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10 Best Men’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you spend long hours in front of a screen, it might be time to look into the best men’s blue light blocking glasses. Manufactured with special filters that prevent blue-colored light — the kind that comes from computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones — from reaching your eyes. Since this type of light can irritate and stress your eyes, especially in the dark, blue-light glasses can be a big help. Whether you’re deep in a project at work or watching TV in bed at night, they make it easier to reduce stress and dryness. This technology has come a long way in recent years, which means that you have plenty of styles to choose from.

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1. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses Square Nerd Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses best blue light blocking glasses for men

Part hipster, part professional, these TIJN blue light blocking glasses are a fun option if you work in an office with a trendy vibe. With their transparent frames, these glasses suit a man with a distinctly contemporary sense of style. The durable material is lightweight and durable, ensuring all-day wear and a long lifetime. We love the lenses, which are designed to provide high transmittance and ensure that you can see your screen in perfect clarity. Use these glasses when you’re operating computers, tablets, cell phones, or even your TV.


2. ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Men - Computer Gaming Glasses,Anti Eyestrain,Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light... best men's blue light blocking glasses

If you spend a great deal of time behind your desktop, these ANYLUV glasses are a must-have. These blue light blocking glasses with case are engineered with special lenses that block UV light; the kind that comes out of your digital devices. In fact, they can shield your eyes from 90 percent of the most harmful rays, and 45 percent of the overall blue light spectrum. Plus, since they feature low color-distortion technology, these glasses don’t affect your viewing experience. The sleek metal frame looks cool and sophisticated, and the classic shape suits a range of faces.


3. PROSPEK Computer Glasses

PROSPEK - Computer Glasses - Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Professional (+0.00 (No Magnification) | Regular Size, Red and Black) best men's blue light blocking glasses

For the man with a classic sense of style, these PROSPEK computer glasses are an excellent fit. The beauty of this pair is in the shape; the narrow, rectangular frames give a contemporary update to a traditional design. We love the colorful interior, which adds a subtle hint of personality that’s right at home on the weekend or in a professional setting. Need help seeing the fine print? You can also get these blue light blocking glasses with magnification to help make the text clearer.

4. Swannies Premium Classic Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with Orange Lens for Night Use - UV Protection Anti Eye Strain Tired Eye Relief (Black) Regular best men's blue-light-blocking glasses

Do you spend long hours in front of a video game or your office computer? Try wearing these Swannies Premium Classic glasses, which are engineered with CR-39 tinted lenses that help block the blue light that’s emitted from your screen. How? Using an orange tint, which is designed to block more blue light than clear lenses. For serious screen-users, these glasses are a great way to improve everything from dry eyes to poor sleep. This company is registered with the FDA, and offers a money-back guarantee to increase buyer confidence.


5. GAMMA RAY OPTICS Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Anti Glare 0.00 Power best men's blue light blocking glasses

Build up your collection of office apparel with these GAMMA RAY OPTICS computer glasses. They’re designed with slightly tinted lenses that are engineered to block harmful rays from screens and fluorescent lights. In fact, they have UV400-level protection. We love the TR90 nylon frame, which is lightweight and flexible to keep you comfortable and headache-free. The slightly rounded frames taper to points on the left and right temples for a shape that looks great on every face.

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6. Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses,UV400 Transparent Lens,Phone Computer Reading Glasses,Anti Eyestrain/Anti Ray,Sleep Better for Women/Men - 0.0 Magnification best men's blue light blocking glasses

Designed with a retro-inspired style these Livhò blue light blocking glasses are equal parts sophisticated and fun. It’s all about the half-frames, which feature a thicker black plastic rim along the top edge. The bottom of each lens is bounded by a slim strip of metal for stability and an ultra-subtle hint of shine. If you spend a lot of time in front of screens, you’ll love the protection from dangerous UV rays, as well as the low color distortion. With their polycarbonate lenses and an anti-glare coating, these glasses are tough and lightweight.


7. WealthyShades Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Engineered to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light and Designed to Look Great - Reduce Your eyestrain, Headaches and get Back a Good Night's Sleep best men's blue light blocking glasses

Update your wardrobe with these blue light blocking glasses from WealthyShades. The large square frames are suitable for a wide variety of face shapes, and the contrasting temples keep this style up to date. Select from a variety of colors to suit your personal preferences and skin tone. Made with lenses that block up to 98 percent of blue light, these glasses are an easy way to protect your eyes from the glare of a screen.


8. Clear Ant Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses Square/Half Frame Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray for Computer Game Eyewear best blue-light-blocking glasses for men

Change up your style in an instant with this set of two glasses from Clear Ant. One pair features a full-frame design and rounded-square lenses; the other is designed with a half-frame and a thin metal border around the lenses for a vintage-inspired look. Both pairs come equipped with blue light blocking lenses that are designed to help reduce damage to the retinas.


9. LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses,Computer Reading Glasses with UV400 Clear Lens,Anti Eyestrain for Women/Men(No Magnification) best men's blue-light-blocking glasses

Made with a rounded shape and slim-line frames, these blue light blocking glasses from LifeArt flatter a wide range of face shapes. They come in a classic tortoiseshell pattern that’s office-appropriate yet fun enough for the weekend. Most importantly, they’re built with lenses that keep 39 percent of blue light away from your eyes. That way, you can eliminate eye fatigue and feel better after a long work session.


10. MARE AZZURO Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men Black Rectangle Eyewear Men's Fashion Optical Frame best blue-light-blocking glasses for men

Built with thick, substantial frames, these MARE AZZURO blue light blocking glasses make a strong, masculine statement. The lenses are clear, so they look just like any other pair of glasses. The frames are made from acrylic, which feels light and comfortable on your head and reduces irritation and headaches as you work.

If you’ve ever felt the painful effects of too many hours in front of a screen, blue light glasses can ease your discomfort. By finding the best men’s blue light blocking glasses that work effectively and look great with your everyday wardrobe, you can work hard without pain.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019