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Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

Skiing is a sport that requires a lot of extra equipment to stay safe and warm, so for women who want only the best, our list of the top 10 women’s ski gloves is vital. Depending upon where you are geographically, having adequate gear is essential to enjoying your day on the slopes. One of the first pieces of equipment you’ll always need when skiing or snowboarding is gloves. Gloves are necessary for making sure you don’t suffer from numb extremities or even frostbite, which can become extremely dangerous on cold days.

Frostbite tends to be the most prevalent on smaller, exposed parts of the skin, such as your fingers and toes. Your fingers are usually the parts of your body most exposed to the cold weather, so you must take special precautions and wear protective gear outside. Frostbite occurs when both the top layer of skin and the tissue underneath it freeze, causing extreme pain and, in severe cases, loss of feeling and nerve damage. In very severe cases where treatment isn’t available for hours, the extremities are amputated. While this probably won’t happen to you on an everyday family ski trip, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to make sure you are protected. If you’ve been looking to invest in a high-quality pair of ski gloves, look no further than this list of our top 10 picks.

1. Winter Waterproof Snow Gloves – by MCTi

These insulated gloves by MCTi contain 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate, one of the most trusted clothing insulators in the industry. They also include 120 grams of thicken cotton while eliminating bulk, designed with a waterproof TPU to wick away sweat and moisture to keep your hands dry. The section between the thumb and index finger is reinforced with anti-slip PU leather, which ensures that the gloves will hold up under pressure and last you many winter seasons. A wristband is attached to the glove on the inside to keep you from losing them in case of sudden movement during your winter sports.

MCTi Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

2. Waterproof Touchscreen Ski Gloves – by Kineed

These gloves by Kineed have premier insulating and wind-resistant power, made from windproof polyester, Thinsulate insulation, and waterproof TPU. Thick cotton material is packed in with the Thinsulate to ensure maximum warmth and sweat-wicking properties, yet the gloves remain non-bulky and extremely flexible. They’re perfect for skiing, snowboarding, winter biking, or driving. The palm is equipped with an anti-slip technology that uses rubber dots to enhance your grip during extreme winter sports. An elastic wrist band ensures that the gloves stay close to your skin, blocking out any wind or snow at the cuff. The gloves come in three fashionable colors, including pink, purple, and grey, and are designed to keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Kineed Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

3. Cold Weather Gloves for Women – by Terra Hiker

Low-bulk and maximum warmth are the main goals of these cold weather gloves by Terra Hiker, using 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate and 120 grams of thicken cotton to achieve a breathable finish. The gloves use a high-tech Taslan fabric shell that’s durable and resistant to the elements, acting as a completely waterproof layer to keep your hands warm and dry. The lining of the glove can be removed and washed or dried on its own, which offers more versatility in a wide range of weather conditions. The gloves are perfect for winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, shoveling, or ice climbing. Extended cuffs and a drawstring closure keeps any chill from entering the gloves, and a wrist strap helps to lock in the inside temperature completely.

Terra Hiker Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

4. Women’s Prospect Glove – by Burton

These gloves are great for women who have a particular style or want their gloves to match the rest of their winter ensemble. They come in seven different unique colors and patterns, using Burton’s unique DRYRIDE technology, which employs an ultra-thin waterproof membrane to keep your hands perfectly dry. A Screen Grab Touchgrip palm won’t wear down or fray over time and has sensitive touchscreen technology so you can always access your devices while outdoors. The lining is comprised of brushed microfiber with Thermacore insulation to keep your hands incredibly warm while eliminating bulk. A pre-curved ergonomic fit and a removable wrist leash ensure your hands will always feel secure in these gloves.

Burton Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

5. Rechargeable Heated Ski Gloves – by Snow Deer

These gloves by Snow Deer have a much higher price point than most of the others on this list, and that’s because they have a unique technology that truly changes the game for winter outdoor wear. The gloves come with a rechargeable battery, which is used to heat the inside of the glove while you’re skiing or snowboarding. The heating elements cover the entire back of the hand and fingers, stimulating blood circulation and preventing stiff joints. The gloves can heat from two and a half to six hours on a full charge and come with a heat controller with three settings so you can determine how warm you’d like them. They’re constructed with high-quality sheep leather that won’t degrade over time, meaning you’re investing in a product you’ll use for a lifetime.

Snow Deer Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

6. Waterproof Ski Gloves – by Yidomto

Yidomto kept fashion in mind when they designed these waterproof ski gloves, as they come in five different unique colorways so you can express your style. The gloves have been tested to withstand the cold weather as low as negative 22 degrees, as high quality insulated fleece will always keep your hands warm. The index finger is designed with a unique TPU that’s touchscreen compatible, meaning you won’t need to take off the gloves to use your phone or camera. There’s also a zipper pocket on the back of the gloves, which acts as the perfect place to store your keys or credit card while skiing or snowboarding.

Yidomto Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

7. Waterproof Two-Toned Touchscreen Gloves – by Livingston

These gloves by Livingston are highly insulating yet lightweight, keeping your hands warm without weighing down your winter sports. They come in six different stylish colors, and feature reinforced stitching in areas that are subject to tears, such as the knuckles or palm. The palms employ a non-slip, highly gripping material that makes holding things like ski poles or handlebars much easier in wet weather. The back of the glove is soft-coated, meaning you can quickly wipe off your glasses or goggles without worrying about scratching. The thumbs, index, and middle fingers are all touchscreen sensitive and will work with any of your electronic devices, allowing you to keep your fingers warm while answering a call or text.

Livingston Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

8. Waterproof Breathable Winter Gloves – by Velazzio

Velazzio considered their environmental footprint when they created these gloves, as they utilize bio-based Sorona Dupont fiber as insulation material, which is a sustainable material that doesn’t sacrifice on warmth. The outer shell of the gloves has been treated with a durable water repellent finish as well as an inner moisture-wicking membrane designed to keep your hands warm and dry in any weather conditions. Flexible microfiber on all the fingers and palms gives you easy and accurate usage of any touchscreen devices, meaning you don’t need to give up the warmth to answer a phone call.

Velazzio Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

9. Tolcat Waterproof Leather Ski Gloves – by Wildhorn

Wildhorn, the official supplier of the US Ski Team, has created these gloves for avid skiers and boarders to keep their hands dry and warm in even the most intense weather. The gloves have all the functions needed to protect your hands against the elements, including a Hydro-Tex liner and 3M Thinsulate insulation. The gloves are completely windproof and waterproof, employing a genuine goat leather palm for a soft yet durable exterior. Texting or calling your fellow skiers is made simple with these gloves, as the fingertips are touchscreen compatible, and you’ll not need to remove them while hitting the slopes.

Wildhorn Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves

10. Waterproof Thermal Ski Gloves – by Lanyi

These gloves by Lanyi come in seven different fashionable colors to suit any style or outfit and contain 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate as well as 140 grams of warm, insulated cotton. They’ve been tested in temperatures as low as negative 30 degrees, so you know you’re protected even when you’re skiing or snowboarding on the coldest part of the mountain. The lining of the gloves is coated in a breathable TPU membrane, making them completely windproof, rainproof, and snowproof. A shirred elastic wrist keeps the glove completely snug to your skin, keeping any moisture out of your sleeve. A drawstring closure secures the cuff even further, allowing you to enjoy your day in the snow without having to worry about staying dry.

Lanyi Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Gloves


By BCR Staff

February 2020