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What are the Effects of CBD?

With the rise in popularity, many may have questions about the effects of CBD. There are likely to be questions about its effectiveness, safety and quality. With some research, it’s easy to see that CBD has numerous benefits and can help to alleviate symptoms related to various conditions. Let’s take a look at the effects of this popular substance.

About CBD

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis, or marijuana, plant. Another name for this compound is cannabidiol. CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannbinol, or THC, the part of the marijuana plant that produces euphoric effects or a high feeling. Researchers believe that CBD works by attaching to the endocannabinoid system, which regulates the body’s sleep, mood, memory and energy balance. CBD is thought to be helpful in the treatment of several health issues.

Uses of CBD

CBD is used to treat a variety of ailments, conditions and symptoms. It has been linked to improved sleep, better heart health, cancer prevention and weight loss. CBD is also used to address:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Muscle spasms

These are just some of the primary issues CBD has been shown to alleviate. Some people claim it produces an overall feeling of wellness.

Effects of CBD

According to Harvard Health, the effects of CBD are vast. They are dependent upon the individual, the issue to be addressed and the type, strength and purity of the CBD product used. However, most users can expect some common effects from a quality CBD product sold by a reputable company. A calm feeling has been reported, which helps address anxiety and depression symptoms. It’s been shown to have an anti-depressant effect. This works because CBD has an effect on levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is in charge of mood. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can dramatically help to reduce pain in the muscles and joints. CBD binds to endocannabinoids in the nervous system, which helps to reduce inflammation. This endocannabinoid system is also responsible for regulating sleep, which is why CBD users often claim to sleep better.

Buying Quality CBD

There are several things consumers should look for when buying CBD to ensure they receive a quality product. First, there should be evidence of third-party lab testing that provides evidence of strength and purity. Also, it’s good to know where the CBD was grown. States like Colorado, Oregon and North Carolina are trusted for their role in the CBD movement. Also, how the CBD is extracted matters concerning strength and potency. Look for companies that offer products made with CO2 extraction.

Keep these tips in mind when considering the use of CBD. Because of the many positive effects of CBD, it can be quite useful in treating a variety of conditions as long as consumers take time to do their research.

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