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Ten Best Affordable Personal Safes

By BCR Staff
February 2019

This article reviews the 10 most affordable personal safes available online.

If you are anxious about protecting your important documents and valuables, a personal safe is an ideal solution. Portable and manageable, today’s personal safes come in an array of sizes and styles.  While you can purchase safes on the higher end that provide all the bells and whistles, these often come with a hefty price tag. We’ve found some great quality models that combine the most crucial features with reasonable prices.

The importance of doing your homework when it comes to buying a safe cannot be overstated, and there are many factors to consider before purchasing. The overall cost, size, durability, and features will determine which personal safe is best for your needs. Lucky for you we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the process. Our list contains a variety of styles and price points to appeal to everyone.

If you’re tired of worrying about keeping your things secure, this review of the ten most affordable personal safes will help you choose one that will give you some much-needed peace of mind.

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe

amazonbasics affordable personal safesThe AmazonBasics Security Safe is one of the most popular personal models on the market.  It steadily and consistently receives excellent feedback due to the many features that stand out when compared to similar safes in this price range.

It has enhanced security measures, including an advanced digital passcode that uses batteries to function.  If that malfunctions there are two override keys to use as a backup. Constructed with a pry-resistant steel door with concealed hinges,  it comes with two bolts so you can mount it securely to the floor, desk, or wall. Overall, this is a great  0.5-cubic foot safe that checks off all of the critical factors.

2.  Viking Biometric Security Safe

Viking Security Safe affordable personal safesThe Viking Security Safe is a high-end personal safe that is convenient to set up and use. What makes it biometric? That’s its most exciting feature! Integrated with this safe is a fingerprint manager that can store up to 32 sets of fingerprints for multiple users.  This technology makes it an excellent choice for any small business or home office where several people may need to have access to its contents.

You can opt to use the pin pad if fingerprinting isn’t your thing, and a backup key ensures you will never get locked out if you forget the code. The interior is beautiful too. It is fully carpeted and has a convenient LED light.  The addition of a shelf that makes it easy to store multiple objects of value.

3. Stack-On Personal Fireproof Safe

Viking Security Safe If you are looking for a safe that is fireproof, the Stack-On can withstand temperatures of 1400 degrees for up to 30 minutes. It is constructed of sturdy welded steel and has a carpeted interior and padded shelf to keep your belongings safe and unscratched. The electronic lock requires AA batteries but will store up to three passwords, and a key is included to prevent lockouts. For your convenience, it comes with mounting hardware so you can attach it securely to the floor or wall.

4. AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

safeadir affordable personal safesWith a pry-resistant steel door and concealed hinges, The AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock is a durable modern personal safe that was designed to protect important objects with ease. The electronic lock allows you easy digital access, but if you forget your passcode or the batteries run out of juice, two backup keys ensure you won’t have to call a locksmith.  This safe also comes in blue, red, and white, and is simple to set up and begin using immediately.

5. Langria Steel Security Safe Deposit Box

Langria Steel Security Safe Deposit Box

The Langria Steel Security Safe Deposit Box is a smaller personal safe with a digital keypad. At 0.35 cubic feet, It is designed with an outer core steel construction that can be mounted to the wall or floor. There is a digital alarm sound you can set up to alert you to any unauthorized access. A shockproof electromagnetic door and moisture-proof circuit board offer a level of security not often found in models of this size. While this safe may be tiny, it still manages to provide terrific value for those who only need a small personal safe.

6. Avlone Personal Security Bag

Avlone Personal Security BagThe Avlone Personal Security Bag is an inexpensive and portable alternative to heavy steel safes. While this bag doesn’t lock, it is fireproof and waterproof, giving you peace of mind that the documents and objects stored inside will be safe from the elements.  It is ideal for paperwork, jewelry, guns, and more, and is well-suited for travel. Made of fiberglass, it has a skin-friendly silicon coating that won’t scratch or irritate. It can be double sealed and has a reflective band allowing you to find it in the dark quickly.  Well-reviewed and practical, the company offers a lifetime guarantee on this bag. And if you are not 100 percent happy with your purchase, they will refund your money.

7. AmazonBasics Desk Drawer Safe

mazonBasics Desk Drawer Safe

The AmazonBasics Desk Drawer Safe is one of the most basic personal safes that you can find on the market.  Similar in design to the standard AmazonBasicsSafe, it is smaller in size and made to fit discreetly in a desk drawer. Optionally, it can also be wall-mounted.  You can access it with the electronic keypad or with the included backup key. The interior compartment measures 11.7 by 8.5 by 1.7 inches and can accommodate small items like cash, jewelry, passports, and other vital documents. This little workhorse of a safe comes in at a decent price and will no doubt get a lot of use in the years to come.

8.  Bulldog Vaults Personal Safe with Key Lock

Bulldog Vaults Personal Safe with Key Lock

The Bulldog Vaults Personal Safe is a unique storage compartment that is capable of protecting objects with its heavy duty steel construction and egg crate interior. The design meets TSA firearm guidelines which makes it a favorite among travelers. It will easily hold a large pistol, cash, credit cards, and passports. Constructed of 18-gauge steel, it includes two keys and a cable to deter theft. This is a five-star product that has received exceptional feedback from customers. If you only have a few items that you need to secure, the Bulldog is a perfect choice.

9. Kingside Locking Booksafe

Kingside Locking Booksafe

Easily the most unobtrusive choice on our list, this Alice in Wonderland locking book safe hides your valuables in plain sight. Although it does not have the same fireproof and waterproof capabilities as some of the others on our list, the low price point and discreet design are ideal for buyers on a tight budget. The interior steel box measures 6.8 inches x 3.8 inches and is hidden within real pages that look like the real deal. Perfect for light-duty security, It is shipped with two keys. It also makes an excellent housewarming gift.

10. Cannon Safe E913-CSPL-17

Cannon Safe E913-CSPL-17

The Cannon Safe E913-CSPL-17 comes equipped with some unique features that stand out from the rest. It boasts a premium interior that can be customized by removing a shelf and reorganizing it to make more space. There are several fashionable colors available to choose from if you want something that fits in with your decor. A thick steel plate, 120-degree hinge, and two active locking bolts make this a winner for security. To deter theft, It has a dual alarm system and a sound indicator when it is being tampered with. Access is simple. You enter your code and twist the knob. A backup key is included.

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