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10 Best Decorative Laptop Stickers

With the number of options that are now available to computer owners, finding the best decorative laptop stickers is practically effortless. In fact, one quick search through e-commerce outlets would likely produce dozens of outstanding alternatives. Before making the final decision, however, it is important to consider the types of decals that one is looking for as well as the venues where they utilize the laptop. Doing so will ensure that they purchase appropriate and most fitting stickers that complement both their personality and the setting where they utilize the computer. To help with the process, below are the top ten decorative laptop stickers from various categories.

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1. ICOLOR Laptop Skin Sticker Decal Cover with Eiffel Tower

ICOLOR Laptop Skin Sticker Decal,12" 13" 13.3" 14" 15" 15.4" 15.6 inch Laptop Skin Sticker Cover Art Decal Protector Notebook PC (Eiffel Tower) best decorative laptop sticker

When it comes to smooth and travel-oriented decals, it is hard to beat the ICOLOR’s Eiffel Tower skin. It is a lightly colored cover that features a pencil-drawn Eiffel Tower on the left side while colorful branches and sporadic drops of blue enter the scene from the right. The sticker also comes with an elegant pattern of grey lines that cover the background that is shaded with a curious combination of pink and orange.


2. Navy Peony Watercolor Cactus Stickers and Succulent Decals


Navy Peony Watercolor Cactus Stickers and Succulent Decals | Cute Aesthetic Stickers for Water Bottles, Phone Cases, and Laptops | Trendy Stickers for Planners, Scrapbooking, and Bullet Journalling best decorative laptop sticker


Even though Navy Peony stickers that feature watercolor cactus decals are not specifically designed for laptops, this is what many customers utilize them for. They are a perfect option for someone looking for cheap and customizable stickers that feature dominant shades of green. The individual sticker sizes are fairly small and allow users to place them on various surfaces of their laptops without worrying about hindering accessibility to keyboard or plug-ins.


3. Vinyl With Glowing Logo Diecut Removable Mandala Blue Decal

Laptop Stickers MacBook Decal - Removable Vinyl w/Glowing Apple Logo Diecut - Mandala Decal Green Blue Colorful Skin - Best Decorative Sticker - Artsybb

Laptop users who are seeking abstract forms of decorations that show patterns over tangible objects should certainly look into the blue mandala decal with a cutout for the Apple logo. The sticker is a perfectly symmetrical flower that starts off with a lighter shade of green on the lower left side and smoothly transitions to dark blue on the opposite end. Courtesy of the carefully placed cut in the middle, the Apple logo will be visible at all times and offer an excellent central point of focus.


4. Yellow Vinyl Decal Pack


Cute Yellow Vinyl Laptop and Water Bottle Decal Sticker Pack for Girls, Made in US best decorative laptop stickers


Although it is one of the most overlooked options, choosing yellow as the primary color of the laptop’s decorative inserts is incredibly unique and beautiful. The yellow vinyl decal pack from Saturdays Co. offers just that as the stickers feature a mid-size orange (the fruit), yellow shoes, yellow sunglasses, sunflower, and post-it-note-like cutout with “honey” written on it. With limitless customizability, low price, and nearly perfect reviews buying the pack is practically a safe bet on satisfaction.


5. Funny Quote Stickers Funpopstickers’ Funny Quote Colorful Cartoon Stickers

Hold On Let Me Over Think This Sticker Funny Quotes Stickers - Laptop Stickers - 2.5" Vinyl Decal - Laptop, Phone, Tablet Vinyl Decal Sticker S4236 best decorative laptop sticker

As the cheapest sticker pack on the list thus far, funny colorful quote stickers from Funpopstickers is definitely worthy of mention. With a plethora of entertaining quotes and interesting designs that incorporate colorfulness with countless shapes, customizing the laptop’s appeal this way is extremely easy. The mere fact that there pretty much all colors one can think of are included makes this one of the best decorative laptop stickers.

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6. Vinyl Pink Cover Rose-Colored Marble Pattern

15 15.6 inch Laptop Notebook Skin Vinyl Sticker Cover Decal Fits 13.3" 14" 15.6" 16" HP Lenovo Apple Mac Dell Compaq Asus Acer/Rose Peach Pink Marble Pattern best decorative laptop stickers

While the reviews for the pink marble skin cover made of vinyl are slightly under some of the aforementioned options with nearly perfect feedback, this remains a great choice. The peach/rose-colored marble pattern is one of the extremely pretty laptop skins that delivers an unconventional visual effect. The placement is quite simple as there are no logo cuts that require specialized positioning or extensive adjustments.


7. GTNINE Vinyl Horse Sticker MacBook Vinyl Sticker With Crying Horse

GTNINE MacBook Stickers Decals Laptop Decorative Skins Removable Vinyl Sticker for MacBook 13 inch Pro/Air/Retina (Crying Horse Planting) best decorative laptop stickers

In terms of artistic laptop decals, there is probably nothing on this list that beats GTNINE’s vinyl sticker showing a blue crying horse on the right-hand side. The cover features dominant shades of blue that are made even more appealing by subtle inputs of yellow, green, pink, and purple. The horse’s face is clearly outlined while the rest of the body remains blurred out by the outstanding watercolor-like presentation of the scenery.


8. GTNINE MacBook Vinyl Sticker With Succulent Potted Cactuses

GTNINE MacBook Stickers Decals Laptop Decorative Skins Removable Vinyl Sticker for MacBook 13 inch Pro/Air/Retina (Succulent Cactus Potted) best decorative laptop stickers

As with the previous decal, GTNINE legitimately revamped the meaning of the phrase “cute laptop stickers” once more. Their potted cactuses are a series of five removable vinyl decals that place the Apple logo in the middle and help it blend in with the lineup. The cactuses that are presented come in different shades of green, which are only differentiated by subtle lighting variations, as well as ever-changing pot shapes. Positioning may require some additional attention to ensure proper symmetricity.


9. Kiseki Handprint Colorful Sticker Surrounding Apple Logo

Kiseki MacBook Sticker Color Handprint Laptop Notebook Decal Skins Stickers Fit for MacBook Air Pro Retina 13"/Hp/Lenovo/Dell/Compaq/Asus/Acer/Samsung/Surface Book(13") best decorative laptop stickers

Due to its low price and remarkably innovative design, Kiseki’s handprint decal is a magnificent alternative for people who want a single sticker that draws immediate attention. Even though multiple colors are utilized to deliver a watercolor-like visual, shades of orange and purple remain the most noticeable ones. The positioning is centered around the Apple logo that will help the sticker come to life every time it lights up.

10. The Sticker Boss’ Motivational Quote Print


Nevertheless She Persisted 4" Decal _ Vinyl motivational STICKER for laptop journal,wall or car (black) best decorative laptop stickers


Finally, a list of best decorative laptop stickers would be incomplete absent a simple, word-based quote that carries no colors. In this case, that is the motivational writing that states “Nevertheless She Persisted” in a cursive font. Its size permits the user to position it on both the back of the laptop as well as under the keyboard in the front.

Prior to endeavoring into the search for a perfect sticker, laptop users should answer questions related to their taste. This includes considering what colors are okay for them, is writing acceptable, the preferred size of decals, fancied patterns, and so on. Upon deciding on those inputs, one can easily look through any list of best decorative laptop stickers and chose their favorites momentarily!

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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