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Top 10 Women’s Polarized Sunglasses

The perfect pair of sunglasses can put a spring in your step and make you want to spend hours having fun outside. Whether you spend your days lounging on a beach, sitting in a hammock or doing some extreme sports, you need a good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes. While some manufacturers put style above function or function above style, you’ll find that the top 10 pairs for 2015 combine great function with great style.

1.Gamma Ray Cheaters Polarized UV400 Vintage Flat Matte Sunglasses

The vintage look is hot right now, and celebrities from around the world spend thousands of dollars on a single pair of vintage sunglasses. As those glasses often lack the protection that you need, you might find yourself drawn to this pair. The dark color of the glasses with the metallic accents on the ear pieces might remind you of the sunglasses that Marilyn Monroe herself wore, but these glasses offer ample protection from the sun’s rays.

2. Ray-Ban Women’s 4068 Oversized Wrap Sunglasses

Some sunglasses are so small that you might find light entering over the top or through the bottom, but you won’t have that problem with this pair. The larger oversized design ensures that you block out the sun and that those rays won’t ever interfere with your vision. The plastic frames can withstand everything you do while out and about in the sun, and the glasses feature a fun and classic Ray-Ban print on all parts of the sunglasses.

3. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminum Polarized Square Sunglasses

SunglassesIf you love the look of the classics, you’ll love the look of these sunglasses. You might even picture James Dean or other classic Hollywood stars wearing a pair. Featuring a metal frame, the sunglasses have synthetic lenses with a protective coating added that blocks out 100% of the sun’s rays. The glasses also feature thinner lenses that won’t weigh you down, and those lenses have a square shape that flatters most faces, making it easy for you to look your best.

4. Coleman Women’s 6020 Polarized Sunglasses

SunglassesWith these Coleman sunglasses perched on your face, you might feel like you’re in the midst of escaping a group of paparazzi. Similar to the same glasses you see on the faces of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, these sunglasses have a classic style that looks like the pairs once worn by Jackie O. The glasses have UV coating on the lenses and an oversized design, but the thinner shape of the ear pieces won’t weigh you down.

5. Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses

SunglassesProtect your eyes and look stylish on the beach, in a boat and anywhere else you go with these sunglasses from Flying Fisherman. Designed for women who need polarized lenses, but want something a little more stylish, this pair features a classic design with protective features. Padded grips on the nose keep the glasses from sliding down and/or rubbing against your face, and the smokey glass lenses let you keep a clear sight on everything in front of you. The lenses are also resistant to scratching and impacts.

6. LianSan Oversized Women’s Polarized Sunglasses

SunglassesWith composite lenses and a plastic frame, this pair of LianSan polarized sunglasses will last all summer long and beyond. Molded plastic ear pieces slip comfortably over your ears and keep the glasses from slipping and sliding, and the polarized lenses block the harmful rays of the sun. Available in several colors, you might even want to get a different pair for every day of the week or a pair to match all of your favorite seasonal outfits.

7. Bolle Copperhead Sunglasses

SunglassesWomen who love sports will love these Bolle Copperhead Sunglasses. Though not specifically designed for athletes, the wraparound design of the glasses might remind you of those worn by professional athletes around the world. That great design helps the glasses stay in place whether you’re running around town or the field. Made from a lightweight type of nylon, the glasses come with tips and pads that protect your nose and armor shell on the lenses to reduce the risk of scratches and other damage.

8. Suncloud Cookie Polarized Sunglasses

SunglassesHit the beach or the streets in a pair of sunglasses that would do any woman proud with this pair from Suncloud. Polycarbonate lenses are strong enough to withstand scratching and have a UV coating and polarized design to reduce the damage that the sun can do to your eyes. The larger frames are perfect for those days when you want to block out the sun and escape to your thoughts. Suncloud gives you a carrying case and cleaning cloth too.

9. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

SunglassesRay-Ban made a name for itself with its iconic Wayfarer sunglasses, which were popular with hundreds of celebrities from the 1950s through the present day, and the company hopes to make history again with a new Wayfarer. Offering a twist on the classic design, these sunglasses have crystal clear polarized lenses that offer sun protection but still give you perfect vision, a lightweight design and the Ray-Ban logo on the sides.

10. RIVBOS 801 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

SunglassesIf extreme sports are your game, these sunglasses are perfect for you. Specifically designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, the glasses come with five different lenses. One set features a polarized design for use in bright conditions, and the others offer protection against other environmental hazards. With a shatterproof frame, these sunglasses let you spend hours in the water, on the field or even at an amusement park without you worrying about breakage.

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