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Top 10 Phone Lenses

Modern cell phones are equipped with powerful cameras—which is where these top ten best phone lenses come in. These lenses fit over the outside of your phone, instantly expanding its capabilities. In seconds, you can shoot in telephone mode or capture wide-angle shots. With the wide variety of phone lenses on the market, you can find an option for almost any type of photography.

The trick? Finding a lens that’s compatible with your phone and that’s designed for your preferred usage. With models ranging from clip-on lenses to case-mounted lenses, the options are endless. Alternatively, opt for a lens kit to explore the full range of phone photography possibilities.

1. Phone Telephoto Lens

If you struggle with your phone’s digital zoom, this telephoto kit is a great option. It’s packed with some of the best photo lenses on the market, so you can shoot more creatively. Use the telephoto lens to capture faraway subjects, or use the wide-angle lens to expand your frame. The other included lenses are a macro and a 180-degree fisheye. The telephoto lens has a manual focus ring, which means that you can select the best focal point for any shot. These lenses clip on to the exterior of your phone, so you can attach and remove them in seconds.

Eweima Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

2. Lotus Lenses Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Save space in your bag with this Lotus Lenses kit. It comes with three different lenses: macro, wide angle, and fisheye. Each lens twists on to the phone clip, making it easy to change options. Simply pinch the ends of the clip together, slip the open jaw over your phone, and release for instant installation. The user-friendly design allows fast adjustments, so you can get the correct configuration in seconds.

Locus Lenses Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

3. 11 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

This 11-in-1 kit is packed with the top phone lenses. Each kit comes with 11 different lenses, giving you maximum creative leeway. Use the standard wide-angle and macro lenses for classic photography, and break out the kaleidoscope lenses for a unique fragmented look. These lenses fasten to a single clip, which fits neatly over your phone’s camera. The included carrying case keeps every element safe in your purse or camera bag.

Mocalaca Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

4. Xenvo’s Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

Streamline your phone photography with this affordable Xenvo Pro kit. It comes with two commonly used lenses: the macro and wide angle. The macro lens magnifies items up to 15 times, making it easy to shoot tiny subjects in perfect clarity. The EasyClip is a breeze to install, and the included lanyard helps you keep your lenses close at hand. Use the included LED light to illuminate your subject directly from your phone.

Xenvo Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

5. Criacr for iPhone Lenses

When you’re looking for cheap phone lenses that don’t sacrifice on performance, this Criacr kit might be the right fit. The secret is in the clip — it’s built with a stable, secure clamp that holds the lens close to your phone and prevents slipping. That way, you get clear, distortion-free shots. This kit comes with a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a macro lens. Each piece is made with professional-quality glass, so it eliminates lens flare while you shoot.

Criacr Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

6. MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens Kit 9 in 1

Take your phone photos to the next level with this MACTREM kit. It’s packed with some of the best phone lenses available. The telephoto lens allows you to zoom up to 20 times, while the fisheye lens gives you a 250-degree view of the scene. The ultra wide angle lens is ideal for landscape shots, and the macro lens magnifies items up to 25 times their original size. To help you reduce camera shake, this kit also comes with a handy phone tripod. Store everything in the included bag for safe carrying.

MACTREM Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

7. AOMAIS’s Pro Camera Lens Kit

Built with high-quality glass, this AOMAIS lens kit helps you take professional photos. Although it’s one of the more affordable phone lenses on the market, this lens offers excellent quality. It features a wide-angle design that adds 0.45 times more width without distortion. The resistant coating on the lens reduces reflections and flares, so every detail is clear and sharp. This kit also comes with an LED light clip, which snaps onto your phone to brighten any scene. Install the lens using the included clip.

AOMAIS Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

8. Phone Camera Lens Kit

When you want to experiment with phone photography without breaking the bank, look to this phone camera lens kit. It includes nine lenses, including starburst and kaleidoscope lenses. Each one fastens to the clip, which in turn attaches to your phone for easy shooting. Built with premium optic glass, these lenses enable you to capture a scene in beautiful color. This kit is compatible with most smartphone cameras.

KNGUVTH Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

9. Moment Wide Lens

The Moment wide lens is one of the best photo lenses on the market. You’ll recognize the quality instantly — the glass and casing have the same solid, weighty feel as traditional camera lenses. The lens fits twice the scene into a single shot, making it a great choice for large landscape or architecture photos. The included lens cap protects the glass, and the tiny microfiber bag provides safe storage. Keep in mind that to use this lens, you must also buy a Moment case; the lens installs by twisting into the case.

Moment Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

10. Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens

Packed with lenses and accessories, this Godefa camera lens kit gives you everything you need to get started. First, there’s the clip, which connects the six included lenses to your phone. Fasten the tripod to your phone to get a stable, vibration-free shot on the first try. Want to take a photo of yourself? This kit also comes with remote control, so you can activate the camera from anywhere. Just pair the remote to your phone using Bluetooth.

Godefa Top Ten Best Phone Lenses

With the right lens, you can harness the photographic power of your cell phone. By working with your phone, these lenses use their existing capabilities and expand them, enabling you to create better photos. Choose from a wide range of options, including fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and more. Great phone lenses are ideal for vacations and using around the house.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019