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Men’s Shoes

BCR Men's ShoesMen’s shoes have been wardrobe essentials for men since the Stone Age. Archaeologists have even dated very early shoes made of animal hide and leaves to 15,000 BCE. Over the centuries, men’s shoes have evolved from primitive protection to modern comfort, while still keeping feet safe and dry.

Shoes have been mass produced since the 1830s and continue to fill stores with colorful options in diverse materials. Today, the average man owns 12 pairs of shoes and Global Newswire predicts that the footwear industry will breach $320.4 billion by 2023.

Picking from the market’s large number of shoe retailers on your own is tough. That’s where Best Choice Reviews comes in to assist. Our leading website has devoted an entire section to reviewing men’s gear, from dress shoes to sneakers, without bias. We conduct research to rank the most reliable, valuable shoes for happy feet.

Try Online Shopping On For Size

Despite growing e-commerce trends, many men are cautious about buying online. Perhaps you’re reluctant to purchase something you haven’t seen or touched firsthand. You might worry about having to return a shoe that’s too small or too big. Maybe you don’t want to wait for shoes to ship through the mail.

However, online shoe shopping is a huge opportunity. Shoe companies have stocked their websites with more choices than ever and can’t compare to brick and mortar shops that simply don’t have the same variety of shoe styles and sizes. From running shoes to slippers, their websites are bursting with options for every season.

The range of online shoe stores available also lets you snag better deals by easily comparing list prices, finding clearance sales, using promo codes, and shopping with sites that have free shipping offers.

And think of the time saver! You won’t waste time waiting in lines or driving from store to store in search of out-of-stock brands. Your purchases can be made securely any time of day, from your home computer or mobile phone.

Find Which Shoes Are a Foot Above the Rest

Best Choice Reviews aims to make venturing into cyber retail as simple and affordable as possible. Ergo, we search for men’s shoes that provide a big bang for your buck. According to Forbes, men pay a median shoe price of $65 for one pair. Of course, some luxury brands like Tom Ford and Testoni have charged prices well above $30,000! It’s likely you’re looking for men’s shoes that are much less costly, though. Locating shoes that stay on budget without sacrificing superior quality construction is key. We want to upgrade your closet with sweet digs that are fashion-forward, pain-free, and long-lasting. To enumerate, here are three top factors BCR staff emphasizes in our men’s shoe searches:

Style: At Best Choice Reviews, we know most men care about style as much as women do. You also want the perfect pair of shoes to finish off a sophisticated, suave outfit. Whether you’re getting dressed for a business meeting, outdoor adventure, or hot date, you seek sleek shoes that impress. Luckily, our researchers have a knack for fashion. Appearance is a major factor in creating our “top 10” lists of men’s shoes. The BCR staff selects shoes that fit the latest menswear trends from the runway to magazines. For example, popular shoe fads for 2019 include the loafer, chukka boot, and low-top trainer. Our website is your one-stop shop for locating classy and chic men’s shoes for every occasion.

Sustainability: When it comes to sustainability, the BCR team has a two-fold mission. First, we prioritize men’s shoe brands that use ethical, eco-friendly materials. Second, we seek men’s shoes made to sustain with durable soles, heels, vamps, and laces. The best shoe investments are those that last years instead of months. In fact, running shoes endure 300 to 500 miles on average. Best Choice Reviews wants men to feel confident their shoes can handle frequent activity on every terrain without breaking down.

Support: Too many men slip their feet into ill-fitting shoes with poor support. In effect, they can suffer from sore feet and several other health problems. For example, inadequate arch support can cause painful plantar fasciitis on your heel. Tight pressure on your feet can result in achy and unsightly corns. Further, men can deal with athlete’s foot, back pain, hip misalignment, arthritis, and collapsed arches. Best Choice Reviews strives to protect men’s health by choosing shoes with ample support. We study the product specs for features like gel midsoles, memory foam lining, and roomy toe boxes. Reducing stress on your lower half with comfortable men’s shoes is our goal. The BCR researchers select natural designs that are easy to wear.

Step Into High-Quality Men’s Shoes Now

Whatever your shoe preferences may be, Best Choice Reviews has your feet covered. If you’re planning an exotic trek abroad, then we’ve got rugged hiking shoes to recommend. If you’re preparing for a snowy and icy winter, then we’ll outline boots to keep your tootsies warm. If you’re going on a seaside sailing adventure, then we’re ready to suggest boat shoes. Ultimately, the BCR website will feature honest, third-party reviews of shoes in every category. So, start scrolling through the below links for men’s shoes articles. Our collection of favorite footwear picks will take your style a step forward.

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