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10 Best Laptop Stickers for Professionals

Finding the best laptop stickers for professionals can be quite tedious and challenging given the number of options in the market. The fact that many companies also inaccurately label their products as “professional” does not help much. After all, in order for something to be deemed appropriate for the workplace, it has to be elegant, subtle, and neutral.

To begin researching, one-colored decals or pattern-based covers are always a safe starting point. Even though they might be quite conspicuous, they normally compliment someone’s formal dress code. Not to mention that they can be removed at will. So, what are some of the best stickers that everyone should consider?

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1. Koru Minimalist Minimalist White Marble Decal Cover

Koru Premium Minimalist White Marble Vinyl Decal Skin Sticker Case Cover for MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Without CD Drive (Model A1398) best laptop stickers for professionals

Minimalist laptop stickers are an outstanding option for all working professionals because they echo simplicity and elegance. The one created by Koru is a white-marble-based decal that overlays the laptop’s back while leaving the Apple logo visible. Those interested in more aggressive colors can look into the black, rose gold, or royal blue designs.


2. Leze Full-Body Skin Protector


Leze - 4-in-1 Full Body MacBook Skin Protector Decals Sticker for Apple Macbook 12-inch 12" A1534 with Retina Display - Rose Pink best laptop stickers for professionals

A great way to have a nice, office-appropriate computer is to obtain a simple laptop skin. These are usually one-colored, mid-range-priced solutions that overlay the computer in a way that protects it from impact, spillage, and miscellaneous accidents. Leze protective skin is a perfect example of this and it comes in gold, pink, silver, and space gray. Interested buyers should know, however, that applying the cover will be fairly challenging as the alignment has to be perfect.


3. ICOLOR Sticker Protective Cover With Starry Night


Laptop Skin Sticker Decal,12" 13" 13.3" 14" 15" 15.4" 15.6 inch Laptop Skin Sticker Cover Art Decal Protector Notebook PC (Starry Night) best laptop stickers for professionals

As one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular paintings, the “Starry Night” has been featured in practically all forms of fashion. The laptop cover industry also found a way to optimize it and ICOLOR’s cover discussed here is the proof. The protective sticker lays over any laptops’ back and perfectly aligns the incredibly realistic sky and stars with the rest of the computer. This is also a very cheap decal that has a long list of positive reviews.


4. Universal Skin Vinyl Sticker Cover WIth a Tree, Sky, and Stars

15 15.6 inch Laptop Notebook Skin Vinyl Sticker Cover Decal Fits 13.3" 14" 15.6" 16" HP Lenovo Apple Mac Dell Compaq Asus Acer/Sky Tree Stars best laptop stickers


The best way to add on to the aforementioned example of artistic computer decals is to introduce the purple scenery decal with universal compatibility. It is a combination of a single focal point reflected in the dark tree, beautifully shaded purple ground, and a colorful, star-ridden sky. The application and removal processes are effortless and leave no residue.


5. Notebook Rose Marble Pattern Skin Decal

15 15.6 inch Laptop Notebook Skin Vinyl Sticker Cover Decal Fits 13.3" 14" 15.6" 16" HP Lenovo Apple Mac Dell Compaq Asus Acer/Rose Peach Pink Marble Patt ern best laptop stickers for professionals


Going back to the minimalist laptop decals brings the list to another marble-based product. This one, however, comes in only one alternative and combines pink, aged gold, and peach colors to showcase a bathroom-like tile design. It is a perfect solution for someone who is in the market for a simple decal that does not attract too much attention. Once it is noticed, however, it will leave a lasting impression.

6. MightySkins Universal Protective Stars Decal

Universal 13" Laptop Skin - Forever Dreaming | Protective, Durable, and Unique Vinyl Decal wrap Cover | Easy to Apply, Remove, and Change Styles | Made in The USA best laptop stickers for professionals

The next option revisits the star-based designs and is created by Mighty Skins. There are over 20 different options that one can choose from. The one that features the stars with a centered two-word quote is probably more appropriate for professionals that most of the alternatives. The quote states “forever dreaming” in a cursive font and white color. Behind it, there is a slew of stars journeying across blue, red, yellow, and even brown shades of the universe.


7. Mandala Diecut Universal Decorative Vinyl Decal

Laptop Stickers MacBook Decal - Removable Vinyl w/Glowing Apple Logo Diecut - Mandala Decal Black Stickers Skin for Apple MacBook Air Pro 13 15 inch Mac Retina - Best Decorative Sticker by Artsybb best laptop stickers for professionals

Although there are really no guidelines for this process, an informal rule of thumb is that laptop decals for professionals should not be extremely complex. Well, those who would still like to maintain a fair dose of complexity can do so with the mandala diecut decal that comes in 12 different colors. It is a flawlessly symmetrical decal that sits directly on the center of the laptop. Anyone who spots it will momentarily get lost in all the curves and dots of the surface as they go up and down the flower-like design.


8. Two Trees of Redwood Forest Decal

2 Trees Redwood Forest Sticker Decal For MacBook Pro, PC, Laptop, Window, Car, or Wall best laptop stickers for professionals

Nature lovers who want to turn their laptop into a piece of art that reminds them of their passion can do so with a unique set of two trees that can be positioned anywhere. The set comes with a small and relatively large pine tree that are both similarly designed and solid black. Price for the decal is very low and customer reviews speak volumes about the durability and outstanding visual appeal of the sticker.


9. White Tree With Birds in Motion Decal


Apple Tree with Birds - Macbook or Laptop Decal (White) best laptop stickers for professionals


Another great option for anyone who is a fierce nature lover is the white tree with flying birds that complements Apple computers. The reason why is that the Apple logo’s brightness helps make the tree and birds stand out even more. There are 10 different color combinations available to those who would like to refresh their backgrounds and make them darker. In addition, this sticker is the cheapest decal on this list thus far with reviews that are better than any other product mentioned.


10. Vinyl Cover With Blue and Grey Marble Clouds

15 15.6 inch Laptop Notebook Skin Vinyl Sticker Cover Decal Fits 13.3" 14" 15.6" 16" HP Lenovo Apple Mac Dell Compaq Asus Acer/Blue Gold Grey Marble Pattern Clouds best laptop stickers for professionals

Finally, it is crucial to mention the incredibly innovative decal that somehow combined a natural element such as clouds with a marble pattern. This allowed the maker to create a wonderful piece of art where shades of blue and gray and put together in an unprecedented manner. The end result almost makes one wonder if they are looking at the clouds in the sky or their reflection on the surface of an ocean.

It is also possible to combine some of the aforementioned decals into one. For instance, two pine tree decals can be separated and put together with the white tree decal. Doing so will bring forward a nice contrast that makes both pieces stand out even more. Those who may not want to go that far can simply glance over the ten best laptop stickers for professionals discussed above and choose the one that intrigues them the most.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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