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How Much Does CBD Cost?

The treatment of pain, anxiety and depression with CBD oil is a growing practice throughout many countries, but for some patients, CBD cost may be an issue. While cannabis is still illegal in several American states, CBD oil can legally be sold throughout the country. If the amount of psychoactive chemicals in CBD oil is below 0.3 percent, any vendor in the United States can offer this treatment for aches, pains, sleeplessness, anxiety and other disorders. CBD oil doesn’t contain any of the intoxicating chemicals found in cannabis and should be used according to the directions on the packaging to avoid overdosing.

Cost Per Milligram of CBD

The demand for CBD oil is generally increasing, so the cost per milligram of this medicinal substance will change as the market expands. The lower-end oils typically cost around 11 cents per milligram, but they can cost less in some cases. Some industrially produced oils with very low CBD content can cost three to four cents per milligram. These medicines may not contain all of the health-promoting properties that the higher-priced oils contain. At the higher end of the price range, oils that have been produced by hand in small batches can cost 16 cents per milligram or more. These products are the premium oils with scientifically proven health benefits for people with many types of conditions, including acne, depression and epilepsy. Most CBD oils are mass-produced and cost around 12 to 15 cents per milligram.

Benefits of CBD

The claims of health benefits provided by CBD oil are supported by scientific research. Over many decades of testing, researchers have narrowed down the potential benefits of CBD oil treatment to a few health-promoting properties. The top reason most people take CBD oil is to relieve pain. This health benefit has been verified by double-blind studies using human volunteers, according to the Mayo Clinic. Other important health benefits of CBD oil include relief from depression, insomnia and stress. Regular treatment with CBD oil can also reduce acne and symptoms of cancer treatment, such as nausea and chronic pain. Doctors often prescribe CBD oil to treat neurological conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Clinical trials of CBD oil are ongoing, and new uses of this potent compound are continually being discovered.

Side-Effects of CBD

A few mild side-effects have been observed in patients taking CBD oil. The side-effects tend to be very subtle and similar to the side-effects of over-the-counter dietary supplements. Most people never experience any side-effects, but those who do say they feel abdominal pain, diarrhea, a change in appetite and fatigue. It’s important to talk to a doctor before taking any pain medication, including CBD oil. The side-effects of this treatment may subside after a few days, or they may persist. A general physician can provide a medical exam and guidance for CBD oil treatment.

While cannabis has been legalized in more than half the country, its status is still in question in some areas. CBD oil is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants pain relief without the psychoactive effects of cannabis. As this product becomes more mainstream, CBD cost is dropping for medical patients across the country.

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