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What is the Best Mattress Type for a Side Sleeper?

Side sleeping is a popular sleeping position, so many may wonder about the best mattress for a side sleeper. It turns out there are several design aspects to consider to find the most comfortable mattress based on favored sleeping position. Keep reading to learn all about what to look for in a mattress for side sleepers.

Mattress Features for Side Sleepers

To prevent back and neck pain, side sleepers will want a mattress that provides ample support while also keeping the spine aligned. It shouldn’t be too firm, as it needs some softness to relieve pressure points in the neck, shoulders and hips. Those who sleep on their sides will benefit from a mattress that can conform to the body to offer optimal muscle relaxation. When it comes to side sleepers, body weight distribution matters. It’s important to have a mattress with enough firmness and thickness to provide support while allowing for conformity. These aspects will vary by weight, as a larger person may require a thicker foundation than those who are lighter. Mattresses that allow air flow will add comfort for side sleepers.

Best Types of Mattresses for Side Sleepers

According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to finding the best mattress for a side sleeper, shoppers must look for one that is firm enough to give them support to maintain their comfortable sleeping position, while also allowing for some cushioning to relieve pressure points. Side sleepers may wish to look for mattresses that range from a 5-10 on a 1-10 scale of firmness. This will vary greatly based on personal preference.

To meet these requirements, there are three types of mattress should be considered. These are foam, hybrid and innerspring mattresses. Both poly and memory foam in supportive layers will do. These provide both support and comfort by being firm, yet elastic to cushion the body. Many also come with cooling technology so sleepers don’t get too hot. Hybrids are manufactured with both foam and coils. The coil adds comfort and core support for side sleepers. An innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil support system. The coils shape around the body curves to provide cushioning, while the thicker layers support the body properly.

Other Side Sleeper Considerations

Some unique considerations apply to side sleepers. Because they may shift sides, it’s necessary to do so with caution. Rather than roll or twist, sleepers should try to move their entire body as one unit by locking the core bending both knees toward the chest when maneuvering. This will help to avoid muscle tears or pulls. Also, the hips, shoulders and ears should be in alignment when turning over. Individuals will avoid aggravating back or neck pain in this way. Side sleeping leads to some issues other sleepers may not encounter. Sleeping only on the side could increase facial wrinkles because the face is in constant contact with the pillow. Also, this position could lead to breast sagging.

This information should be helping for side sleepers who are mattress shopping. The best mattress type for a side sleeper is likely a foam, hybrid or innerspring mattress based on preference and physical considerations.

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