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10 Best Men’s No-Show Socks

If you’re a fan of the no-sock look, but not the no-sock smell, no-show socks could be the solution to your fashion dilemma. Many shoes like loafers or boat shoes, just don’t look right with chunky socks riding up past your ankles. Finding an ultra-low no-show sock will give the impression that you’re not wearing any socks at all. Traditional socks can get wet and stinky while running or working out at the gym. No-show socks have extra benefits there as well. Not only will the right socks help prevent odors, but they also provide extra cushioning on the heel, support for the arches, and protection against blisters. Below are 10 of the best no-show socks for men.

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1. M&Z Low-Cut No-Show Socks


M&Z Low Cut No Show Socks Upgraded 6 Pairs Mens Casual Invisible Air Fresh Cotton Sock Size M:8~11 best men's no-show socks


Receive great value for your money with the M&Z low-cut no-show socks. Your package will include five or six socks of your choosing. Socks are made of 85 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester, and five percent spandex for comfort and breathability. Unique fabric blend allows the sock to wick away moisture, while three silicone rubbers at the heel keep the sock from falling down. The top-of-the-foot ventilation makes these socks perfect for a casual or sports shoe but may still show on extremely low shoes like penny loafers.


2. Saucony Men’s Multi-pack Cushioned No-Show Socks

Saucony Men's Multi-Pack Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance No-Show Socks, Black Basic (6 Pair), Shoe Size: 8-12 best men's no-show socks

Saucony Performance No-Show Socks optimize quality construction. Made from 98 percent polyester and two percent spandex, these no-show socks are designed for serious athletes. The RunDry Moisture Management system is designed to wick moisture away to keep your feet dry while the Airmesh Venting Technology maximizes airflow to keep your feet cool. For added comfort, the cushioned soles protect heels from impact, and the arch support provides targeted compression. Whether you’re going to the gym or running track, these socks can keep you feeling fresh and sure-footed.


3. Wander No-Show Cotton Socks


No Show Socks Mens 7 Pairs Cotton Thin Non Slip Low Cut Mens Invisible Casual Socks (7black, Size 10-12) best men's no-show socks

These super low socks come in a value pack of seven, making them a great bargain for the price. Made from 85 percent cotton, 12 percent polyester, and three percent spandex, these socks are breathable and pliable. The 400-needle knitting creates strength and elasticity for a high-performance athletic sock. The front mesh helps control odor and the non-slip silicone strips on the heel keep the sock from bunching under the heel.


4. Sperry Men’s Solid Canoe Liner


Sperry Top-Sider Men's Solid Canoe 3 Pair Pack Liner Socks, Bone, 10-13/Shoe Size 6-12 best men's no-show socks


Designed specifically for boat shoes, Sperry men’s thin no-show socks are truly “invisible” and keep your shoes smelling fresh. Each pair in the three-pair pack is made from 58 percent cotton, 21 percent nylon, 19 percent polyester, and two percent spandex, the perfect blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The smooth toe seam prevents toe irritation and the non-slip heel prevents slippage on the boat or dry land. The anti-microbial treatment will have you feeling fresh and confident, even when it is time to kick off those shoes and relax.


5. SIXDAYSOX Men’s 8 Pairs No Show


SIXDAYSOX Men's No Show Socks Cotton Non Slip Low Cut Ankle Invisible Socks Mesh Knit Shoe Size 6-11 Sock Size 10-13 Pack of 8 White best men's no-show socks


This inexpensive eight-pair value pack is perfect for the budget-conscious consumer. The high-quality material is made from 75 percent cotton and 25 percent lycra. This no-show style is low enough to be invisible in most sneakers and some low-cut shoes. The anti-slip silicone in the heel keeps the sock from sliding down during the repetitive motion of walking or running. The mesh top adds to the moisture-wicking qualities of the socks to make these socks extremely breathable and quick to dry.

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6. Jormatt Genuine Men’s No-Show Socks


Jormatt 6 Pairs Mens Women Genuine No Show Socks Boys Sneaker Shoes Mesh Knit Low Cut Athletic Cotton Socks Non Slip,Men Shoes size 10-14 best men's no-show socks


Jormatt Genuine Men’s No-Show Socks will work perfectly in those low-cut loafers. These socks are made from a durable blend of 80 percent combed cotton, 17 percent polyester, and three percent spandex. With eight pairs per pack, this is an affordable loafer sock solution. These socks are comfortable, breathable, and dependable, with a no-slip heel that will keep the sock in place.


7. Sperry Men’s Skimmers Feed Stripe Liner Socks Three-Pack


Sperry Top-Sider Men's Skimmers Feed Stripe 3 Pair Pack Liner Socks, Black/Charcoal Heather, 10-13 (Shoe Size 6-12) best men's no-show socks


If you’re looking for ultra-low liner socks, look no further than Sperry men’s loafer socks. Made from 83 percent cotton, 14 percent polyester, 2 percent rubber, and 1percent spandex, these durable socks will go unnoticed in boat shoes or loafers while keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Despite the incredibly low height of .7 inches, these socks stay in place thanks to the silicone gripping heels.


8. Wernies Low Cut Ankle Sock

No Show Socks Men Socks Low Cut Ankle Men Sock, 8 pairs Casual Cotton Non-Slip Athletic Loafers Invisible Sock, Size 6-10 best men's no-show socks


Wernies Low Cut Ankle Socks feel like a regular sock with the convenience of a low cut. The mesh knitting technology keeps the socks light and breathable while the double reinforced toe guards against holes. The anti-slip strip keeps the heel from falling down and the ergonomically designed cuff will feel like a custom fit. Wernies Low Cut Ankle Socks will protect you from blisters while giving the appearance of wearing no socks at all.


9. STICKONSOX Men’s No-Show Socks

8 Pairs Mens No Show Socks Men Low Cut Non-slip Invisible Casual Loafer Boat Line Comfy Cotton Socks best men's no-show socks

For an inexpensive eight-pack of no-slip no-show socks, check out the offer by STICKONSOX. These socks are made from 80 percent cotton, 15 percent polyester, and 5 percent lycra for stretch and breathability. Mesh knitting provides ventilation during exercise or daily routines while the silicone heel insert prevents the sock from falling down.


10. Sakya No-Show Low-Cut Socks for Men


Sakya No Show Low Cut Socks Mens Cotton Loafer Socks Flat Boat Liner Non-Slip best men's no-show socks


Sakya No-Show Low-Cut Socks are designed with the young energetic man in mind. The ultra-low-cut liners are made to go unnoticed in loafers, boat shoes, and other low-cut shoes. High-density long-staple cotton enables effective moisture wicking and heat dissipation to keep feet dry and cool. The extra-wide silicone gripper, the Y heel construction, and elastic topline keep the sock in place for comfort and security.

Looking your best helps build the confidence you need to feel your best. No-show socks can take your footwear style to the next level while providing numerous benefits for your feet. Whether it’s boat shoes or running shoes, leisure to athletics, no-show socks provide the comfort and reliability that you need.

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By BCR Staff

October 2019