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How Can I Get the Best Price for a Mattress?

A good mattress is key to a good night’s sleep, but many shoppers want to know how they can get the best price for a mattress. Some models can easily cost thousands of dollars, but some cheaper models are just as comfortable yet affordable. Affordable mattresses can be found in mattress stores as well as online. While some mattresses are firm and suitable for those who sleep on their sides, others are softer and are preferred by those who sleep in other positions. There are various ways that shoppers can find some great ways to save money on a new mattress.

Shop Around

Walking into a shop and buying a mattress after trying out a few is one of the biggest mistakes that a shopper can make. It’s important that they shop around and compare prices offered by different companies. Shoppers will find they can’t take advantage of this discount at mattress stores that claim they price match as these stores often use different names for similar mattresses. They can write down details about each model they like and compare those details and features to those offered by other stores to get a good deal.

Negotiate on Price

Though many shoppers assume that mattress prices are set in stone, many stores will negotiate on their prices. Negotiating doesn’t necessarily mean getting the price down though. It can also refer to getting more things included in the price. A shopper might get a good price on a mattress that comes with new pillows and an extended warranty rather than just a mattress alone. Those who do not need a box spring can also negotiate and get a better price when they leave off that product.

Shop During Sales

One of the easiest ways to get the best price for a mattress is when shoppers wait for the sale season. According to Consumer Reports, mattress stores often run sales around holidays such as Labor Day Day. These sales may include interest-free financing or 50 percent off certain models. Though mattress stores often run sales during other parts of the year, those shops often only reduce prices on a small selection of products.

Shop Online

Another way to save money on the cost of a new mattress is with an online shopping trip. Many online retailers now offer mattresses that shoppers can buy from the Web and have delivered to their homes. Those shopping online should pay careful attention to the return policy though. Some manufacturers offer a warranty that starts as soon as the customer orders and one that may end soon after the mattress arrives. Others allow customers to try out their new mattresses for a full month or longer and return it if it doesn’t meet their needs. Some of the best mattresses available online use memory foam.

Shopping for a new mattress was once very hard because shoppers only had a limited number of shops where they could buy one. Between furniture stores and the web, shoppers now have many more options. When they shop around, use the web and shop the sales, they can get the best price for a mattress.

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