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Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

In this article, we will cover the top 10 women’s driving gloves.

Although driving gloves may seem vintage or even outdated to some, they are back in style. Driving gloves have made various appearances in pop culture in recent years, notably in popular films like Drive. Although part of the reason for their presence is that they look beautiful on camera, driving gloves also have many practical uses, especially in the winter.

Winter driving is notoriously tricky, whether it’s due to snow storms or black ice. Northern climates often have roads shut down, school canceled, or work closed during intense snowstorms, and weather can debilitate an entire city. Knowing how to drive in the snow or ice is an absolute essential for living in a cold climate, and driving gloves can help you adjust to driving in more severe weather.

Driving gloves help users to gain a better grip on the steering wheel, which is necessary to control your vehicle in hazardous conditions. Driving in the snow or ice can become very stressful, and sometimes your hands get clammy. The last thing you want as you’re trying to control your vehicle is for your hands to start slipping on the wheel. Driving gloves can help with this, as they provide a barrier between your skin and the wheel itself. Similar reasoning is relevant when you’re trying to protect your car’s steering wheel from damage. Keeping the wheel intact gives your vehicle higher resale value, so having driving gloves can protect the wheel from the natural oil secretions from your hands.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of winter driving gloves that both keep your hands warm and act functionally, keep reading to see our top 10 picks.

1. Genuine Leather Driving Gloves – by Alomidds

Available in ten different colors, these driving gloves by Alomidds are made from the highest quality genuine leather and are built to last. Their neutral design makes them perfect for pairing with any outfit, and a cashmere lining ensures they’ll be comfortable even in the dead of winter. All the fingers have a touchscreen function, allowing you to operate your devices better while out walking or driving. The gloves also come in sizes small through extra-large, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect fit no matter how big or small you are.

Almido Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

2. Winter Knit Touchscreen Gloves – by Achiou

These anti-slip driving gloves by Achiou come in ten different colors to suit individual style and are perfect if you want to avoid ice-cold fingers while driving in the winter. The palms feature a layer of triangle silicone to give you the ideal grip on the steering wheel, allowing you to maintain full dexterity and control while driving. The gloves stretch to fit almost any hand, and there are three different size choices for you to find the perfect fit. The middle, index, and thumb fingers are equipped with a touchscreen compatible fabric that allows you easy access to your electronic devices.

Achiou Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

3. Women’s Screen Gloves – by Knolee

These sophisticated, stylish gloves by Knolee are designed for women who want to look put together but still stay warm against the winter elements. They’re made of a synthetic material that is highly breathable and stretchy, able to fit virtually any hand size. Knolee has smartly included a unique silk fabric on the thumb and index fingers, which allows you to use your devices with ease while keeping your hands warm. A triple-buttoned cuff sits tightly on your wrist, ensuring that no wind or snow gets into your sleeve. The inner lining of the glove is a fuzzy fleece material that is so soft to the touch, you might even be tempted to sleep in these ultra-cozy gloves.

Knolee Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

4. Women’s Classic Stretch Leather Gloves – by Isotoner

These leather driving gloves by Isotoner come in five different classy colors, made from a blend of genuine leather, lycra, nylon, and polyester. Although they are mostly leather, these gloves can easily stretch to fit a variety of hand sizes because they’re blended with spandex to achieve the perfect fit. SmarTouch touchscreen technology is built into the fingers of these gloves, making sure you always have access to your devices while outdoors or in the car. An ultra-sleek fleece lining sits snugly against the skin for maximum warmth and comfort, and a palm patch detail allows for a tight grip when handling devices or the steering wheel.

Isotoner Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

5. Water Resistant Winter Gloves – by OZERO

HeatLok thermal cotton is what makes these gloves by OZERO so warm, which is comprised of an air system of hollow fibers and microfibers that provide both warmth and breathability. The gloves have been tested to withstand temperatures as low as negative 30 degrees and use a breathable TPU membrane to keep moisture out. Genuine deerskin and polar fleece coat the exterior of the gloves, which provide exceptional grip for performing outdoor chores like snow shoveling. A shirred wrist cuff keeps the glove secured tightly to the skin, keeping out cold elements like snow or wind. The gloves come in two universally flattering colors and are available in sizes small through extra-large.

OZERO Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

6. Winter Thermal Touchscreen Gloves – by FanVince

These gloves by FanVince are made of 100 percent poly-cotton and are completely windproof and waterproof. The gloves are perfect for driving or winter chores, as the palms feature a unique non-slip silica gel patch to give you the ideal grip. The fingers also have sensitive touchscreen technology, so you’ll always have convenient access to your cell phone or your car’s GPS. Between the shell and lining, there’s a waterproof membrane which wicks away sweat and keeps any outdoor moisture out. The gloves come in both black and grey and are available in sizes small through extra-large.

FanVince Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

7. Genuine Leather Touchscreen Gloves – by Achiou

These genuine leather gloves by Achiou mix softness and breathability with durability and longevity, giving you a pair of driving gloves you’ll be able to use comfortably for years to come. The entire hand of this glove is touchscreen compatible, so you don’t need to focus on only using individual fingers to control your phone or tablet. Fluff lining resists temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees, and the outer layer of the glove is entirely windproof. The company recommends not drying the gloves and ironing them on low heat only. The gloves come in a universally stylish black color and are available in sizes medium through extra-large.

Achiou 2 Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

8. Wool Fleece Lined Leather Gloves – by Redess

These wool-lined gloves were genuinely designed for the fashionable woman, available in eight bright colors to suit any possible outfit. The shell is made from high-quality PU leather, and the interior is comprised of soft wool and fleece. The gloves also employ a 360-degree touchscreen function, meaning you’ll be able to activate your electronic devices from anywhere on the gloves. The extra knit of the wool makes the gloves completely windproof, the cuff attaching tightly to your wrist and trapping any elements outside. While the gloves work great for driving, they’re also versatile and can be used for hiking, cycling, running, and other outdoor activities.

Redess Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

9. Genuine Leather Winter Gloves – by Livativ

These luxuriously soft gloves by Livativ are made with genuine Nappa leather, meaning they provide premium comfort and softness while still being incredibly warm. The interior of the gloves are stitched with 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation, so they’re perfect for driving as well as any other outdoor winter activity. The gloves are thin enough to provide complete freedom of movement and don’t feel bulky despite how insulating they are. The cuff of the glove is stretchy to accommodate any size hand, and the gloves are available in sizes small to extra large.

Livativ Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

10. Classic Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves – by Downholme

If you’re looking for a pair of luxury gloves, look no further than this pair from Downholme. They come in six different colors and are made of genuine sheepskin leather, a classically supple design that’s resistant to wear and tear. Also, the gloves are lined with high-quality cashmere that provides premium softness and comfort. They come in a signature gift box, which is beautifully packed, making them a perfect gift for a loved one or an ideal way to treat yourself. These gloves compliment any possible outfit and are delicately stitched to reflect their luxury price.

Downholme Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves


By BCR Staff

February 2020