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10 Best Laptop Stickers for College Students

If someone wants to purchase the best laptop stickers for college students, they will quickly realize that there are so many alternatives that they may need multiple laptops. After all, there is probably no better time to completely decorate a computer than when a person is completing their post-secondary education. The reason why is that this is when they develop important personality traits, choose a career path, and find underlying passions. Well, the ability to express oneself via something as seemingly simple as a laptop decal can be quite exciting and help the process. The following ten options are some of the most popular choices that will help jump-start the research.

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1. Nudge Printing University Decal

Nudge Printing Collegiate Car Decal Sticker (Texas State University Bobcats) best laptop stickers for college students

When someone’s product retains nearly perfect ratings after dozens of real reviews, it is fair to say that buyers will not be disappointed with quality and durability. Nudge printing university decals are a great example as all prior customers rated them very favorably. Each order features one decal that represents one of the 26 different universities that the company creates these stickers for. The initial goal was to use the decals on vehicles. Nonetheless, students found that their laptops work just as well.


2. Multi Flag Set With 50 Mid-Size Pieces


50 pcs Flags & Map Stickers Decals Vinyls for Laptops, Skateboards, Luggage, Cars, Bumpers, Bikes, Bicycle best laptop stickers for college students


Although these collegiate stickers are much smaller than the ones made by Nudge Printing, they can be just as attention-catching. The reason why is that they come in a set of 50 pieces that each showcase a different flag. Students who would like to include every place that they might have traveled to should certainly look into this option. Even those who may simply want to decorate their laptop with a pack that shows their passion for traveling will be quite satisfied.

3. Nudge Printing Competitive NCAA Stickers

NCAA Collegiate Car Decal from Nudge Printing (Bowling Green State University Falcons) best laptop stickers for college students

Going back to Nudge Printing once more, it is important to note that they create competitive stickers for students who are very passionate about their own or other universities’ sports teams. There are 20 different options that feature many of the high-profile schools around the nation. As with the previous option by this producer, the price is very low and reviews are above the average for the market.


4. Roberly Mix and Match Set With 100 Pieces

Roberly Stickers 300pcs Mixed Waterproof Vinyl Stickers Water Bottles Laptop Stickers Cars Motorbikes Bicycle Skateboard Luggage Phone Ipad Graffiti Decals best laptop stickers for college students

Roberly stickers go a little outside the box as they bring forward limitless design choices. The mere fact that there is 100 of them speaks volumes when it comes to possible ways to decorate the laptop. Due to the smaller size of each individual decal, buyers can put them on practically every side of the computer and customize its look from every single angle.


5. SNation Skateboard-Style Sticker Set With 170 Pieces


Sticker [170pcs] Stickers, Sticker Pack, SNation Stickers Laptop Stickers Skateboard Stickers # Stickers # Laptop Stickers # BMX Stickers best laptop stickers for college students


The SNation stickers are very similar to the aforementioned ones created by Roberly. They are very cheap and come in a pack that has a whopping 170 pieces. That number is the highest for this entire list. The style is a bit different than anything discussed as it goes back to the traditional skateboard appeal. Students who are interested can rely on the mid-size vinyl decals to completely revamp the computer’s look. They will also have an unparalleled ability to make modifications and constantly swap stickers with some new ones.

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6. Skinit Full-Size LSU Thin and Durable Skin Cover

Skinit LSU Tiger Eye Generic 15in Laptop (13.7in X 9.5in) Skin - Officially Licensed College Laptop Decal - Ultra Thin, Lightweight Vinyl Decal Protection best laptop stickers for college students

The LSU skin by Skinit is a very popular laptop sticker for guys. This is mostly because of its overly aggressive appeal that is characterized by an enormous size. After all, it is not an actual sticker. A much better way to describe it would be saying that it is a full-size skin that will cover the entirety of the backside of the laptop. Those interested should expect to pay a premium as this alternative is quite pricey.


7. Wicked Quotes Two-Color Vertical Motivational Quote


Do what you love Motivational Inspirational Quote Laptop Macbook Sticker Decal - WD-87


Individuals who would like to return to some more affordable options should look into the college laptop decal sold by Wicked Quotes. The design revolves around seven words that state “Do What You Love What You Do.” To emphasize the word “love,” the creators made it in red as it has to be read twice for the quote to make sense. Due to the vertical positioning, this is easily one of the most unique options that will attract attention immediately.

8. ICOLOR Skin Full-Size, MultiColored Art Skin Decal


Laptop Skin Sticker Decal,12" 13" 13.3" 14" 15" 15.4" 15.6 inch Laptop Skin Sticker Cover Art Decal Protector Notebook PC (Dandelion) best laptop sticker for college students

As with Skinit, the ICOLOR decal for students is also full-size and features outstanding coloring that perfectly combines different lighting and shading. There is a total of 11 options that range from a pretty dandelion flower to an incredibly realistic wolf portrait or scenery around the Eiffel Tower. Given the size, it is probably fair to expect that there will be a lot of consideration given to this decal whenever it is in public.

9. Symmetrical Mandala Diecut With an Opening for the Apple Logo

Laptop Stickers MacBook Decal - Removable Vinyl w/Glowing Apple Logo Diecut - Mandala Decal Purple Blue Colorful Skin for MacBook Air Pro 13 15 inch Mac Retina - Best Decorative Sticker - Artsybb

Students who may want to showcase their artistic tendencies should definitely look into the mandala diecut sticker. Even though it is known as the sticker that many working professionals rely on, those in college should consider it as well. The piece is based on a perfectly symmetrical mandala symbol that utilizes multiple colors and offers a cutout for the Apple logo. That way, the logo’s light will make the decal stand out even more whenever the laptop is on.


10. Sanmatic Marvel Sticker Pack With 100 Small Pieces


Laptop Sticker Pack 100 Pcs,Sanmatic Sticker Unique Cool Stickers Waterbottle Notebook Guitar Skateboard Travel Kid Adults Stickers Waterproof

Sanmatic brings the final option that goes back to the timeless concept of comics and superheroes. With the release of the latest Marvel movie, The Endgame, memorabilia sales have skyrocketed. Laptop decals fall within the category and Sanmatic was well aware of this when they started offering the 100-piece pack that has small superhero decals.

Since there is a good chance that buyers will be interested in more than just one item from this list, it is important to note that mix-and-match strategies are quite common and even encouraged. Ultimately, there are no rules guiding someone through the sticker process as long as their decals are not insulting or explicit in any way. So, folks looking for the best laptop stickers for college students should rest assured that these 10 choices are an ideal starting point.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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