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10 Best Minimalist Jewelry

Finding the best minimalist jewelry has gotten quite difficult given an unprecedented number of companies that entered the market over the past decade or two. Of course, the fact that there are so many options can be viewed as a benefit since there is no shortage of unique designs. Before even attempting to create a solid list of some of the most popular products, however, it is important to understand the true meaning of minimalism.

The basic definition classifies it as a sculpture and painting trend that came to life in the 1950s. Nowadays, the fashion industry uses it as a synonym for simplicity. The next 10 items are some of the best examples of this concept.

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1. Honeycat Circle Stud Gold Earrings

HONEYCAT Tiny Circle Stud Earrings in 24k Gold Plate | Minimalist, Delicate Jewelry (Gold) best minimalist jewelry

Earrings are arguably the most famous jewelry piece that effortlessly brings attention to someone’s face. With Honeycat minimalist earrings, buyers can choose between silver, gold, or a rose gold set. Even though they are remarkably small, the concept of simplicity and elegance are easily seen by anyone who glances at the person wearing them. Not to mention that they are very affordable and carry outstanding reviews.


2. VACRONA Freshwater Pearl Bracelet With 14K Gold

VACRONA Gold Cute Freshwater Pearl Bracelet,14K Gold Plated Bar Horiztonal Dainty Handmade Tiny Beaded Link Chain Simple Minimalist Bracelet for Girl best minimalist jewelry

After simple earrings, a minimalist bracelet may be the best way to subtly match jewelry. Courtesy of VACRONA, doing so is easy with the gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet. The design revolves around a very thin bracelet that utilizes 14K gold with a set of closely linked pearls. Due to its size, girls can combine the bracelet with other wrist jewelry to make it stand out more or even wear it with a watch.


3. Daniel Wellington Classic Silver Cuff Bracelet


Daniel Wellington Classic Cuff Small

In terms of classic jewelry that shows certain elements of minimalism, Daniel Wellington achieves perfection with a silver bracelet in cuff-like form. Since the product is on the more expensive side, most buyers use it for special occasions to complement silver earrings or watches. The overall design is very thin and carries nothing but the designer’s name in the middle of it. What truly makes this piece unique is the fact that the bracelet is not fully closed in a fully rounded circle.


4. Hammered Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Hammered Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring best minimalist jewelry

Although an adjustable ring goes a bit beyond the scope of minimalism, Hammer Sterling found a way to off-set that with a straight-forward design. The silver ring has a double loop and can be modified to fit any finger by an easy squeeze. It is often placed on the thumb because custom-made jewelry for that size is seldom created. This minimalist ring is also a beautifully styled, one-color piece that carries no unnecessary letters or logos.


5. Multi-Set of Splendid Pearl Stud Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver


Boxed Set 5 pairs 8mm Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver best minimalist jewelry

The five-piece set of minimalist earrings is undoubtedly the cheapest product included on this list. With a classic circle shape that comes in small-to-medium size, these earrings can complement any shade of lipstick, clothing, or other jewelry. The colors included in the set range from classic black and gold to silver and pink. Those who intend to purchase the set as a gift can further enjoy the stunning box that the earrings are placed in.

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6.  MiaBella 18K Gold or 925 Sterling Silver Italian Bangle Bracelet

MiaBella 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver Italian Hinged Bangle Bracelet for Women Girls, 6.75 to 8 Inch, 925 Made in Italy (Medium (7.25" to 7.5"))

Unlike the cuff made by Daniel Wellington, the MiaBella Italian bracelet is fully closed and comes in two different colors. Both alternatives are in the same price range that is extremely affordable when cross-referenced with the high-quality materials used. Bracelets are made in Italy and offer a glance into the Italian market of classic and minimalist jewelry that dominates the worldwide fashion industry.


7. Yalice Horizontal Cross Choker Necklace


Yalice Minimalist Cross Choker Necklace Sideway Horizontal Necklace for Women and Girls (Silver) best minimalist jewelry


The minimalist necklace created by Yalice is a perfect match to practically any of the said pieces. It is made of alloy and has no visible elements besides a horizontal cross. Due to the thickness of the cross, it is a very strong point of focus that makes the rest of the necklace seem even less noticeable. Because alloy was used in production, the price is extremely low and effectively makes this purchase a safe bet.


8. Turquoise Bar Sterling Silver Necklace


Minimalist Turquoise Bar Sterling Silver Bar Necklace best minimalist jewelry


CY Design Studio’s turquoise bar necklace is made out of 925 Sterling Silver and comes at the highest price thus far. Those worried about the cost should understand that the materials and design of the product are unmatched by anything listed here. The blue turquoise bar perfectly aligns with the elegant silver necklace that attaches to it on its long sides to give away a horizontal look.


9. Enso Forward Pyramid Silicone Rings

Enso Womens Stackable Silicone Rings Coral. Size: 4 best minimalist jewelry

Since classic colors of gold and silver can become repetitive, lovers of minimalism can refresh their jewelry collections with Enso’s silicone rings. The single-color rings have more than a dozen options that range from black and white to bright yellow and pink. The only visible ring elements are the forward-leaning pyramids that almost come out of the ring. There is also a small company name on the inner side of the circle.


10. PAVOI 14K Gold Ring With Simulated Diamonds

PAVOI AAAAA CZ 14K Rose Gold Plated Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Eternity Ring - Size 5 best minimalist jewelry

The last item on the list goes back to a timeless combination of classic and minimalist designs. PAVOI’s golden ring brings forward an ever-lasting concept of combining high-end gold and silver with side-to-side diamonds stacked on the front. The price ranges based on the selection and both low and high-priced choices have equally positive reviews. Girls who are interested in a ring that can be worn for special occasions as well as on a daily basis should certainly look into PAVOI’s catalog.

Since there are a lot of jewelry options in the market, those who want to have a solid minimalist collection should look into rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Finding at least a few pieces for each of those categories will make it easy to create gorgeous outfit combinations. In the end, even some extremely cheap products can look like the best minimalist jewelry when they are properly worn and matched.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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