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Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

The following list comprises the top 10 CBD isolate powders, perfect for when you’re looking for potential relief but don’t need the benefits of other terpenes or the entourage effect. CBD isolate powders are a very unique and versatile product, and they’re relatively hot on the CBD market. Nothing quite matches up to the concentration and potency of CBD isolates, as they’re usually the most highly concentrated hemp products available to the average consumer.

Using a CBD isolate powder allows you to deliver high concentrations of CBD to the body to maximize its effects while maintaining its easily digestible and tolerable flavor. If you’ve been on the hunt for a potent CBD isolate powder, read on to see our top 10 picks from reputable retailers!

1. 99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Crystalline) from Hemp – by CBDistillery

CBDistillery has a mission to lead the #CBDMOVEMENT, a tag that has already gained over four hundred thousand tags across all social media platforms. They’re passionate about bringing their customers high-quality cannabis products, and their pure CBD isolate powder is no exception. This powder allows you to create your own customized CBD products based on your individual needs, and each container is full of pure 99% CBD.

The product comes in a variety of sizes anywhere from 1 gram to 14 grams to suit your needs, and the company uses a proprietary extraction process that produces an entirely consistent result. CBDistillery recommends adding this powder to your favorite foods, beverages, lotions, or beauty products as desired for your needs, making sure to mix thoroughly until the powder is dissolved for the best results.

CBDistillery Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

2. Isolate Powder THC-Free – by CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman cares about what their customers think of their products, and they offer a full 45-day money-back guarantee in case they don’t work for you. Their THC-free isolate powder is the purest form of CBD the company makes, holding 1 gram of crystalline powder per container. The powder is derived from its high-quality CBD oil, which is sourced from sustainably-farmed hemp cultivated in the USA.

Their extraction method removes all cannabinoids besides CBD, meaning this product is great for you if you’re concerned about CBD showing up on a drug test. The company adds no other ingredients to this isolate product, ensuring you aren’t ingesting any unnecessary additives. The brand suggests adding the CBD isolate powder to your favorite food or drinks or placing it directly under the tongue as it’s flavorless.

CBD American Shaman Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

3. CBD Isolate – by TryTheCBD

TryTheCBD is a hemp company based in Colorado that promises its customers only the highest-quality CBD products derived from organic industrial-grade hemp. Every ½ gram of their crystallized CBD isolate contains 500mg of pure CBD and can be ordered in quantities of ½ gram, 1 gram, or 5 grams. The only ingredient in this product is pure CBD isolate, meaning you won’t be ingesting any unnecessary chemicals or additives.

TryTheCBD uses the CO2 extraction method to make of its CBD products, which is the costliest method to use as it yields the purest result. All of the company’s hemp is sustainably-farmed and non-GMO, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you’re investing in a company with sound environmental practices at heart. TryTheCBD suggests mixing the pure isolate powder into your favorite foods or tinctures, or you could mix it with vaporizer e-juices to use as a CBD vape.

TryTheCBD Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

4. CBD Isolate – by Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals aims to serve its customers by providing a natural and healthy way to improve their lives and general wellbeing using CBD. They also align themselves with other partners and non-profits who do the same, benefiting the community around them while selling their products. Their CBD isolate contains approximately 1,000mg of CBD for every 1g of product and can be purchased in quantities of 1, 5, 25, 100, or 250 grams.

The company uses CBD derived from high-quality oil sourced from hemp cultivated in the USA, including no synthetic ingredients throughout its production process. Their hemp is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and third-party lab tests ensure that all of their products are free of heavy metals and pesticides.

Bluebird Botanicals Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

5. CBD Isolate Powder – by Real Scientific Hemp Oil

This CBD isolate product by Real Scientific Hemp Oil is the highest concentration product they have available, containing 1000mg of pure, isolated CBD for every 1 gram of the product. The powder is entirely void of any taste or aroma, making it an ideal medium to mix into your favorite food, drinks, tincture, or vaporizer juice. The high concentration makes it great for those potentially seeking more substantial relief or those who just enjoy a higher dosage of CBD without tasting it.

The powder is derived from hemp that has no detectable levels of THC, and all of RSHO’s products are triple lab-tested to ensure they’re pure and void of any heavy metals or pesticides. All of RSHO’s products are derived from non-GMO hemp, and you can rest assured that your hemp products are coming from a reputable farm.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

6. THC-Free Pure CBD Isolate Powder – by Organica Naturals

Organica Naturals bases its business around science, using independent lab research to fuel the design and marketing of their products. This CBD isolate powder from Organica Naturals CBD makes it easy for you to create your own CBD edibles or topical products. The powder contains 99.77 percent pure isolated CBD and can be added to anything from a favored beverage to skin cream.

Every 1 gram of the powder contains 1000mg of pure CBD, and it can be quickly taken as a daily supplement on its own as it includes no flavor or scent. The high dosage of this product may be excellent for those who require more substantial relief from everyday aches and pains.

Organica Naturals Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

7. CBD Isolate – by Kat’s Botanicals

Kat’s Botanicals began as a mission to explore the world of alternative botanicals, eventually finding out the unfortunate truth that many of them don’t work. This truth set the company on a mission to create high-quality CBD products, and this isolate powder is one of many that they offer. Every gram of the product contains 1,000mg of pure CBD and is extracted using a CO2 method.

Kat’s Botanicals products are derived from hemp that is grown free from pesticides or heavy metals. The powder is incredibly easy to dose, making it perfect for adding to your favorite foods or morning coffee. The brand also suggests taking a small pinch of the powder and placing it directly under the tongue, allowing it to absorb for 60-90 seconds for an easy dosing method.

Kat’s Botanicals Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

8. Absolute Zero – by Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is more of a luxury cannabis brand, packaging their products in sleek colors and using creative names. The company was founded in 2016 after realizing the immense power that cannabidiol potentially held for healing, and their Absolute Zero isolate is their most pure product available. The product comes in quantities of 1, 3.5, 7, and 14 grams with every gram containing approximately 1,000mg of pure CBD.

This isolate is made from hemp that is grown and cultivated domestically in Colorado, containing no ingredients other than the extracted CBD. To inhale the product, the brand recommends adding the powder to a joint you’re rolling or mixing it into a vaporizer e-juice. Otherwise, the powder can be added to your favorite topical products for a CBD-infused skincare routine.

InfiniteCBD Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

9. Raw or Terpene-Infused CBD Isolate – by Lazarus Naturals

This CBD isolate by Lazarus Naturals is unique because it’s not only available raw, but also available with added terpenes in flavors like Hawaiian Citrus, Lemon-Lime, or Valencia Orange. The powder contains absolutely no THC and is made from non-GMO hemp grown domestically in the USA.

All of the company’s CBD products are third-party lab tested to ensure a lack of harmful chemicals like pesticides or heavy metals. This isolate is formulated in a vertically integrated processing facility and can be used in a variety of ways, although it is not water-soluble. The brand suggests instead mixing the isolate into any carrier oil, including an MCT coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil for easy digestion.

Lazarus Naturals Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

10. Pure CBD Crystals – by Endoca

Hemp farming is ingrained in the family history at Endoca, and founder Henry Vincteny took it into his own hands to build a company that supported the general wellbeing of its customers. Endoca’s CBD crystals are more than 99 percent pure and contain 500mg of pure, isolated CBD in every ½ gram.

The crystals are purified twice through a double CO2 extraction process, using state-of-the-art equipment to yield an incredibly pure result. Endoca recommends using the crystals for vaping, dabbing, or even mixing into your favorite foods and drinks for edible recipes. This product is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free, which is perfect if you’re especially conscious about the chemicals that go into your body.

Endoca Top 10 CBD Isolate Powders

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest CBD product available to consumers, and it breaks down the compound of cannabidiol to its most basic form. Instead of ingesting a typical CBD tincture that’s usually “full-spectrum”, CBD isolate neglects all of the other components of cannabis to isolate CBD on its own to maximize its effects. No other cannabinoids or terpenes are included in CBD isolate unless they’re added retroactively so that the compound can work independently.

CBD isolate is not synthetic or produced in a lab, as many people think. Instead, CBD isolate powder is just the purest form of CBD, and it’s manufactured using only the natural ingredients of the plant matter. CBD isolate goes through an intense extraction process to get to this pure state, requiring it to first begin as a hemp-derived CBD oil. Then, all of the compounds besides CBD are extracted from the oil, leaving only a fine white powder behind. This powder is pure CBD isolate, and it can then be mixed into things like food, drinks, vaporizer juices, or cosmetic products.

What are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

One of the significant benefits of CBD isolate is that it is completely isolated, meaning no other cannabinoids or terpenes are present, including THC. For many people, this is important because other full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products always carry a slight risk of triggering a positive result on a drug test.

This positive result can come from the minute amount of THC still present in full-spectrum products. While it isn’t enough to get you “high” or have any psychoactive effects, some drug tests may still be able to pick it up. If you’re someone who works in the corporate world or you’re frequently drug tested at your job, you don’t want to run even the slightest risk of triggering a positive drug test result. When using a CBD isolate, you won’t run this risk as the product doesn’t contain any of the additional cannabinoids that would typically trigger this positive result.

Another one of the significant benefits of using a CBD isolate is that it doesn’t typically have any discernible taste or aroma. Some CBD isolates are water-soluble and can be mixed into beverages easily, and many people also use CBD isolates to make edible CBD products as the taste can’t be detected in the recipe.

Some users also find CBD isolate is easier to take on its own, using under the tongue as a sublingual as they find the taste easier to tolerate than a typical hemp tincture. While a standard full-spectrum CBD tincture usually contains the residual natural taste of hemp, CBD isolate powder is void of any plant matter, so the flavor isn’t present.

As with any other health supplement, be sure to consult with a physician before using a CBD isolate powder for the first time to be sure it’s right for you. CBD isolates aren’t designed to treat or cure any condition, but research indicates they may significantly help with overall balance or to potentially relieve pain, inflammation, or anxiety, according to the National Institutes of Health


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