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Where Can I Purchase CBD?

With proponents claiming that CBD oil can help with a range of medical issues, it’s not surprising that many want to know where it can be purchased. Buying from a reputable source is important because the oil cannot legally contain more than 0.5% THC, the same active ingredient found in marijuana. Though shoppers can purchase the oil from various sources, there are some important things they should know and consider before they buy.

How to Use CBD Oil

One common question that some have is how they use CBD oil. Most mix it with something called a carrier oil, which is a type of oil that they use to dilute the CBD. Olive oil is a common choice. Once mixed, they can apply a small amount of oil to their skin and rub it into the affected area. It’s also possible to smoke or vape the oil in the same way they would other oils in a device. Users may also use CBD oil in the same way they would any essential oil in a diffuser inside their home.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider before buying CBD is the concentration of THC in the product. Though some states allow a maximum concentration of 0.5%, others drop the maximum concentration of THC allowed in the product down to 0.3%. Using oils with a higher concentration is illegal and can cause a positive result on the most common drug tests. Another thing to consider is whether an independent lab tested the oil and shared its findings. Many users will not use any CBD oil unless the producer or manufacturer shows test results from a third party.

Where to Shop

Some of the best places to purchase CBD oil is from neighborhood vape and smoke shops. While some shops sell custom blends that include CBD mixed with other ingredients, other shops mix it with olive oil to create a blend suitable for applying directly to the skin. Many of the top online retailers also sell this type of oil as do neighborhood health food stores. Any shop that sells vitamins and essential oils will likely have CBD in stock. Even if it isn’t available, those stores can usually special order the product from different suppliers for customers.

Legal Issues

As CBD oil comes from the same plant that becomes marijuana, many people want to know if they can legally buy and use it. This oil may offer some help to those suffering from anxiety disorders and chronic pain conditions. According to The Atlantic, users should think carefully before bringing CBD oil to the airport. She points out that the federal agency that handles air transportation can view the substance as illegal and block passengers from taking it onto planes or getting on their flights. Though it is legal to purchase and use the oil, it’s not legal to take it everywhere.

As more people share their experiences with CBD oil, more people will want to try it and see if it works. Some of the best places to purchase CBD oil include neighborhood smoke and vape shops, online retailers and health food stores.

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