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10 Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Hiking is an ideal aerobic activity, and wearing one of these 10 best hiking shoes for women ensures comfort and protection for the feet and ankles during a hike. Spending time outdoors hiking enriches the body and the mind, and it will be possible to take longer hikes when a woman wears the right type of protective shoes for resisting moisture, wind, and bugs. The ideal hiking shoes also make it easier to scale rough terrain such as paths made of pebbles and those with a lot of loose rocks, tree roots or soil. These are 10 of the best hiking shoes for women.

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1. BomKinta Women’s Hiking Shoes

BomKinta Women's Hiking Shoes Anti-Slip Lightweight Breathable Quick-Dry Trekking Shoes for Women Black Size 9.5 best women's hiking shoes

Stay safe on all types of trails and in all weather conditions with these BomKinta women’s hiking shoes. These affordable women’s hiking sneakers are lightweight, so they will not make the legs tired or cause extra fatigue on a long hike. The soles have deep treads for maintaining a good footing on muddy or slippery trails. The breathable upper allows heat and moisture to wick away. They dry quickly even if fully immersed in a puddle or mud.

2. ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe

ALEADER Water Hiking Shoes for Women, Outdoor, Camp, Kayaking, Wet/River Walking Sneakers Lt Gray/Aqua 9 B(M) US best women's hiking shoes

Feet stay dry when hiking in rainy or muddy conditions when a woman wears these ALEADER water hiking shoes. These shoes feature an elastic closure with a toggle. They accommodate swelling of the feet over a long day of hiking. The soles have special treads that reduce slipping when walking through a shallow creek or through a puddle. The shock-absorbing insole keeps feet comfortable, allowing hikers to spend more time outdoors on their feet.

3. Hiitave Unisex Minimalist Trail Hiking Shoes

ALEADER hiitave Men/Womens Minimalist Barefoot Trail Running Shoes Wide Toe Glove Cross Trainers Hiking Shoes Black/Gray/Yellow US 11/11.5 Men best women's hiking shoes

Women who do not want a lot of padding will enjoy hiking in these unisex minimalist trail hiking shoes by Hiitave. They feature a durable rubber sole for flexibility and protection from pebbles and rocks on the ground. The elastic laces have a toggle for loosening and tightening. Square treads on the bottom enhance stability. The toe box has five curves carved out, accommodating each toe and providing plenty of space. They have shock-absorbing in the middle of the sole in order to reduce fatigue.

4. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

KEEN Women's Voyageur Hiking Shoe, Brindle/Alaskan Blue, 8.5 B - Medium best women's hiking shoes

This pair of durable women’s waterproof boots by KEEN feature thick and deep treads that are ideal for rough terrain and trails that are in poor condition. The elastic laces are easy to loosen and tighten for sliding the shoes on and off. These shoe boots have a low rise at just above the ankle. This helps keep the ankles stable when walking on uneven surfaces. They are made of 100 percent leather with some mesh for enhanced air circulation. The heel rise of two inches reduces pressure in the back of the foot.

5. Chaco Women’s Barbary Hiking Shoe

Chaco Women's Barbary Boot, Mahogany, 7.5 M US best women's hiking shoes

Stay warm and dry when hiking during the cool months of the year while wearing these Chaco women’s barbary hiking shoes. They feature a wool insert that repels moisture and insulates the foot. The wool also facilitates heat dissipation, keeping the foot and toes dry and at a comfortable temperature. The rubber sole offers stability and durability on difficult terrain. The full-grain leather upper of these affordable hiking shoes makes them last longer and offers protection from thorns, brush, and mud.

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6. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, Mud/Eve, 5 Regular US best women's hiking shoes

These low-cost women’s hiking boots by Columbia feature a high-traction grip, making them a good choice for hiking when ice or snow is a possibility on the trails. They are also ideal for low-cut winter boots, providing traction on sidewalks and parking lots when walking the dog or going out for a stroll. Their durable woven laces and hooks keep them secure on the feet, and they will not pull off even when walking through thick mud. These hiking boots have a lightweight mid-sole with plenty of cushioning in order to support the feet and reduce impacts.

7. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Walking Shoe

adidas outdoor Women's Terrex CMTK W Walking Shoe, Black/Chalk White/ash Green, 8.5 M US best women's hiking shoes

When trail conditions are dry, these lightweight and durable Adidas women’s walking shoes are a wise choice. The durable rubber sole offers traction on dirt, pavement, and other surfaces. They have a lightweight foam in the insole. This foam bounces back and can withstand plenty of impacts from jumping. These shoes have a tread pattern resembling a tire lug for enhanced stability.

8. Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner

Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner, Black Metallic, 8 M US best women's hiking shoes

These low-cost Salomon women’ trail runner hiking boots offer an aggressive grip for stability when hiking on soft trails. The rubber sole offers traction and helps absorb some of the impact of each step. On the inside, molded and injected EVA cushion the feet and take away the impact that often fatigues the arch and heels of the feet. These comfortable hiking shoes also offer a quick lace with elastics, and they resist water and mud intrusion. They are a good choice for hiking on muddy trails or in rainy weather.

9. The North Face Storm III Hiking Boot for Women

The North Face Storm III Hiking Shoe - Women's Dark Gull Grey/Marlin Blue 8.5 best women's hiking shoes

These affordable North Face Storm III hiking boots for women consist of a suede and mesh upper, which provides a breathable environment that allows heat and moisture to dissipate away from the feet. The suede resists water splashes, helping keep the feet dry when walking through puddles. A molded insole offers orthotic support to the arch of the foot. Foam provides additional cushioning for the balls and heels of the feet. Their outer sole offers stability and traction thanks to the deep treads.

10. TFO Women’s Hiking Shoes

TFO Women's Lightweight Breathable Non-Slip Hiking Running Shoes Athletic Outdoor Walking Trekking Sneakers (7.5 B(M) US, Navy) best women's hiking shoes

Avoid slipping on wet trails or pavement thanks to the durable rubber tread of these TFO women’s hiking shoes. Their upper consists of a combination of leather and synthetic material. The leather allows the feet to breathe, and the synthetic material increases the protection from impacts and obstacles on a trail. A breathable interior membrane and insole keep the feet comfortable and dry. A slightly higher ankle on these hiking shoes keeps the lower leg stable when walking on an incline or decline. Another feature that makes this one of the 10 best hiking shoes for women is its shock-absorbing middle layer, which reduces the foot’s fatigue.

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By BCR Staff
June 2019

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