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Is it Legal to Use CBD?

Is it legal to use CBD products? With CBD use on the rise, it is vital to understand the legal standings on its use and how to determine if particular CBD products are legal. Read on to see what is necessary to do before purchasing a CBD product below.

Research the Product

First, research the product intended to buy. Here’s what is needed to know:

  • Which plant is the CBD product derives from (marijuana or hemp)?
  • What is the THC content?
  • Where was the hemp plant grown?
  • Does the hemp adhere to state and federal law?

CBD products that are derived from the hemp plant are completely legal, but those derived from a marijuana plant could land you in trouble with the law. Marijuana-derived hemp often has low traces of THC, the psychoactive substance in the schedule I drug. Hemp, on the other hand, was declassified as a drug and is instead defined as an agricultural commodity. This shift comes in large part thanks to the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. Following these guidelines means that your CBD product is legal. There are certain states, however, that have specific state laws regarding these products.

Research your State’s Laws

After researching the CBD product, it is important to check with individual state laws. Despite federal laws prohibiting marijuana, several states have decided to decriminalize the product in their state. If you live in one of these states, then you don’t need to be too concerned about the plant’s origin or THC levels. Other states have laws that allow the use of CBD products with low levels of THC for medicinal reasons. Individuals need to verify if a medical prescription is needed to legally use a CBD product in the local area.

The Legality of Medical CBD Products

If medical marijuana or medical CBD is legal according to the state’s laws, then certain requirements need to be fulfilled. Common restrictions include medical marijuana cards and patient ID cards. CBD products may need to be purchased from a licensed dispensary. The National Conference of State Legislatures has compiled a comprehensive table that details state-by-state information about medical marijuana programs.

Is it Legal to Use CBD Products?

Once CBD products have been researched, including the product and the laws surrounding it, individuals will know if it’s legal to possess and use the substance in their local state. This controversial issue is still causing a lot of confusion and sometimes police officers are unclear on the legality of a product. If authorities do find CBD in possession, they will test the CBD for THC. State laws may give a legal defense against a criminal conviction, but it is important to ensure that all the requirements have been met to legally use the CBD.

With all the controversy swirling around the marijuana plant, it’s difficult to say whether CBD products are legal or not. It will take some independent research on both the product and state’s laws before a clear answer is found. Before purchasing a CBD product, make sure it legal to use in the local area.

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