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Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of the best 10 kid’s ski gloves on the market.

Let’s face it: kids hate winter gear. Getting your children into their protective winter clothing can sometimes be the most challenging part of your skiing or snowboarding trip. Winter clothing like jackets, snow pants, boots, and gloves are necessary to prevent issues like frostbite or hypothermia while outside in subzero temperatures. In frigid climates, frostbite can happen within minutes if your child’s skin is exposed to the air.

While this protective gear is utterly essential to enjoying a day on the slopes, it can be incredibly annoying to get your children to enjoy wearing it. This is why it’s important to have winter gear for your children that they appreciate putting on. Often, this can be done through finding items that are comfortable or have whimsical patterns.

The following list is comprised of ten pairs of children’s winter ski gloves that are perfect for the child who usually hates putting on their protective gear. These gloves are incredibly comfortable, waterproof, and have exciting colors and patterns that should prevent your child from wanting to take them off. If you’re frustrated with fighting with your child over putting on their snow gear, or you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of children’s gloves, keep reading to see our top 10 picks.

1. Kids Winter Ski Gloves – by Lapulas

These flexible ski gloves by Lapulas use an enhanced finger design and soft PU materials to give the best possible grip. The fingers of the gloves perform 3D bending depending on the shape of your child’s finger and come in six different size options to ensure your he or she has the perfect fit. A TPU insert gives the gloves a fully windproof and waterproof quality, allowing your child to stay warm and dry no matter how harsh the conditions are. While the gloves are designed for skiing and snowboarding, they can also be used for other outdoor winter activities like hiking, cycling, fishing, or sledding. They also come in five different patterns that any child will love, making them excited to put on their gloves and face the day.

Lapulas Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

2. Ski and Snowboard Mittens With Long Cuff Design – by OutdoorMaster

These mittens by OutdoorMaster feature an extended cuff design that’s perfect for kids, as it hugs tightly to the arm and doesn’t let any snow or wind into the sleeve. The inner fleece lining is incredibly soft and built for kids to be comfortable and have fun, with a strap adjustment over the wrist to keep the heat locked inside. The mittens come in three whimsical patterns kids are sure to enjoy, and they are available in sizes XXS-XS for kids aged three to ten. Reinforced rubber palms ensure that kids have a firm grip on whatever they’re doing, whether it’s learning to use a ski pole or making a snowball.

OutdoorMaster Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

3. Winter Waterproof Snow Gloves – by Acokac

These gloves, which come in blue and pink, are made by Acokac and have been tested to resist cold temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees. High-quality cotton coral fleece insulation ensures that your child will stay warm against the elements, and a knitted cuff can be tucked underneath their jacket to keep out any snow or wind. The outside layer of the gloves is entirely waterproof yet extremely breathable, keeping your child’s hands warm and dry while wicking away any inside moisture. Anti-skid PU material coats the entire palm to allow the best possible grip and a simple adjusting buckle prevents the gloves from falling off into the snow or water.

Acokac Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

4. Snow & Ski Waterproof Gloves – by Tough Outdoors

These gloves by Tough Outdoors are specifically designed to keep your kids’ hands warm and dry for the entire day, no matter what cold-weather activities you might be doing. The gloves are insulated with warm cotton and feature an outer layer that is completely waterproof, perfect for staying dry even when playing in the wet snow. Also, an adjustable wrist strap and elastic wrist cuff sit snugly against your child’s wrist, so no snow or wind can penetrate their sleeve. The gloves come in three universally flattering colors to fit any style and are available in sizes extra small to extra large for kids aged three to twelve.

Tough Outdoors Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

5. Kids Thinsulate Winter Outdoor Gloves – by Livingston

These children’s gloves by Livingston come in eleven different colors and patterns to suit the style of any child and will keep little hands warm all day no matter the weather. The palms feature an anti-skid patch that allows your child to have a secure grip on whatever they’re doing, and a water-resistant outer layer ensures their hands will stay dry. Keeper clips on the side of the gloves will keep them together when your child isn’t using them, making them easy to find the next time they want to play. A strong wrist buckle and a windproof cuff allow the glove to be tightly secured and tucked into your child’s sleeve, keeping any rogue wind or snow from entering the gloves.

Livingston Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

6. Winter Waterproof Snow Gloves – by Yobenki

These brightly-colored gloves by Yobenki are available in both kids and adult sizes, so you have the opportunity to match with your child during your outdoor winter expeditions. The gloves are an absolute essential for skiing or snowboarding, with a liner made from soft thick fleece and an outer layer made of high-density water-resistant fabric. The gloves have been tested to resist temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees thanks to high-quality cotton insulation and adjustable wrist cuffs to keep any snow or wind out. An extra-long knitted cuff can also be tucked into your child’s jacket to ensure there are no gaps between their coat and gloves, letting them enjoy their day in the snow comfortably.

Yobenki Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

7. Girls Waterproof Fashion Winter Gloves – by N’Ice Caps

These fashionable gloves by N’Ice Caps are insulated with high-quality 3M Thinsulate to keep your child’s hands warm and dry all day long. The gloves come in six different cute patterns that any little girl will love, meaning they’ll be happy to put on their gloves when it’s time to go outside. There’s also a knitted cuff which extends two and a half inches beyond the end of the glove, so it can be tucked into your child’s jacket to prevent any gaps from forming and letting snow into their sleeve. The gloves also feature an elastic wrist and easy-to-adjust closure strap, meaning the gloves are easy to put on and tighten to trap heat inside.

N’Ice Caps Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

8. Water-Resistant Kids Ski Mittens – by Terra Hiker

These insulated mittens by Terra Hiker come in both black and blue and are designed to keep your child’s hands warm during activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and hiking. They feature a high-tech 320D polyester Taslan fabric that’s exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear, with a hydrophobic effect that keeps your child’s hands completely dry. The palms employ an anti-slip gripping fabric that gives the best possible grip on a ski pole or sled handle. Enclosing the four fingers together while keeping the thumb separate provides ample space for finger movement and keeps your child’s hands warmer. An extended windproof cuff can be tucked into the sleeve of their jacket to prevent any of the elements from destroying their fun in the snow.

Terra Hiker Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

9. Winter Insulated Ski Gloves – by OZERO

These winter gloves by OZERO employ a high-quality 3M Thinsulate insulation system not only to keep your child’s hands dry but also wick away any sweat or moisture from inside the glove. A waterproof TPU membrane sits between the inner and outer layers of the gloves, ensuring that no water or snow can penetrate the lining. An anti-skid PU patch on the palm of the gloves allows children to comfortably grip a ski pole, hockey stick, or any other winter sporting equipment. An elastic knit cuff extends beyond the end of the glove to be tucked into your child’s jacket, and an adjustable wrist strap traps warmth inside the glove.

OZERO Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves

10. Two-Tone Geometric Insulated Ski Gloves – by Andorra

These insulated ski gloves by Andorra come in eight different exciting colors and use 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to ensure your children’s hands stay warm and dry. Soft-coated gentle fabrics line the outside of the gloves to allow for comfortable goggle or nose-wiping, and elastic under the wrist ensures the gloves won’t come off, even with rapid movement. A non-slip grip material covers the palm of the gloves to allow your child to grip whatever support or sporting equipment they need comfortably. Stitching is reinforced in areas where children frequently rip gloves to ensure that this pair will last for many seasons.

Andorra Top 10 Best Kids Ski Gloves


By BCR Staff

February 2020