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Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens


Kids love playing outside in the snow. If you’re from a relatively cold climate, you probably understand what a fun experience it is for children to go outside after a fresh storm and make snowballs, build a snowman, or go sledding. This article will cover the top 10 choices for kids mittens and gloves. In order to do these activities without coming home freezing and soaking wet, you need adequate outdoor winter clothing. One of the essential items to have when dressing your child to play outside are winter gloves. Kids are curious and love to touch the snow, so gloves are necessary for making sure they don’t develop frostbite or hypothermia.

Because gloves are so crucial to winter wear, you might as well invest in a decent brand and get a pair that will last you a few seasons or more. In addition, when searching for a new pair of winter gloves for your child, try to find a color or pattern that they’ll love. When kids are excited about the way their winter gear looks, you’ll likely have a much easier time getting them to wear it. If you’ve been searching for a high-quality pair of winter gloves for your child, keep reading to see our top ten picks.

1. Cold Weather Waterproof Gloves – by N’Ice Caps

These cold-weather gloves by N’Ice Caps come in ten different exciting patterns kids will love, and will be sure to keep their little hands warm and dry for the entire day. The gloves employ high-quality 3M Thinsulate insulation in the inner lining, which traps heat inside the glove and wicks away any sweat or moisture. A rubber anti-slip palm patch allows kids better dexterity and grip when playing outside, and an extended knitted cuff ensures no snow can get inside. Elastic over the wrist and an adjustable strap keep the gloves secured tightly to your child’s wrist and keep any heat trapped inside. These gloves are perfect for any outdoor activity, such as hiking, hockey, cycling, or even building a snowman.

N'Ice Caps Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

2. Kids Waterproof Stay-On Mitten – by SnowStoppers

These extra-warm mittens by SnowStoppers include a patented extra-long cuff that can be tucked into the sleeve of your child’s jacket, ensuring there are no gaps between the sleeve and the glove where snow could get in. SnowStoppers use 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your child’s hands warm and dry, adding substantial warmth without compromising on movement. A completely waterproof outer shell resists snow and water, and a sturdy grip palm allows your child to have an easy time holding ski poles, bike handles, or a sled in wet weather. The company recommends hand-washing in warm water and laying flat to dry. The gloves come in sizes small to extra large and are available in twelve colors that will excite any child.

SnowStoppers Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

3. Kids Scroll Print Waterproof Gloves – by N’Ice Caps

These fashionable gloves by N’Ice Caps come in eleven different funky colors and patterns and are available for kids ages three to fourteen. They’re made with industry-trusted 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep kids’ hands warm and dry, as well as wicking away sweat and moisture from inside the gloves. A thick knitted cuff extends two and a half inches from the end of the glove to be tucked into your child’s jacket, to ensure there are no gaps where heat could escape. The gloves are designed with elastic to fit the wrist area, as well as an adjustable strap that keeps gloves tightly secured to the skin. Also, keeper clips on the sides of the gloves keep them together when they aren’t in use, so they can be easily found the next time your child wants to play in the snow.

N'Ice Caps 2 Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

4. Assorted 4-Pair Character Gloves Set – by Nickelodeon

This set of children’s gloves by Nickelodeon is perfect for the little boy or girl who can’t get enough of their favorite TV show characters. Having Paw Patrol on their gloves will make them want to venture outside into the snow, and they’ll be well protected with the gloves’ high-quality acrylic knit. The gloves come in multiple sizes and are very stretchy to fit the hand of any child, featuring a tightly knit cuff that sits snugly on the wrist. While these gloves aren’t waterproof, there are four pairs in the set, so you’ll always have a dry pair when you need them most. The gloves can also be mixed and matched depending on the mood of your child, so they always have their favorite characters with them.

Nickelodeon Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

5. Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Hat and 2-Pairs Mittens – by Disney

Perfect for the little girl obsessed with Minnie Mouse, this set by Disney will keep her warm throughout the winter with a matching hat and a pair of mittens. The collection is available in three different colors to suit any preference, and sizes are available for girls ages two to seven. Both the hat and gloves are made from a durable, soft acrylic knit and the hat features a soft micro-fleece interior to keep your child’s ears and head toasty. The mittens also feature rubber patches to prevent slipping and allow your child to securely grip a sled or ski poles. Your child will be running to put on their snow gear with Minnie Mouse by her side! The company recommends washing the set in cold water with similar colors and laying flat to dry.

Disney Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

6. Children’s Warm Winter Gloves – by Turkoni

These open-finger gloves by Turkoni are perfect if you live in an area where you need gloves, but it doesn’t get frigid. These gloves transition from a mitten to a glove with an adjustable flap, perfect for when you’re doing fun outdoor activities but can’t compromise on dexterity. The gloves come in five different adorable colors and are suitable for children three to six years old. One thing to be mindful of with these gloves is that the mitten flap does not cover the thumb when extended, so the end of the thumb hole will always be open. While they aren’t exactly suitable for skiing or snowboarding, these gloves are great for things like bringing your child on hikes or for a walk in the snow.

Turkoni Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

7. Xtra Long Gauntlet Winter Waterproof Mittens – by Zelda Matilda

These mittens by Zelda Matilda come in eight colors your child will love and are specifically designed to keep your child’s hands warm and dry in even the harshest weather conditions. The mittens are made with high-quality 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep hands warm and wick away moisture and are lined with fleece to provide a soft feeling inside. An extra-long gauntlet can be tightened to fit close to the skin and prevent any snow or wind from getting inside the mittens. Keeper clips on the side of the gloves keep them together and prevent them from getting lost, and an adjustable elastic closure traps any heat inside the mittens to keep your child’s hands warm all day long.

Zelda Matilda Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

8. Montana Etip Gore-Tex Glove – by The North Face

The North Face has been one of the most trusted names in outdoor winter gear for decades, and their youth Montana Etip gloves are no exception. While they are some of the more expensive on the list, their quality will ensure they last your child many winter seasons. Specially-designed etip function allows kids to use touchscreen devices without having to take the gloves off, meaning they can stay warm while making a phone call or answering a text. The North Face’s five-dimensional fit ensures a perfect fit for any child, and the gloves are available in sizes small through extra-large. They also come in six different unique colors and patterns sure to excite any child, making them happy to wear their winter gear.

The North Face Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

9. Magic Stretch Gloves (8 Pairs) – by ILNCLUY

These gloves by ILNCLUY are perfect for moderately cold temperatures, where you may not be skiing or snowboarding but still need to wear gloves. The gloves have a magic stretch design to fit any size child’s hand and come in two sizes for kids two to six years old as well as kids seven to sixteen years old. They’re made from a blend of cotton, acrylic, and spandex to keep kids’ hands warm, and they feature a non-slip rubber palm detail that allows kids to grip bike handles or sleds comfortably. The gloves come in unisex colors to suit any child and come in a set of eight pairs, so you’ll always have a dry pair when you need them.

ILNCLUY Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens

10. Waterproof Gloves for Snow – by BAVST

These extra-long mittens by BAVST are sure to keep your child’s hands dry and warm all day, and they come in thirteen patterns that will make sure they’re excited to wear them. The outer shell of the mittens is made from a water-resistant TPU that protects against snow and ice, and a long windproof cuff ensures that there are no gaps between your child’s jacket and gloves. The palms feature a patch of anti-slip PU leather, so your child will have an easy time holding onto their other equipment like ski poles or hockey sticks. An adjustable velcro band makes it easy to put on and secure the gloves and makes sure toddlers can’t take them off on their own.

BAVST Top 10 Best Kids Winter Gloves & Mittens


By BCR Staff

February 2020