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Top 10 Best Laptops for Business School

In this review, we will cover the 10 best laptops for students in business school.

While there are many resources that prospective entrepreneurs need, laptops for business schools are easily one of the most vital pieces of equipment that they will require to succeed. Since nearly all college courses rely on internet-based homework, textbooks, or assessments, not having a computer could be detrimental to one’s performance. To find the best option on the market, however, buyers must go through a lengthy and tedious research process. That way, they will ensure that their laptop offers the best combination of features and affordability. So, what are some of the best alternatives in the market?

1. HP 2019 Touchscreen Notebook

Hewlett-Packard, better known as “HP,” recently released the 2019 edition of their touchscreen notebook laptop. With a 15.6-inch display, quad-core Intel Pentium processor, and one terabyte of hard drive memory, it is an excellent choice for any full-time student. The simple, all-black design accompanied by a vivid desktop that showcases Windows 10 will be perfect for anyone seeking a device that they can bring to class, use at home, or anything in between.

HP Top 10 Laptops for Business School

2. Dell Vostro 14-inch Business

Dell Vostro has slowly crept into the offering of top laptops for business schools by combining a good price, modern design, powerful processor, and outstanding capacity. The device’s RAM includes eight gigabytes while the hard drive has the same one-terabyte memory as the aforementioned computer. Although the display is 14 inches, it features a high-definition, anti-glare view of all videos and photos. Not to mention the Windows 10 professional edition that is included in the standard package.

Dell Top 10 Laptops for Business School

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Costing a little more than $500, Acer Aspire 5 Slim is another 15.6-inch device that has some of the best ratings on this list. Although it does not carry the professional version of Windows 10, buyers will still get the upgraded “Home” variant that is great for school. The computer’s keyboard and foundation offer a nice contrast with all-black keys surrounded by a gray frame. Also, everything on the top portion of the laptop is black to match the backlit keyboard.

Acer Top 10 Laptops for Business School

4. HP Chromebook HD

Students who want to go to their accounting, finance, marketing, or management classes with a smaller computer should also consider HP’s Chromebook. Just like the Dell Vostro, the screen measures at 14 inches and offers a beautiful display that uses SVA technology to bring 1366 pixels by 768 pixels of resolution. The RAM is limited to four gigabytes while the hard drive has 16. Since those numbers are on the lower end of the spectrum, Chromebook is a leader of the low-cost laptops for business school as the price tag stands barely above $250.

HP 2 Top 10 Laptops for Business School

5. 2019 Dell Latitude E7250

Another great alternative by Dell is the 2019 Latitude E7250 computer. With a 12.5-inch display, it is the smallest device thus far. Nonetheless, it is easily amongst the most powerful on the market. Equipped with an i7 Intel Core processor, eight gigabytes of RAM, and Windows 10 Professional, it is hard to find a more business-appropriate and compact device. Courtesy of the advanced features and an incredibly strong build, the starting price is $519.

Dell 2 Top 10 Laptops for Business School

6. HP EliteBook X360 G3

As the most expensive computer on the entire list, HP EliteBook X360 G3 is so robust that it is borderline impossible for one to do it justice with words. With a mind-boggling price tag that goes north of $1,700, this is certainly not a member of any group featuring the most affordable laptops for business school. Nonetheless, the high cost is well justified given the quad-core i7 Intel Core processor, which leverages a speed of 1.9 gigahertz, and an unprecedented battery life of 50 hours. The simple design is topped off with a unique, 13.3-inch touchscreen display.

HP 3 Top 10 Laptops for Business School

7. Dell Inspiron 5000 HD

Dell Inspiron is another member of the “Club $1,000” as it costs a bit above that threshold. The 15.6-inch screen is much bigger, though. Just like the HP EliteBook, it employs an i7 Intel processor that is just slightly less powerful due to the dual-core setup. Regardless, the 16-gigabyte RAM and Windows 10 Professional make up for it. One will also be able to complete all their coursework on a Truelife desktop that has an LED backlight.

Dell 3 Top 10 Laptops for Business School

8. Lenovo Flex Two-In-One

Being a student often demands extreme flexibility. If there is any device that fits such a description, it is Lenovo’s Two-In-One touchscreen computer. It delivers a 14-inch display that can either be used as a tablet or the top portion of the laptop. Since Lenovo has no ties to Intel, the processor is an AMD Ryzen 5 that facilitates outstanding graphics through the Radeon Vega 8 system. Finally, the package will include Windows 10 as well as a color-matching stylus.

Lenovo Top 10 Laptops for Business School

9. Dell Inspiron Flagship

The third representative of Dell on the list is their highest-rated computer. The Inspiron Flagship is one of the top laptops for business school because it offers a touchscreen, eight gigabytes of RAM, high-definition display, dual-core i5 Intel processor, and a great price tag. At just $450 and with all these features in mind, it will easily provide the most bang for your buck.

Dell 4 Top 10 Laptops for Business School

10. Apple MacBook Air

Finally, it is time to mention the MacBook Air by Apple. As one of the most common computers across all college programs, this thin and light device has been the leader in the market ever since it came out in 2008. The characteristics are fairly common as there is an i5 processor, eight gigabytes of RAM, and a 13-inch display. The main difference is the macOS 10.14 operating system that is nothing like Windows 10.

Apple Top 10 Laptops for Business School
Regardless of which one of the ten options you goes with, it is safe to say that you will be making a great investment in your education. With state-of-the-art features, any of these laptops for business school will also come in handy after graduation.


By BCR Staff
October 2019