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Emergency Preparedness

BCR Emergency PreparednessEmergencies often happen when you least expect them. Earthquakes don’t call ahead to see if you’re ready. Tornadoes don’t wait for you to stock your underground shelter. Ice storms don’t care if you have blankets nearby before taking out power lines. Burglars don’t knock the door and announce their break in. When disaster hits, you usually have precious minutes to respond. Thus, you should have emergency preparedness supplies ready to grab quickly.

Home and car emergency kits are stocked with the items your family will need to survive. From non-perishable food to pocket knives, the checklist of emergency essentials is quite long. Luckily, Best Choice Reviews is here to help find preparedness gear for every urgent situation. Our leading website checks out the plethora of emergency equipment online and suggests the most useful.

Between 1994 and 2013, Prevention Web cited 6,873 natural disasters that claimed 1.35 million lives around the globe. Climate change proven by science is expected to make droughts, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other weather events more common. Additionally, worldwide conflicts pose a significant threat to human life. In 2018, the Global Terrorism Index recorded 18,814 deaths from extremist attacks across 67 nations. Despite the clear risks, FEMA estimates that nearly 60 percent of Americans haven’t practiced a disaster plan. Underestimating potential emergencies in your near future could be a fatal mistake. You can never be too prepared when hazards from volcanoes to chemical leaks are on the horizon. Best Choice Reviews wants to arm you with the facts to purchase emergency equipment now that will mitigate crises later.

Buying Preparedness Tools Online Safely

As if possible tragedies weren’t enough, you probably worry about your online security too. You’re not alone because McAfee found 88 percent of Americans have concerns about typing in personal information online. Criminals wanting to steal identities seem to be running rampant. In 2018 alone, 16 major stores like Macy’s, Sears, Best Buy, and Adidas had breaches. Don’t let some scary stories turn you away from online shopping, though. You simply need to take preparedness steps to secure your online experience. For instance, only use your home WiFi connection that’s been encrypted. Create different strong passwords for each online account. Look for the small lock icon next to secure website URLs. Select online merchants with good BBB ratings you trust. Also, use a credit card with fraud monitoring and protections.

When you’re careful, shopping online for emergency preparedness supplies is rewarding. Best Choice Reviews suggests buying online because the variety of products is unparalleled. One mouse click will return results for hundreds of survival tools in every size you need. You won’t get stuck in rush hour traffic hitting a brick-and-mortar store on the way home from work. You won’t miss out on sales by arriving after mall hours are over. Online retailers have much less upkeep costs, so their prices are typically cheaper. Canvassing multiple stores across several miles to find the best bet isn’t necessary. Rather, you’ll stretch your hard-earned money and make more informed buys on emergency preparedness equipment.

Ringing the Alarm on Hot Online Deals

At Best Choice Reviews, we’re committed to blaring the siren to alert consumers of fantastic emergency preparedness tools at budget-friendly prices. That’s because we know how expensive disasters can be. For instance, the average outpatient ER visit cost is currently $1,917. In 2017, NOAA estimated that Hurricane Harvey left $125 billion in damages across the South. We feel you shouldn’t have to stress about paying for emergency preparedness supplies, too. Therefore, our website rewards your crisis proaction by finding bargains. We weigh affordability along with quality to determine the best investments that won’t hurt your wallet. From helmets to hiking boots, we survey the online market for valuable purchases. The BCR team also strongly bases our top 10 lists on these factors:

Reliability: Imagine disaster suddenly strikes your community. You rush to your emergency preparedness kit for aid. However, you find flashlights that aren’t shining bright enough or a generator that isn’t producing power. Best Choice Reviews wants to make sure you never live this nightmare. Given that, our diligent researchers look for the market’s most dependable options. We search through the product specs for durable materials that could withstand even an apocalypse. We prioritize items with long-lasting battery and solar power backups you can count on. It’s our mission to fill your emergency preparedness arsenal with trusted tools ready whenever you need them.

Innovation: Catastrophic events are getting worse and more widespread each year. In effect, manufacturers are stepping up their game to safeguard customers from danger. They’re harnessing the latest technology advancements to save lives and belongings. Best Choice Reviews places strong emphasis on finding products with unique, high-tech features. For example, there are innovative safes that have ultra-secure biometric fingerprint locks rather than codes. Further, there are handheld GPS units that map your precise location if fleeing disaster. Whether camp stoves or snow blowers, our staff keeps up-to-date with the newest innovations revolutionizing emergency preparedness.

Customer Services: Not everyone is born a natural survivalist like Bear Grylls and Les Stroud. It’s likely that you’ll have questions about your emergency preparedness supplies. After all, instructions are notorious for confusing their readers even more. Best Choice Reviews accordingly pays close attention to availability of customer assistance. For instance, we’ve featured security systems that connect you right to police and fire crews. We’ve found first aid kits that come with well-written wound care booklets. Items that make customer needs the #1 priority are ranked supreme. We look for well-liked companies that offer 24/7 support on toll-free help lines with real people, not robots.

Preparing Your Family for Future Calamities

Overall, don’t let the next natural or man-made disaster catch you off guard. Instead, rely on Best Choice Reviews to defend you and your own fortress from growing threats. We welcome you to start scrolling through our comprehensive articles on emergency preparedness supplies now. From portable heaters to two-way radios, our website is constantly adding new features on readiness gear you need. Use our informed guides to locate top emergency equipment that will protect your loved ones during dangerous conditions.

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