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10 Best Men’s Pocket Squares

The best men’s pocket squares can add a note of sophistication and urbane finish to even the most dress casual event. But gauging the quality and appearance of these and handkerchiefs in the online marketplace can be difficult. The fabric should not have too much shine, but neither should it be dull, since both of these extremes speak loudly of poor quality or manufacture. While many pocket squares are made exclusively for their appearance, there are those that also serve as functional handkerchiefs. However, products don’t always make this distinction clear. In order to save time and provide you with the exact product you want, we’ve collected the best options available online that won’t have a price to match their luxurious appearance.

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1. Men’s Solid Color Pocket Square Handkerchief from Jacob Alexander

Jacob Alexander Men's Pocket Square Solid Color, White, Size One Size best pocket squares

Available in an astonishing array of colors made to match any occasion or garb, this handkerchief is crafted from synthetic material. It won’t fade or fray over time, and will always add a note of distinction to your attire. With a medium satin finish, the material has just the right level of silken sheen to its 12 by 12-inch square cut. If you’re not quite sure of the proper color match for your wardrobe, the manufacturer offers complimentary fabric swatches upon request, so your order is right the first time.


2. Stacy Adams Satin Solid Tie Set


Stacy Adams Men's Satin Solid Tie Set, Mint, One Size best pocket squares


Because finding the proper match between tie shade and pocket square color can be difficult, this affordable set offers both in a convenient package. Handmade from 100 percent polyester fabric, the satiny gleam is both sophisticated and tasteful. Add just the right pop of color and never clash with this set at a price that fits your budget. Both the tie and pocket square come in 18 different shades, so you can select several to sport on different occasions.

3. Silk Pocket Squares Set of Five by Shelax&Wing


SHLAX&WING 5 Pieces Assorted Mens Silk Pocket Square Handkerchiefs Set 22 best pocket squares

Each handcrafted silk pocket square measures 12.6 inches by 12.6 inches. While their superior quality and affordable price are certainly attractive features, they have another advantage. This set of five silk men’s dressy handkerchiefs can be ordered in an astounding variety of patterns and colors. Do you favor paisley, pinstripes or polka dots? You’re in good hands. Want a splash of color in an otherwise austere black and white design? Here again, you’ll find exactly what you need.


4. 15-Piece Pocket Square Set from ekSel


Pocket Squares for men 15 Pack set with Pocket Square Holder in Designer Gift Box Assorted colors Polka dots Paisley Plain by ekSel best pocket squares


With fifteen patterned or solid squares from which to choose, there’s no occasion or event for which you won’t be dressed in your best. Vivid colors and a distinctive silken sheen or matte cotton finish make these pocket squares as indispensable as they are affordable. Each one measures 8.75 inches by 8.75 inches, which is perfect for the breast pocket of any dress shirt, jacket or blazer. Plus, they’ll never lose their shape or slip out of place. Included with each set is a special holder that keeps your selected square neatly folded and firmly tucked.


5. Gentleman’s Essentials Weekend Casual White Pocket Square from Flairs New York

Flairs New York Gentleman's Essentials Weekend Casual White Pocket Square (White / Prussian Blue [Premium]) best pocket squares

Clean, elegant, and understated, this pocket square will add a touch of classic elegance to any ensemble. Each square measures nine by nine inches, and, while it won’t steal the show, it will certainly make a notable appearance. The white field of the silk-linen blend is edged with a refined border of stitching in a clear Prussian blue for a striking and masculine contrast.

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6. Luther Pike Pocket Squares and Formal Handkerchiefs


Navy Blue Pocket Squares For Men - Mens Woven Pocket Square Tuxedo Wedding Solid Color Formal Handkerchiefs best pocket squares


Woven from soft microfiber in a sturdy twill with single stitching, these pocket squares have the look and feel of silk—all the quality, without the price. Each handkerchief measures nine by nine inches and will retain its looks and utility for years. Choose one or more from an array of vivid and memorable shades for any formal or semi-formal occasion.


7. 15-Piece Small Dot Pocket Square Set by New Live


15 Pcs Assorted Colors Dot Pattern Pocket squares for Men best pocket squares

Always dress your best with these handsome pocket squares. Crafted from polyester with a silken texture, they add a touch of shine and smoothness to your outfit. They’re perfect for any occasion, from an elegant holiday brunch to a wedding. Whether you’re in the mood for a sky blue background dotted with flame orange or a smart navy with sharp white, the set has a range of options to suit your wardrobe.


8. 20-Piece Pocket Square Set with Gift Box from Jeatonge


Pocket Squares for Men 20 Pack Mens Pocket Squares Set Assorted Colors with Gift Box best pocket squares


If you’re in the market for a gift, whether it’s for a friend or yourself, this set is both stylish and affordable. Each 10-inch pocket square can be fitted into the holder, which slides unobtrusively into the breast pocket of shirts and jackets. This will keep your square perfectly folded and in place without a fuss. Plus, with ten solid colors, five polka dot combinations, and five paisley patterns from which to choose, there’s no ensemble you can’t compliment.


9. 30 Pocket Squares by Dan Diao

30 PCS Mens Pocket Squares Handkerchief For Wedding Party ( 30 Kinds of Colors) best pocket squares

While these pocket squares for weddings are for fashion purposes only, they pack an enormous amount of style into an 8.5-inch square. Crafted from shimmering polyester silk, each square evokes elegance and finish, making them perfect for weddings, formal awards ceremonies, and other special occasions. The colors range from pure white to gorgeous fuchsia to ultramarine and black. Add a note of urbane yet colorful taste to your ensemble or dress up a party of groomsmen for a special day.


10. Hisdern 6-Piece Woven Pocket Square Set


HISDERN 6 Piece Assorted Woven Men's Pocket Square Handkerchief Wedding Gift


Woven from durable, soft microfiber, these men’s dressy pocket squares are as beautiful to handle as they are to look at. With a number of different pattern and color combinations from which to choose, these affordable sets are perfect for any occasion. Regal paisley with touches of vivid orange and blue, a houndstooth reminiscent of venerable tweeds, or a casually sophisticated navy field sprinkled with crisp white polka dots offer a variety of wardrobe options. Each square is handmade, with quality stitching to ensure durability and attractiveness.

Handkerchiefs and pocket squares add a note of distinction to a gentleman’s attire. While the custom harkens back to the days when they were functional aspects of dress, today they are still marks of a sophisticated man. The best men’s pocket squares can be paired with formal and casual attire with ease.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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