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Top 10 Flat Top Sunglasses

Both men and women are enthusiastic about their search for the top ten best flat top sunglasses. The flat top style gets its name from its hard-straight line at the brow. Early aviators chose to use the straight frame to limit the sun coming over the top of sunglass lenses. Filmmakers noticed the angular effect that accented facial features and hid defects. The glasses projected a sense of intimidation in men and confidence in women. Cinema-goers quickly adopted the trend, seeking to project the same characteristics with the flat top fashion. Today, the flat top is considered a retrofit, but the effect is the same as It has always been—an attractive addition to the face that makes a statement about the person wearing them.

1. Women’s Fashion Flat Top Super Future Sunglasses

These retro vintage shades from Leico Fashion compete with more expensive brands to provide that bold look that the modern woman demands. Purchasing these low-cost, flat top sunglasses gives you a non-polarized lens housed in lightweight plastic. The sunglasses come in a draw-string pouch to keep them clean when not in use. The lenses offer a fashionable gradient look that hides the eyes for that mystical and sultry appeal that all women want.Leico Fashion Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

2. Retro Celebrity Style Flat Top Keyhole Aviator Sunglasses

Find and maintain that awe-inspiring retro look with these affordable flat top sunglasses. The lenses are non-polarized but coated with a material that blocks out UV rays. The gradient lenses present a dark gray mysticism reminiscent of those traditional aviator shades that dominated films and fashion in a by-gone era. The flat top styling accents the “V” structure of the keyhole nose bridge focusing attention on the lower lens curves. The frames are polycarbonate and come in black and tortoiseshell colors.dc-store Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

3. Flat Top Fashion Funnies from AOOFFIV

AOOFFIV grabbed the market when hey developed these square oversized sunglasses. The fashionable sunglasses come with composite lenses that block UC light and are scratch resistant. AOOFFIV includes two sunglasses per pack with different color gradient lenses to match whatever activity you embrace during the day. The frames surround the lenses with a thick black outline accenting the mood projected by your selection of color. The anti-glare nature and fashionable presence of these glasses makes them a viable choice during any daytime or nighttime activity.AOOFFIV Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

4. Mobster Flat Top Oversized Retro Sunglasses

Hide your eyes and brow features behind these vast dark lenses for that “mobster” look reminiscent of the 1950s noir crime films. The oversized lenses cover every feature of your eyes and socket, presenting a bold and uncompromising front that says, “You can’t touch this!” The heavy dark frames add to the impression of individual worth. These sunglasses are scratch-resistant and are coated with clear material to block out any eye-damaging UV light. Both the gradient lenses and the frames consist of lightweight polycarbonate.SA106 Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

5. Women’s Oversized Flat Top Sunglasses from GQUEEN

GQUEEN designed these cheap flat top sunglasses for the free-spirited woman. While the lens is non-polarized, it is coated with a clear material that blocks harmful UV light from damaging your eyes during lengthy outdoor trips. The mirrored gradient lenses add that bit of fashion that reinforces the mystery of the confident woman. Composite frames guarantee a durable product that you can enjoy for years to come. The package includes an eco-friendly microfiber bag and a microfiber cleaning cloth.GQUEEN Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

6. Oversized Flat Top Sunglasses from MEETSUN

MEETSUN takes a different angle in its approach to the flat top sunglasses design—literally. These glasses offer the largest lenses on the market in different gradient shades as well as frames of different colors. You can mix and match your colors and shades to match your personality. Though the lenses are non-polarized, they are coated with UV light killers to protect your eyes during long outdoor trips in the sunshine. The large, bold, and intriguing frames bring a smile to everyone who passes.MEETSUN Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

7. Jim Halo Flat Top Polarized Sunglasses

Jim Halo targets drivers with these flat top sunglasses. The lenses are one of the few oversized flat top sunglasses that are fully polarized to eliminate glare from buildings, water surfaces, roads, and other vehicles. The polarization property also allows true colors to come through to enhance contrast and bring a greater perspective. These glasses completely deaden UV light, making long-distance driving a safer chore. The frames and lenses consist of a composite material that is environmental and skin-friendly to encourage extending wearing time. JIM HALO Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

8. Oversized Rimless Flat Top Sunglasses

Jim Halo took a divergent path with these oversized flat top sunglasses. The defining features of these sunglasses are their size and the aggressive straight line of the flat top design. The vast gradient lenses are left undefined by a frame so that they appear to come out of nowhere. To achieve that look, Jim Halo uses a steel reinforced framework woven through the lens for support with a connection behind each ear. The lenses are non-polarized but effectively block all UV light. JIM HALO 2 Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

9. Flat Top Polarized Sunglasses from WearMe Pro

WearMe Pro chose to enter the men’s eyewear market with these flat top sunglasses. The lenses are fully polarized to reduce glare and provide excellent UV protection. Unlike the market norm, these lenses are a shiny black—there is no gradient aspect to these sunglasses. The aggressive flat top look is augmented by the sharp rectangular lenses to accent the natural curves of the male face. While the lenses consist of polycarbonate material, the frames are of metal for added durability.Wear Me Pro Top Ten Best Flat Top Sunglasses

10. Oversized Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses from DONNA

These sunglasses from DONNA are all about angles. When they said square sunglasses, they meant these. The flat top of the frame is accented by the sharp corners that surround the lenses. Even the nose bridge is an uncompromising “V.” Though the lenses are non-polarized, they are UV light and scratch resistant. The single shade of the lens lends itself to the overall bold appeal that looks to the future with undaunted purpose. DONNA Top Ten Best Flat Top SunglassesThe sunglasses market is growing each year. Fashion and purpose blend to create a growing number of designs. Even within a category of sunglasses such as the flat top, there are a plethora of designs and functions that target different parts of the market. Only you know what you want in a sunglass design. Hopefully, this list of the best flat top sunglasses will aid you in your choice.Related:

By BCR Staff
June 2019