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Top 10 Best Laptops for Kids

Choosing laptops for kids can be a challenging task, but we can simplify it with our list of the 10 best laptops for kids. These models are durable and easy to use, especially for younger children. Since kids tend to be a bit more accident-prone than adults, it’s also important to look for laptops that are budget-friendly. As you’re hunting for different models, keep in mind factors like speed, operating system, included programs, and memory. It’s also helpful to talk to your child’s teachers to find out what programs and platforms will be most helpful in the coming years. To make the research process easier, we’ve gathered the 10 best laptop computers for kids.

1. New Dell Inspiron Chromebook

If your child is already comfortable with PCs, this Dell Inspiron Chromebook is a great option. It uses the Google Chrome operating system; this OS is web-based, which means that this laptop is best for internet-based programs. We love the touchscreen display and the 360-degree hinge, which allow you to flip the base around and use the screen as a tablet. When it’s flipped, the keyboard acts as a stand for easier game-playing and movie-watching.

Dell Top 10 Laptops for Kids

2. Apple MacBook Air

The Apple MacBook Air is one of the best laptops for kids — and it’s not hard to see why. This computer is lightweight, so it’s easy for little ones to manage. Plus, at just 13 inches, it’s the perfect size for small hands. The heavy-duty metal case stands up to frequent use in a busy bedroom or playroom, and the dual-core processor provides ample speed. With its Intel HD Graphics 6000 technology, this MacBook Air delivers gorgeous images for streaming video, social media, and photo editing software.

Apple Top 10 Laptops for Kids

3. Acer Chromebook 15

With its large size and spacious screen, this Acer Chromebook is a great laptop for video gaming and movie-watching. The Chrome operating system allows kids to access everything from Google Docs to streaming media services, and the lightweight design ensures fast operation. Access all of your favorite apps and games on the Google Play store. This laptop comes with a small amount of built-in storage, so your child has room to store temporary photos; it also includes access to extra Google Drive space.

Acer Top 10 Laptops for Kids

4. 2019 Newest Premium Lenovo Ideapad

For kids who prefer the Windows operating system, this 2019 Lenovo Ideapad is a good option. It runs on Windows 10 for easy operation and uses a dual-core processor for smooth performance. With 1TB of space, there’s room for the whole family to store movies and other files. A headphone jack allows your child to watch videos without disturbing anyone, and the convenient HDMI port connects easily to other devices. With 4GB of RAM, this laptop makes it easy to run multiple tabs and programs simultaneously.

Lenovo Top 10 Laptops for Kids

5. Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Give your kids a tablet and a laptop in one with this Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Fold up the lid to use the computer as a laptop, and rotate the case on the heavy-duty hinge to turn it into a tablet. The touchscreen and trackpad allow seamless use in any position. This laptop is best for kids who need games and internet-based homework applications; it runs on Chrome OS. If you need to open traditional word processing or presentation documents, simply convert them using the included Google products.

Acer 2 Top 10 Laptops for Kids

6. Acer 15.6″ Chromebook

When it comes to cheap laptops for kids, it’s tough to do better than this Acer Chromebook. It’s durable, so it stands up to your kids’ everyday activities. Plus, with a 15.6-inch screen, your little ones can see every detail of their homework assignment or favorite TV show. This laptop comes with 16GB of flash memory, providing just enough space to store the occasional file or photo. You’ll need an internet connection, but you don’t need to worry about updates or viruses; this laptop updates itself each time it boots up.

Acer 3 Top 10 Laptops for Kids

7. Asus C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip

One of the top laptops for kids, this Asus C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip is the perfect blend of style and substance. The metal body is tough, so it’s safe for high-energy kids or younger children. With its touchscreen and 360-degree hinge, this model switches from laptop to tablet in seconds. Plus, since it weighs just 2.65 pounds, it’s easy for kids to carry to school or around the house. With its Intel Core M3 processor and 4GB of RAM, this laptop runs smoothly and quickly to help kids get through projects in less time.

Asus Top 10 Laptops for Kids

8. CHUWI LapBook Pro

Affordable and stylish, the CHUWI LapBook Pro is a beautiful option for older kids. It’s built with an ultra-slim design that’s easy to carry in a backpack. We love the massive screen, which features a thin frame to reduce visual boundaries and help you view large documents. The fully-laminated IPS display also makes it easier to see the screen in bright or dim light. With its ergonomic buttons, this laptop makes it easy to type book reports or papers.

CHUWI Top 10 Laptops for Kids

9. Dell Inspiron i15RMT-5124sLV

Help your kid’s research school projects with this Dell Inspiron laptop. Running Windows 8, it comes with all of the software and web-browsing capabilities you need to get started. The 500GB hard drive offers ample storage space for papers and school forms, and the Intel Core i5 processor reduces frustrating lag time. The rounded corners help reduce the risk of scrapes and injuries for smaller children, and the sturdy body stands up everyday use.

Dell 2 Top 10 Laptops for Kids

10. Full HD Windows Laptop PC

When you’re searching for affordable laptops for kids that are also powerful, this full HD model fits the bill. The low price tag doesn’t come at the expense of performance — with a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM, this laptop helps your child speed through school assignments. The super-light body is a breeze to carry, and the IPS display allows easy viewing of movies, documents, or games.

Fusion5 Top 10 Laptops for Kids

In the modern education system, a laptop can make your child’s homework and personal projects easier. A great computer is fast, easy for little ones to use, and designed to stand up to the test of time. By choosing from these top-rated laptops for kids, you can be sure that you’re getting the most for your investment.


By BCR Staff
October 2019