidation Services

Many people across the nation struggle with credit card and other forms of debt, but Countrywide Debt Relief offers solutions that work for them. With more than three decades of experience, the company has a unique understanding of the problems facing clients. You can sign up for a free consultation or complete the application online and get a response in minutes. As the company does not consider your credit score, you can qualify for a debt consolidation loan when you have poor credit or a low credit score.

8. LoanMe

Loan Me Debt Consolidation Services

As you compare the top-rated debt consolidation online services, you may feel pressured into making a decision on the spot. LoanMe gives you more time to decide what you want to do, giving you have up to seven days to change your mind about taking out a consolidation loan. The company offers personal loans of up to $100,000 and business loans of up to $250,000. The loans have low-interest rates and give you the funds needed to pay down debt and pay off credit cards to reduce your monthly expenses.

9. Pacific Debt Inc.

Pacific Debt Debt Consolidation Services

Pacific Debt Inc. offers solutions for those struggling with unsecured debt such as credit cards. Your free consultation takes place over the phone and lets you talk about your issues and why you need help. The counselor will then suggest the right program for you. With a loan from this company, you can lower the amount that you send to creditors each month and make one convenient payment instead. You can qualify for a loan if you live in Washington DC or one of 30 American states.

10. Marcus: By Goldman Sachs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Debt Consolidation Services

Goldman Sachs is a name that you can trust and the company behind Marcus, a top debt consolidation option. You can get a loan of up to $40,000 with a fixed interest rate that will not fluctuate in the future. There are both credit card consolidation and debt consolidation loans available. Marcus allows you to pick the amount that you need from $3,500 to $40,000 and view all your available options. All the loans offered come with the secure backing of Goldman Sachs.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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