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Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

Driving becomes exponentially more difficult during the winter months, but our curated list of the 10 best driving gloves for men has you covered. Whether it’s due to snowstorms, black ice, or just pure inconvenience, many people in colder climates find it extremely challenging to manage the roads. Many things can help you drive better during the winter, one of them being driving gloves. While many people think that driving gloves are simply a style choice, they have many practical applications behind the wheel.

One of the significant advantages of wearing driving gloves is that they provide a better grip on the steering wheel. Having full control of the wheel when driving is crucial, and having extra stability when operating a vehicle can’t hurt. This is why professional drivers all use driving gloves, as they need the most control of their vehicle to do their job effectively.

Also, wearing driving gloves maintains the condition of your steering wheel itself. If you drive an expensive or antique car, keeping your steering wheel in good condition can boost the resale value of your car. Our hands excrete natural oils, which, over time, will wear down the material of your steering wheel and make it appear dated. Driving gloves help with this by placing a barrier between your skin and the steering wheel, blocking any oils from damaging your steering wheel.

During the winter, cars can become extremely cold when parked for extended periods. Even if you have an advanced heating system, your steering wheel can stay pretty chilly for a while after starting your drive. Additionally, leather steering wheels can become uncomfortably hot during warmer summer months. When wearing driving gloves, you’ll never need to worry about the temperature of your steering wheel, and you can start your drive comfortably. Driving gloves can also reduce hand fatigue when you’re driving long distances, cushioning the impact of the wheel, and preventing blisters.

Finally, driving gloves look cool! They’ve been featured throughout popular culture in film and TV as hyper-stylish and professional. If you’ve been looking to invest in a high-quality pair of driving gloves, keep reading to see our top ten picks.

1. Winter Anti-Slip Gloves – by Trendoux

These winter driving gloves by Trendoux come in several ultra-flattering colors and are sure to keep you safe and warm on whatever journey you’re taking. Highly conductive material on the fingers of the glove allows you to use any touchscreen device while wearing them, keeping your hands warm and your phone accessible. The palms are fully covered with triangle silicone to make sure you always grip the steering wheel firmly or hold your phone carefully while making a call. Soft napping wool makes up the inner lining, which means your hands will stay warm without losing any dexterity. A thickened elastic wrist keeps the gloves closed tightly to your skin, keeping wind or snow out during the winter.

Trendoux Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

2. Cold-Weather Driving Gloves – by Gorelox

These gloves by Gorelox feature a double-lined fleece interior that includes three different insulation fabrics to ensure your hands always stay warm. A double shirred elastic wrist with a zipper keeps any of the winter elements out of your gloves, including snow or wind. The gloves are coated in a conductive material which is highly sensitive to touchscreen activity, so you’ll always be able to use your devices while wearing them. The palm patches and fingers are coated in a non-slip silicone material for the best grip even on rainy days. While these gloves are great for driving, they can also be used in other outdoor sports, including hiking, cycling, climbing, or fishing.

Gorelox Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

3. Luxury Leather Driving Gloves – by Pierre Cardin

In addition to providing excellent grip while driving, these gloves by Pierre Cardin also protect your hands from harmful UV rays while walking. The gloves come in two flattering colors and feature extra-large sizing, so every man’s hand can fit no matter the size. The inner lining is form-fitted to your hand, employing 3M Thinsulate technology to keep your hands warm and comfortable in winter weather. The gloves are stitched with clean lines and a detailed hem, ensuring they’ll hold up over time. A cinched wrist secures the glove to your hand with ease, making sure they’ll always stay on when you need them most.

Pierre Cardin Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

4. Genuine Leather Lined Driving Gloves – by Reed

These lined gloves by Reed come in two different colors and are made from genuine sheepskin leather, perfect for both driving and everyday outdoor use. Since 1950, Reed has been creating high-quality leather gloves that are touchscreen compatible, so you’ll always have access to your devices while driving or outdoors. The lining is made from 3M Thinsulate insulation, so your hands will stay warm and dry with moisture-wicking fabric. Their sizing goes all the way from medium to 3XL, so you’ll find the perfect fit for you no matter your hand size.

Reed Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

5. Lightweight Running Gloves – by Unigear

Although these gloves were initially intended for running, they serve several outdoor purposes, including driving, cycling, or skiing. The gloves are both warm and breathable, keeping your hands completely dry while not compromising on dexterity. Layering up is made very easy with these gloves, as they’re thin enough to be worn underneath a thicker pair in the case of extreme cold-weather activities like skiing or snowboarding. The gloves use a silicone grip on the palms and reinforced elastic stitching on all seams, so they’re sure to hold up under pressure. Durable microfiber cloth on the thumb and fingertips allow you to use your touchscreen devices while on the road or outdoors, so you’re always available to snap a good photo.

Unigear Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

6. Cold Weather Leather Driving Gloves – by Warmen

These gloves by Warmen come in six different colors to suit any taste or outfit choice and are made of genuine leather to ensure longevity. The leather has a soft sheen to it, which allows for easy wearability as well as the depth of color. The inner fleece lining is made of 100 percent polyester to keep your hands warm, and the knitted cuff is made from a blend of cashmere and wool. The gloves also have a touchscreen function in any direction, meaning you’ll never need to take them off to snap a photo or answer a call. A snap wrist closure keeps the cuff secured tightly to your skin, preventing any outdoor elements out of your gloves.

Warmen Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

7. Signature Men’s Gloves – by Isotoner

These signature men’s driving gloves by Isotoner come in both black and brown and are perfect for any driving or outdoor occasion. They’re the official gloves of NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino, who uses the gloves to comfortably grip a football in cold weather or take a relaxing drive. The gloves include genuine suede strips along the palm and fingers to provide a completely secure grip, as well as a stretchy spandex exterior to maintain a perfect fit. Isotoner is also an official sponsor of Treasure Truck, one of Amazon’s services offering exclusive daily deals.

isotoner Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

8. Etip Glove – by The North Face

The North Face is one of the premier names in outdoor winter gear, and they certainly don’t disappoint with their driving gloves. Named after the coldest, most unforgiving side of the mountain, The North Face creates cold-weather gear built to last in even the most extreme conditions. Although these gloves are some of the more expensive on the list, they make up for their price in quality and longevity. They come in nine unique colors and are made from 100 percent polyester fleece. The gloves also include proprietary “etips,” which are used to control your touchscreen devices while wearing them.

The North Face Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

9. Breathable Full Finger Gloves – by AXBXCX

These gloves made of form-fitting polyester mesh are designed to withstand the elements, whether it’s hiking, driving, or riding a motorcycle. They provide ultimate finger dexterity, keeping hands comfortable, breathable, and flexible. The gloves also provide impact resistance, perfect for when you need ultimate performance during your outdoor activities. A perforated microfiber design allows for high ventilation, wicking sweat and moisture away from the hands to keep them warm and dry. The fingertips are also touchscreen compatible, meaning you never have to sacrifice connectivity when you’re on an expedition. Sizing goes from small to extra large, and the company recommends hand washing for best results.

AXBXCX Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

10. Men’s C-Touch – by Carhartt

Carhartt is one of the major brands involved in outdoor and work gear, and have been trusted for decades to provide products that hold up under the elements. Their C-Touch gloves are no exception, made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester and polyester fleece lining. The gloves are entirely wind-resistant, employing a ribbed knit cuff and a pull-on closure to ensure the glove is always tightly attached to your wrist. Also, the fingers of the gloves are touchscreen compatible and come in two flattering, universal colors. The company recommends hand washing for best results.

Carhartt Top 10 Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves


By BCR Staff

February 2020