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Top 10 Best Metal Detectors

The best metal detectors all have one thing in common: they make it easy to find the hidden treasures you want while eliminating the false signals that interrupt your search. Today’s metal detectors are lightweight and comfortable to carry, and they have rugged designs that allow you to search for coins and precious metal objects in rocky, uneven terrain. Using the latest technology, the top metal detector makers have created devices with large, bright, easy-to-read displays and unmistakable audio signals that tell you when you’ve found an object. They’re easy to operate, so all you have to do is focus on listening for a detection.

1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter makes the industry standard metal detector, and the Gold Digger model has all the features that make finding coins and hidden valuables enjoyable and efficient. You don’t have to worry about wasting time on common minerals found in the soil unless you want to, because the trash elimination setting allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detection. This model includes an audio output jack for plugging in earphones for private use.

2. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

Metal Detector

This small metal detector is perfect for kids and allows them to experience the joy of finding discarded treasure buried in the ground. The ultra-sensitive BHJS is capable of detecting coin-sized objects up to five inches deep and large piece of metal as deep as three feet. The display has an analog signal meter that shows how strongly the signal from the metal is detected, and its small, lightweight design makes it easy for children to carry for hours.

3. Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector

Metal Detector

This unique metal detector from Garrett comes in the form of a small, hand-held bar similar in shape to a flashlight. It includes a belt strap for carrying around your waste when not in use, and it works by vibrating in your hand when it detects a metal object. When you find a piece of metal, you can use the Pro-Pointer’s scraping blade to dig in the ground for your treasure, and the metal-detecting sensor is capable of scanning a 360-degree circumference so that you never miss an object within eyesight.

4. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Metal Detector

The TK4 Tracker IV is another excellent model from Bounty Hunter. It has three detection settings for scanning for buried objects: two-tone audio mode, discrimination mode and motion all-metal mode. The last setting lets you find any object in the soil, while discrimination mode blocks out signals from common minerals in the ground. Its ergonomic, lightweight design allows you to hold it in one arm while freeing your other hand for other tasks.

5. Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer

Metal Detector

The QSIGWP is one of the most popular models from Bounty Hunter, because it comes with a hand-held pin-pointer that lets you home in on the precise location of a metal object. It has all the same reliable features that make Bounty Hunter metal detectors so useful, such as the one-touch depth control and push-button discrimination mode. The LCD screen is easy to read even in harsh sunlight and has a variable viewing angle for users of all heights.

6. Ace 250 Metal Detector

Metal Detector

This rugged, lightweight metal detector from Garrett has a foam grip and foam-lined arm brace for comfortable carrying on long searches. Its large scan area measures 10 inches and has accuracy settings that allow you to pinpoint exactly where an object is and skip over the most common elements found in the ground. Its easy-to-use controls and convenient headphone jack makes this model one of the best.

7. Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by Barska

Metal Detector

Barska makes this highly accurate metal detector for the enthusiast who wants complete control over the scanning sensitivity of the device. Its simple knobs on the face allow you to tune the sensor as you watch the signal meter on the display, so you get a perfect reading without missing valuable coins or picking up false signals. You can adjust the settings to pick up all buried metal or eliminate common ores in the soil.

8. Ace 150 Metal Detector

Metal Detector

The Ace 150 is similar to the 250 except that it has a slightly smaller scan area. It collapses into three pieces for easy storage, and its sporty design makes it perfect for outdoor hobbyists. The LCD screen tells you the precise depth of buried coins, and the simple controls on the user panel make adjusting the sensitivity very easy. It also comes with a headphone jack for better privacy.

9. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector

Metal Detector

The Time Ranger is another device that is geared toward the professional or enthusiast user. The control panel has all the settings laid out in a logical and attractive arrangement, and tuning the controls is as simple as pressing the “up or down” button on the panel. It has four scanning modes for blocking out or picking up as many metal objects as you want, and its scanning system detects metal deep below any surface.

10. Garrett Pro-Pointer, Edge Digger with Sheath and Camo Finds Pouch Combo

Metal Detector

This combination set from Garrett includes a pin-pointer, serrated edge digger, sheath, holster and camouflage pouch for storing discovered treasure. The metal detector has vibration feedback for detecting a signal, and the 7.5-inch carbon steel digger blade is rugged and durable enough for any rocky surface. The best feature of the Garrett Pro-Pointer is its one-touch reset function for automatically readjusting your settings.

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