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Do All Mattresses Need a Box Spring?

Shopping for a new mattress can be confusing, and you may be wondering if all mattresses need a box spring, That’s a valid question to wonder, as there are many new mattress types on the market today. Gone are the days of simply choosing a firm or soft spring mattress. Today’s offerings are vast, and not all require a box spring. Read on to learn more about the box spring, its benefits and whether you need one for your preferred mattress type.

About Box Springs

A box spring is a supportive structure that provides a foundation for your mattress. The name can be confusing, as manufacturers no longer put springs in all box springs. They may simply be made of wood with a cotton or canvas covering. The point of a box spring is to provide support for the mattress, along with evenly distributing body weight. It also helps to elevate your mattress. They give many types of mattresses added comfort and usability. Box springs also increase the lifespan of your mattress.

Do You Need a Box Spring?

Whether you need a box spring or not often depends upon the type of frame you use. Steel bed frames don’t provide enough support for you to skip the box spring. However, platform beds have a solid wood base and do offer support to your mattress without needing a box spring. You can also get a foundation made of slats that can be used without a box spring. Also, adjustable bases don’t use box springs. They require only a flexible mattress made of a material such as memory foam. The key is to have a foundation that offers a solid base that gives adequate support evenly across the mattress.

Benefits of a Box Spring

The belief that a box spring is necessary is one of several mattress myths you should know. While they aren’t always necessary, there are some real benefits to using these mattress foundations according to MattressFirm. For one, they help to elevate your bed. This can be more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable for getting in and out of. It also keeps your bed further from the ground, adding to hygiene and avoiding dirt or dust bunnies. Having a box spring may be required to maintain the warranty of your mattress; you should check on this before purchase. It does extend the life of most mattresses by helping to evenly distribute weight and avoid sagging. You can likely add a couple of years to the time you own your mattress simply by placing it on a foundation. They also absorb shock, which is a huge advantage for couples who don’t want to feel their partner’s every toss and turn.

There are lots of advantages to using a box spring, but these foundations aren’t always necessary for all situations. The choice is yours. Just be careful to choose the right kind of frame, either platform or slats, if you don’t think you need a box spring.

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