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Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Boots

No one likes to have cold or wet feet — and that’s why these top 10 women’s winter boots are a must when the weather goes south. Each pair of these women’s winter boots are designed with warm materials and durable, weather-resistant soles that help keep the ice and snow away from your feet. That way, whether you’re going sledding or you simply want to walk from your car to the office, you can stay comfortable and dry all winter long. The trick? Finding a pair of boots that matches your personal style and suits your favorite winter activities. It’s also a good idea to look for a pair that coordinates well with your existing outerwear; that way, you’re more likely to reach for them as you head out the door.

1. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II

If you’re planning to tackle winter sports this season, the Columbia women’s Ice Maiden II are the best women’s winter boots for the job. It all starts with the rugged Omni-Grip soles, which are engineered with thick treads that help you walk easily across snow and ice. The Techlight mid-soles cushion your feet without weighing you down, so you can hike through the forest or walk to class. Inside the waterproof leather shell, a layer of insulation traps body heat and keeps your feet warm and cozy — even on the coldest days of the year.

Columbia Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

2. GLOBALWIN Women’s Rachel

Looking for boots that are warm but not bulky? These GLOBALWIN Rachel boots are the perfect fit. Cute and casual, they’re perfect for pairing with jeans or leggings. The fold-over cuffs are lined with fur for a classic winter look, and the lace-up fronts are easy to adjust to different sock thicknesses. We love the faux suede uppers, which give a luxurious look for a budget-friendly price. On the bottom, the balance-point soles are engineered for excellent traction. Thanks to their low-profile design, these boots transition easily from the street to the office, making them the perfect option for everyday wear.

Globalwin Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

3. POLAR Women’s Mid Calf Boot

Keep your legs warm and cozy with these mid-calf POLAR boots. They’re the perfect blend of fashion and function.The quilted shafts, accent stitching, and knit cuffs add a funky, feminine twist, and the lace-up fronts give your winter style a bit of a biker edge. On the bottom, the molded-rubber soles help prevent slipping and sliding, even on icy sidewalks or snowy slopes. Adjust the lace-up fronts to fit your calves, but don’t worry about lacing them every day — a side zipper makes it easy to slide these boots on and off.

Polar Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

4. SOREL Women’s Winter Carnival Snow Boot

Stay warm and dry in the SOREL women’s Winter Carnival boots. With their waterproof nylon exteriors and sealed seams, these boots keep moisture away from your feet as you walk through the snow. Inside, a felt liner insulates your feet, delivering a serious dose of warmth and comfort. There’s even a bonded frost plug for extra warmth. Rely on the tall shaft to protect your ankles, and use the fur-lined top to add a feminine twist to your cold-weather outfits.

Sorel Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

5. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid-Calf Snow Boots

This DREAM PAIRS style is one of the top women’s winter boots on the market, particularly if you love cold-weather accessories that aren’t short on fashion. The beauty starts with the quilted shafts, knit cuffs, and fur trim. Then, you add in faux leather trim, and you have a boot that looks great with jeans, tights, or even ski pants. The bottoms are made from rubber, so they keep rain and snow off of your socks. Inside, a layer of 200g-Thermolite insulation ensures warmth in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dream Pairs Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

6. Gracosy Warm Snow Boots

Feel like you’re walking in a cloud in these Gracosy snow boots. It’s all due to the faux fur lining, which feels ultra-soft and warm, even when you’re tackling tough terrain. We love the accent stitching on these cheap women’s winter boots — it adds a fun, retro-inspired twist to your favorite jeans. The fur trim on the cuff and the contrast zip add a luxe look. Best of all? These boots have a slim, low-cut ankle, so you can slip them over leggings or under your favorite ski pants to keep your legs warm and cozy. The bottom features a unique tread pattern to prevent slipping and ensure a steady grip.

gracosy Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

7. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Fur Lined Snow Boots

Cute and classic, these DREAM PAIRS snow boots bring a flirty twist to any outfit. It starts with the fur trim on the top of the cuff, and continues with the gleaming uppers. Adjust the laces on the front for a comfortable fit — then, use the inside zips for effortless on/off. Beyond the style, these boots are made to perform. The Thermolite insulation is engineered to warm your toes in weather as cold as -25 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can feel confident stepping outside into the snow.

Dream Pairs 2 Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

8. Columbia Women’s Bugaboot Plus Iv

Slip on your snowshoes or hike tough terrain in these Columbia women’s Bugaboot Plus Iv. Rugged and made for activity, these boots can handle the challenge. The Michelin Winter Compound soles help you maintain traction, even when the temperature drops as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior is made from leather and nylon for protection, and the Techlite shell ensures that water never reaches your feet. The cushioned mid-sole pampers your feet, even when you’re climbing or hiking over icy ground.

Columbia 2 Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

9. POLAR Products Women’s Snow Boot

Embrace classic style this winter in these women’s snow boots from POLAR products. Made with fabric uppers and a full fur lining, these affordable women’s winter boots are both warm and adorable. The contrasting lace hardware adds an edgy twist, and the high-contrast rubber soles keep your feet toasty and dry. With their anti-skid bottoms, these boots help you walk with confidence to work, school, or outdoor activities.

Polar 2 Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots

10. ALEADER Women’s Mid-Calf Snow Boots

With these ALEADER snow boots, there’s no need to sacrifice style when the temperatures drop. In fact, with their lush fur trim, textured grey uppers, and camel-colored accents, these boots take any outfit to the next level. We love the rubber soles, which give you traction and keep water out. Use the lace-up front for the perfect fit, and rely on the light midsole to cushion and comfort your feet.

ALEADER Top 10 Best Women's Winter Boots
When you’re wearing a warm pair of boots, even the coldest weather is more bearable. Before the snow falls, it’s a good idea to stock your closet with women’s winter boots that suit your unique style.


By BCR Staff

November 2019