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10 Best Women’s Boot Socks

Finding the best women’s boot socks can make a big difference in comfort when wearing tall boots or going outside on a cold winter day. Boot socks are thicker than the typical dress, trouser or athletic socks. They often feature two-layer construction or an insulating layer in order to provide warmth and wick moisture away from the feet. Boot socks are also usually taller than athletic or trouser socks so that they protect the leg beyond the top of the boot. The close fit of boot socks ensures that no snow or cold air can get to the lower legs, ankles or feet. These are 10 of the best options for women’s boot socks.

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1. STYLEGAGA Women’s Knit Long Boot Socks


STYLEGAGA Women's Fall Winter Warm Over the Knee High Socks Knit Long Boot Socks Leg Warmer (Wool Cable_Ivory/Dark Gray/Black 3Pair) best boot socks

These tall boot socks for women go past the knee, so they work well for knee-high or thigh-high boots. As an affordable set of tall boot socks, they feature strong toe seams. This boot sock multi-pack includes three pairs of tall socks in different colors. These socks are made of 90 percent wool and 10 percent nylon. The wool offers warmth and moisture-wicking, and the nylon offers stretch and durability. The socks are knit in a delicate cable stitch pattern for texture and aesthetic appeal.


2. Bestjybt Women’s Crochet Knitted Boot Cuffs


Bestjybt Womens Short Boots Socks Crochet Knitted Boot Cuffs Leg Warmers Socks (5 Pairs-Style A) best women's boot socks


These stylish cable knit boot cuffs can also double as leg warmers. They should be worn at the place where the top of the boot ends. This allows them to protect against chafing from the top of the boot. They also stop cold air from getting into the boot. When kneeling is necessary, they offer padding for the knee caps. They can also be worn with other types of footwear as leg warmers. These boot cuffs consist of a ribbed section and a cable knit section. They consist of a blend of cotton and acrylic fiber. These boot cuffs can be laundered in a washing machine and clothes dryer.


3. Lovely Annie Women’s Cute Cozy Knee High Cotton Socks

Lovely Annie Women's 4 Pairs Pack Knee High Cotton Boot Socks 6-9(4 Color) best women's boot socks


These well-made cotton socks by Lovely Annie reach to the bottom of the knees on most women. They feature breathable cotton and a little polyester in the fabric, so feet stay warm and dry. These lightweight socks are a good choice for pairing with fashion boots in the autumn or spring, or they could be worn in places with mild to chilly winters. The toe area has extra-strong seams for durability. These boot socks can go in the washing machine and clothes dryer, or they can be placed flat to dry.


4. Women’s Cotton Knit Knee High Socks With Lace Trim


4 Pack Women Cotton Knit Boot Socks Knee High Socks Stockings with Lace Trim, Free size, Beige Black Coffee Green best boot socks


These cute lace-topped boot socks are a great way to pair boots and a short skirt. The pretty knit lace trim at the top of the sock adds texture and a feminine touch. The socks are made of a cotton and nylon blend, so they stretch in order to fit the shape and size of the foot and calves. This blend of fabric is both warm and breathable, and they are a good choice for any season of the year. These socks are color-fast and resist fading in the sunlight.


5. FAYBOX Women’s Boot Cuffs and Cable Knit Leg Warmers


FAYBOX Short Women Crochet Boot Cuffs Winter Cable Knit Leg Warmers Ivory best women's boot socks


These cable knit boot cuffs offer a pretty zigzag design. They measure about 6 inches long, and they can be worn as leg warmers or as boot cuffs. As cheap boot cuffs, they are a good choice for pairing with tights or leggings when wearing boots. They add an extra layer of warmth on a cold day. These boot cuffs are made from a blend of acrylic and cotton yarn. This ensures that they are machine washable and they return to their original shape after being worn or laundered.

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6. Tipi Toe Women’s Winter Knee High Cotton-Blend Boot Socks


Tipi Toe Women's 3-Pairs Cozy Winter Super Soft Warm Over The Knee High Cotton-Blend Boot Socks (KH01) best women's boot socks


Stay warm in these low-cost knee-high boot socks this winter. They feature wooden buttons at the top. The ribbed cuff of the socks extends past the knees in most women. The legs of these cute winter socks have an eyelet lace detail. Made of a blend of cotton, polyester, acrylic, and spandex, they offer stretch, durability and comfort. Two different colored strands of yarn create a marled effect on these socks.


7. Xugq66 Women’s Winter Knitted Short Boot Cuffs and Leg Warmers

Xugq66 4 Pairs Women Winter Crochet Knitted Short Boot Cuffs Socks Short Leg Warmers (4 Pairs-13) best boot socks


These stylish knitted boot cuffs also double as leg warmers. They come in a pack with four different colors, so they are easy to coordinate with different pairs of footwear or outfits. They are knit from an acrylic and cotton blend, which makes them both warm and easy to launder. They can be worn on top of or under tights, leggings, jeans, skirts and ski pants for extra warmth.


8. The Original Button Boot Socks With Lace Trim


The Original Button Boot Socks with Lace Trim Boutique Socks by Modern Boho Cream best boot socks


These pretty mid-rise boot socks feature lace detailing from the toes to the top of the cuff. A ribbed button band keeps these stylish socks up in the desired position. The twin buttons add a nice touch. At the top of the ribbed cuff, extra lace trim creates a feminine finish. These socks can be worn with any type of footwear, and their lightweight and thin nature mean that there is no need to size up in boots. They are made of a cotton and spandex blend that does not pill. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.


9. Women’s Vintage Winter Knit Wool Crew Socks

Pack of 5 Womens Vintage Style Cotton Knitting Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks, Mixed Color 1, One Size - fit shoe sizes from 5-10 best boot socks

These cozy mid-height boot socks are colorful and fun. They are a good way to brighten up a dreary winter day, and their colors ensure that they coordinate with any outfit. They rise to the middle of the calves, making them a good choice to pair with ankle boots or hiking shoes. These affordable socks are made from a blend of cotton and wool. They can be laundered in a washing machine and clothes dryer.

10. DoSmart Women’s Winter Knee High Socks


DoSmart Women's Winter Warm Knee High Socks Boot Socks 2-Pairs Multi Color(AA-01) best boot socks

Made of a blend of wool, angora, and spandex, these socks offer softness and warmth. They reach to just below the knee, ensuring that a woman’s entire lower leg stays warm. These stretchy socks accommodate muscular calves well, and they fit women who wear size 5 to 9 shoes. As some of the 10 best women’s boot socks, they are machine washable and can tumble dry.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019