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10 Best Outdoor Masks for Women

When you spend a great deal of time out of the house, the best outdoor masks for women can improve your experience. After all, the great outdoors naturally expose you to a variety of conditions — depending on your location and activity, it might be wind and old, or it might be pollution and dust. No matter what you’re dealing with an outdoor mask can be a big help. These masks cover your nose and mouth, giving you greater control over the air that comes into your lungs. The key? Finding a mask that’s designed specifically for your environment and use.

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1. Toes Home Outdoor Magic Headband


Toes Home 6PCS Outdoor Magic Headband Elastic Seamless Bandana Scarf UV Resistence Sport Headwear Boho Series for Yoga Hiking Riding Motorcycling best outdoor masks for women


Whether you’re hiking or snowboarding, it’s important to shield your face from the cold wind. That’s where this Toes Home magic headband comes in. Shaped like a long cylinder, this piece slips over your head and doubles as a scarf, a headband, and a face mask. Simply pull it up over your nose and mouth for instant warmth. The lightweight fabric wicks moisture, so it dries quickly and prevents uncomfortable wetness as you breathe. Choose from a wide variety of brightly colored prints to match your outdoor gear.


2. Debrief Me Pollution Masks


Debrief Me Anti Air Respirator Breathable Pollution Masks Carbon Activated Filtration (1 Mask+4 Filters) N95 Anti Bacterial Face Pollution Mask -Reusable Reusable comfy Cotton (Blue-Mix1) best outdoor mask for women


If pollutants and pollen irritate your sinuses, this Debrief Me mask for allergies can be a great solution. Inside, an activated carbon filter catches fine particles before they reach your nose and mouth — as a result, you can breathe easier. Use it for dust, pollution, pollen, and more. This mask comes with four different filters to make replacement a breeze. Simply pull the old filter out and insert a new one. With its elastic straps, this mask slips behind your ears for a comfortable, secure fit.


3. Upmall Winter Balaclava

UPMALL Tactical Balaclava Full Face Mask Fleece Warm Winter Outdoor Sports Mask Wind-Resistant Hood Hat (Black) best outdoor mask for women


Frigid wind can be rough on your lungs; block it with this Upmall outdoor wind mask. The balaclava-style design fits loosely over your head like a hood. The front panel covers your nose and mouth for extra warmth and protection. When the sun comes out, flip the top back to turn this balaclava into a slouchy neck scarf. The ultra-soft fleece is gentle on your skin and allows ample airflow for easy breathing. Pop it into the washing machine for fast cleaning.

4. Dust Mask

Muryobao N95 Mouth Mask Anti Pollution Respirator Mask Anti Dust Mask Outdoor Protection Insert Valve Filter for Men Women 5 Pack Grey Black White Blue Pink best outdoor mask for women

When allergy and flu season rolls around, this women’s dust mask can help keep you healthy. The contoured shape fits over the lower half of your face, covering your mouth and nose without blocking your sight. Using the fabric exterior, filter cloth, and carbon filter, this mask keeps dust, pollution, allergens, and germs out of your respiratory system. It also helps block cold air, so you can run or bike more comfortably. Choose from multiple fun colors and prints to match your outerwear or personality.

5. AXBXCX Seamless Neck Gaiter


AXBXCX 2 Pack - Breathable Neck Gaiter Neck Warmer Face Mask Seamless Anti-UV Protection for Motorcycle Fishing Hunting Outdoor Sports Suitable for Men Women Gray + Pink best outdoor mask for women


Get outdoors with this AXBXCX neck gaiter. This large fabric tube fits over your neck like a scarf; when the wind starts to blow, pull it up to create a convenient mask. With its lightweight fabric construction, this women’s mask can also be used as a headband, head wrap, arm warmer, or even a ponytail holder. The elastic material stretches easily to create a comfortable fit, and the breathable weave allows you to take in plenty of oxygen for any sport.

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6. DDYOUTDOOR Trade Outdoor Sun Protection Hat


DDYOUTDOOR Trade; 07-281 Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap Neck Face Flap Hat Wide Brim (Khaki) best outdoor mask for women

Combine all of your outdoor protection garments into one with this DDYOUTDOOR hat. The wide brim and back flap protect your face and neck from the sun. The front panel runs from your nose to your throat, keeping out the wind, bugs, and sunshine. Mesh panels to allow air to flow freely, so you can breathe easily and enjoy a cooling breeze while you hike, fish, or paddle. This hat is made from UPF 50+ material that keeps UVA and UVB rays away from your delicate skin; it’s also windproof for comfortable camping and walking.

7. Coolibar Performance Sun Bandana


Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Women's Performance Sun Bandana - Sun Protective (One Size- Rosy Coral) best outdoor mask for women


When you’re getting active outside, sun and wind protection are a must. That’s where this Coolibar Performance bandana can help. It ties around your neck or face, absorbing sweat and wicking it away from your skin. As a result, you can breathe freely and avoid uncomfortable moisture buildup. The soft material is gentle, so it reduces friction and rashes when you’re on the move. The natural antimicrobial protection helps block odors, and the UPF 50+ sun protection is ideal for hot and cold days.

8. ZWZCYZ N95 Mask


ZWZCYZ N95 Mask Dust Mask PM2.5 Pollen Allergy flu Insert Can Be Washed Reusable Masks Cotton Mouth Mask for Men Women best outdoor mask for women


Keep germs and viruses away when you’re on the go with this ZWZCYZ N95 mask. The carefully designed shape cups your face, providing plenty of room to breathe. Elastic straps tuck around your ears for a light yet secure hold, and the gentle fabric doesn’t irritate your skin. To increase protection while you’re on a plane or walking down a busy street, simply slip in the activated carbon cotton filter to keep dangerous particles out of your lungs.


9. MONATA Reusable Dust Mask


MONATA Reusable Dust Pollution Mask with Activated Carbon Filter and Earloop for Woodworking House Cleaning Gardening and Outdoor Activities best outdoor mask for women

Stay safe when you’re tackling high-dust activities with this MONATA outdoor dust mask. Inside, a multi-layer filtration system traps a wide variety of particles, from sawdust to pollen and bacteria. Large straps slip around your ears and fasten at the back of your neck, creating a tight, secure fit for maximum protection. Exhalation valves on the front allow you to breathe normally, and the venting system helps release heat and water vapor. That way, your safety goggles or sunglasses don’t fog up as you work.


10. AxPower Dust Mask


AxPower Dust Mask Anti Pollution PM2.5 Face Masks Washable and Reusable Dustproof Respirator Safety Mask with 2 Valves and 4 Activated Carbon N99 Filters Made for Men Women Outdoor Activities (Black) best outdoor mask for women

Tackle lawn care or woodworking projects comfortably when you’re wearing this AxPower dust mask. The full-coverage design keeps irritants out, and the air-flow valve allows an easy release of carbon dioxide. Made from a soft, flexible material, this mask is lightweight and flexible enough for a variety of active sports. The thick ear loops fit comfortably, and the adjustable nose clip creates gentle pressure and prevents the mask from slipping as you run, bike, or work.

A mask acts as a barrier between you and your environment, shielding you from dangerous or uncomfortable conditions and substances. With the right style, you can tackle almost any outdoor activity, from skiing to the daily commute. After all, the best outdoor masks for women keep you comfortable, protected, and in control.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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