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10 Best GPS Key Trackers

What specific attributes can one look out for in order to score one of the very best GPS key trackers out right now? There is much that goes into designing and ultimately producing a great GPS key tracker for public consumption. For starters, size compatibility and a reliable signal and location system are paramount, but then there are also important factors such as battery power, the resilience of build, and even the all-important bang-for-the-buck factor. For the boiled-down version of the best picks on the market right now, with all of the research already covered for you, follow along. Here is our list of the top, 10, best GPS key trackers out right now.

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1. FindKey Wireless Key RF Locator Set


Key Finder, FindKey Wireless Key RF Locator Item Anti-Lost Tag Alarm Reminder Tracker Remote Finder,1 RF Transmitter 4 Receivers,Phone Pets Keychain Wallet Luggage Tracking Tracker best gps key trackers

FindKey’s Wireless Key RF Locator Set is a great choice in affordable key trackers right now. Included here are four mini receivers and an easy-to-use tracking remote with its very own dock. Within 30 meters, an activated receiver will audibly beep once pinged by the remote, while a battery-efficient system and simple, color-coded, large remote buttons that correspond to each receiver also make life much easier for those hoping to avoid tech overload and complexity.


2. Obdator 8-in-1 Wireless Key Finder Set

Item Finder, OBDATOR 8 in 1 Wireless Key Finder Locator Tracker Support Remote Control - Wireless Key Locator, Pet Tracker Wallet Tracker best gps key trackers

Those in search of a great wireless key finder system that provides the option to track up to eight items simultaneously are likely very well-served by this 8-in-1 Wireless Key Finder Set by Obdator. With eight receivers, a simple, color-coded remote, and 35 meters of tracking distance potential, one can really track entire sets of gear such as sports or music gear in addition to all the usual items. Double-sided tracker stickers along with key rings add even more versatility to the mix.


3. Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery - 4 pack best gps key trackers

The Mate series of key trackers by Tile is a definite favorite for us. This high-quality tracking system utilizes a very solid and sturdy receiver that communicates with your smartphone exclusively as opposed to via a particular remote control. The range is no issue either, as users can even connect to the greater Tile network to get help locating items at great distances. If that’s not enough, this top wallet finder and key tracker with app will even reverse-track your phone, should you ever misplace it, via a press of the Mate receiver’s interface button.


4. MADETEC Smart Key Finder

MADETEC Smart Key Finder Bluetooth WiFi Tracker Keys Alarm GPS Locator, Anti-Lost Bidirectional Alarm Reminder for Phone, Kids,Pets, Wallet,Luggage (Champagne Gold) best gps key trackers

MADETEC’s Smart Key Finder is a definite, top pick in affordable key finders that use apps specifically. This system uses a very solid, reliable receiver unit that actually functions in a variety of modes including as an alarm, phone-finder, and even in group networking mode for extra help finding anything misplaced. 8 to 10 months of battery power and an overall very easy-to-use app finish it all off nicely.


5. WOSPORTS Wireless RF Item Tracker


Key Finder,WOSPORTS Item Tracker Wireless RF Item Locator with Loud Beeping Sound,100ft Support Remote Control,Upgrade Long Lasting Batteries, Mini Key Tracker with Anti-Lost Tag and Keychain best gps key trackers

For those looking for a completely risk-free purchase that also turns out to work very well, the Wireless RF Item Tracker by WOSPORTS is an excellent choice that is also 100 percent money-back guaranteed for its entire lifetime. This top system comes with six, color-coded receivers and an accompanying, easy-to-understand remote and works very well at up to 100′ in range. The loud, audible sound-offs of the receivers, a bright, red LED light aboard the remote, and up to 12 months of battery life also help to make this system a top pick among all GPS key trackers right now.

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6. Whew Wireless RF Key Tracker


Key Finder Locator, Whew Wireless RF Key Tracker Key Locator with 80DB Beeping Sound, Item Finder Item Locator Tracker with 1 Transmitter, 6 Receivers for Keys, Car Keys, TV Remote, Wallet, Phone best gps key trackers


The Wireless RF Key Tracker by Whew is another great choice in economy-priced key tracker systems that work very well. This set comes with six receivers and an easy-to-use remote control and functions very well at up to a 100′ range. Whew also recently upgraded the battery system for this unit, so it works nearly twice as efficiently, and for complete peace of mind, the company backs this system with 12 months of warranty coverage in addition to providing lifetime technical support.


7. Safedome SD Mini Bluetooth Tracker


Safedome SD Mini Bluetooth Tracker, Smart Finder for Lost Keys, Wallets, Purses, and Bags. Small Bluetooth Phone Tracking Device with Replaceable Battery and Free Companion App - Black best gps key trackers


Safedome’s SD Mini Bluetooth Tracker is a top pick among remote-free key trackers and for good reason. This system utilizes Bluetooth 5 technology which creates a strong, stable link between the receiver and the user’s phone device and even triggers an alarm if the range between these two becomes too great. An easily replaced battery with one year of life, a “ring phone” receiver button that reverse tracks the user’s phone if ever misplaced, and customizable alerts with visual map-tracking are also some of the great perks that put this tracker at the top of the heap.


8. Cube Shadow Item Finder

Cube Shadow Item Finder Ultra Thin Tracker Rechargable Battery Wallet Remote Control Bluetooth Locator best gps key trackers

The Shadow Item Finder by Cube quickly and efficiently locates items it is attached to within an awesome 200′ of range of the user’s interfacing phone. The Shadow receiver itself is very thin but very strong, and should location ever become difficult, this system allows for the use of “crowd-finding”, thus enabling other users of the Cube network to help in locating the lost item. This unit’s “Find” command also triggers a much louder, audible alert than many, other, competing models.


9. KeyRinger XL Key Finder Pair


Key Finder Pair, Indisputably The Loudest with Long Life Replaceable Battery best gps key trackers


KeyRinger’s XL Key Finder Pair uniquely pairs receiver and remote technology singularly into each Key Finder so that each can be used to call out to or respond to the calls of the other. An effective 300′ range really helps locate items around the home or office, while great battery life with an easily changed and common flat battery certainly adds convenience points. Finally, two years of complete warranty coverage really guarantee this setup for the long haul.


10. DinoFire Smart Tracker


DinoFire Smart Tracker, Key Finder with Bluetooth Item Finder for Keys, Wallet, Phone, Dogs, Suitcases Location - Gray best gps key trackers

This Smart Tracker system by DinoFire left us with little left to desire in a premium key tracker unit. Features of this top, remote-free key tracker system include a “resume search” function that allows continued searching at the point of any possible disconnections, a Bluetooth tracking range of up to 164′, and even reverse phone-finding capabilities despite the user’s phone being set to silent, vibrate, or full sound. Comprehensive customer support for the life of the device also helps to put this one by DinoFire on our list of today’s best GPS key trackers.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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