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Solutions to First World Problems: Best Consumer Technology Innovations of 2013


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This year a lot of first world problems were solved with innovative consumer technology. How did we ever live without these things?

The remote is so far away all, I have is my phone, iPad, and computer…

●    What it is:
○    A form of magic employed by the lazy, it is a tiny dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and wirelessly connects to most devices.
○    Works with most mobile devices so you never have to look for the remote again.
●    What it does:
○    Allows user to
■    Allows you to become one
■    with the couch while you
●     Stream Internet
●    Browse media
●    Control playback
■    …while Netflix judges your questionable taste in entertainment from afar.
●    Developed by: Google
●    Price: $35

If only my tablet wasn’t so… big: iPad mini
●    What it is:
○    The illegitimate lovechild of the iPhone and iPad.
■    “We would not make one of the 7 inch tablets, we don’t think they’re good products, we’d never make one.” – Steve Jobs October 2010
●    What it does:
■    Sends stuff to Chromecast
■    Lets you play games
■    Plays and records videos
■    Also, everything else you’d want to do with a tablet. *wink*
●    Developed by: Apple
●    Price: STARTING AT $399

I want to send a message, but i don’t want to look down: Google Glass
●    What it is:
○    An Android computer attached to your head.
○    If THIS doesn’t get you laid, nothing will!
●    What it does:
■    Takes discrete pictures
■    Gives directions
■    Translates languages
■    Further isolates you from others
●    Developed by: Google
●    Price: $1,500

My last console never really understood me:
Playstation 4
●    What it is:
○    Gaming console focused primarily on gamer experience.
■    woman’s perspective
●    Another gaming system for all the men in your life to care about more than you. And unlike men, it learns user’s likes and dislikes.
■    man’s perspective
●    Finally, something focused on my needs.

●    What it does:
○    Not only are HiFi graphics the new standard, but it allows games to be pushed to PS Vita.
■    woman’s perspective
●    Allows your boyfriend to ignore you on the go by switching over to psVita. They can also broadcasts his fun directly to social media.
■    man’s perspective
●    Finally gives me something to do on those long boring dates with my girlfriend.
●    Developed by: Sony
●    Price:  (avg.) $399

I want to play a game, but I don’t want to move. “Xbox On” Xbox One
●    What it is:
○    Entertainment system and gaming console.
■    woman’s perspective
●    Another gaming console intent on ruining my relationship(s). This one never turns off, instead responds to voice commands 24/7.
■    man’s perspective
●    Another bad-a console. That unlike my girlfriend, is always turned on, and actually responds to voice commands.
●    What it does:
○    A gaming console that REALLY listens…like, all of the time.
■    woman’s perspective
●    This console streams live TV and can switch between Xbox apps through voice commands. Voice recognition inspires the feeling of creepy-but-insanely-cool.
■    man’s perspective
●    Plays games and stuff.
●    Developed by: Microsoft

Paper should be less “papery” and more “interactive”: PaperTab
●    What it is:
○    A flexible e-ink touch tablet that responds and feels like paper. When paper wasn’t good enough, we built electronic tablets. Now we’re making the electronics back into paper again.
●    What it does:
○    Allows users to interact with multiple flexible “Tabs” like they would with a stack of papers… because… sure, why not.
■    If you thought keeping track of multple devices was fun, just wait till your one device is made up of multiple pieces!
●    Developed by: Collaboration between Queen’s University, Intel Labs and Plastic Logic
●    Price: Not yet on the market

If my fork told me to stop eating, maybe I wouldn’t be so fat: HAPIfork
●    What it is:
○    A fork. A vibrating, electronic fork. Because THAT makes sense!
●    What it does:
○    It vibrates if you eat too quickly. Measures the frequency of forkfuls.
■    Monitors your eating habits because why have self-control when your fork can do it for you?
●    Developed by: Jacques Lepine & HapiLabs
●    Price: $99