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Top 10 Best CBD Oils For Gut Health

In this review, we will highlight the 10 best CBD oils for gut health.

There are more than 40 acute and chronic conditions associated with your digestive system, and many people are unaware they even have them. Over 34 million Americans are affected by these conditions, and it’s estimated that around 400,000 of them are utterly disabled as a result. It has recently been hypothesized that CBD could help maintain gut health, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Which CBD product is the best to take for gut health? A high-quality oil sourced from hemp and extracted and manufactured properly is the place to start. Read on for our 10 favorite CBD oils for promoting a balanced gut.

1. TruBlu Natural CBD Tincture – by Blue Moon Hemp

Founded with a mission to destigmatize hemp for good, Blue Moon Hemp is committed to making high-quality CBD products accessible to everyone. The company has comprehensive customer service, offering a full refund within the first month if you find that CBD doesn’t work for you. Their TruBlu CBD tincture contains 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml container, breaking down to a dosage of about 33.3mg of CBD per ml. The only two other ingredients that the oil contains besides CBD are natural flavorings and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which maximizes bioavailability. Blue Moon Hemp recommends starting with around 20mg of CBD per day and adjusting depending on your lifestyle until you reach homeostasis.

TruMoonHemp Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

2. Natural CBD Tincture – by CBDMD

From seed to shelf, CBDMD is heavily involved in the production process of their tinctures. They visited 14 countries before they found the right place to cultivate their hemp plants, and care deeply about every single little detail. Their classic CBD tincture contains 1500mg of CBD in a 30ml container, which equates to 50mg of CBD for every 1ml serving. All of their hemp are grown using organic farming practices, and all products are certified THC-free. Their tinctures are also third-party lab tested to ensure purity and potency. CBDMD recommends starting with a 1ml serving twice daily or as needed, adjusting to fit your individual needs.

cbdMD Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

3. VG Blended CBD Oil – by Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold is a company with wellness as its focus, offering several CBD products that could help those with a variety of symptoms. They have a proprietary production process, which ensures only top-tier ingredients with no additives or impurities. Their VG blended CBD oil is made with vegetable glycerin for fast-acting effects and can be used both sublingually or in a vape. It contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 30ml container, which breaks down to about 33.3mg of CBD per 1ml serving. The oil’s ideal use is to help with post-workout recovery specifically, and the company recommends taking 15 drops or more under the tongue in each serving.

GreenGardenGold Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

4. CBD Oil – by Charlotte’s Web

Living by the motto “do well by doing good,” Charlotte’s Web is a company that has been at the forefront of the CBD movement for several years. The Stanley Brothers, the founders of the company, created a proprietary strain of hemp which was ideal for high CBD and low THC products. Their classic high-strength CBD oil contains 1800mg of CBD in a 30ml container, which is approximately 60 mg of CBD in every 1ml serving. Charlotte’s Web extracts all CBD in their products by using a CO2 method, which is the costliest and produces the purest yield. This tincture comes in three subtle flavors, and the company recommends using it for everyday stressors as well as recovery from exercise.

Charlotte's Web Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

5. Terpene Advantage CBD Oil – by Dreem Nutrition

Dreem Nutrition is a company that is motivated on improving its customers’ lives, rather than being pushed only by their sales. The company is veteran-owned, meaning they have a level of personal compassion for their customers who have served. Every member of their team is hand-picked to provide the highest quality customer service, and the company is staffed by those who are passionate about hemp wellness. Their terpene advantage CBD oil contains 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml container, which breaks down to about 33.3mg of CBD per 1ml serving. This product contains additional terpenes so you can benefit from the full range of hemp’s contents, and they list their third-party lab test results right on the website.

Dreem Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

6. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – by Lazarus Naturals

Accessibility is the main message behind Lazarus Naturals’ mission, as they want to provide high-quality CBD products to those who need them the most. This message is why the company provides a 60% discount on their products to any veteran, anyone on long-term disability, or those in low-income households. Their full-spectrum CBD tincture contains 1800mg of CBD in a 4oz container, which equates to about 15mg of CBD per 1ml serving. This size is great for those who need their CBD supply to last longer, or who don’t require a very high dosage. All tinctures from Lazarus Naturals are non-GMO and vegan, so customers with any dietary restriction can take them. The company recommends starting with a low dosage and to always consult with your doctor before trying CBD.

Lazarus Naturals Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

7. CBD Oil Tincture – by Our Life CBD

Committed to providing products with high potency and high manufacturing standards, Our Life CBD continually satisfies its customers. The company uses only all-natural ingredients, combining organic plant-based ingredients with extracted CBD. Their classic CBD oil tincture contains 1500mg of CBD in a 60ml container, which breaks down to about 25mg of CBD per 1ml serving size. The tincture contains no psychoactive ingredients, and a proprietary production process allows Our Life to infuse CBD and MCT coconut oil together to create this product. They recommend this product for everything from reducing anxiety to battling extreme chronic pain. At first, it is advised you start with a .5ml dose under the tongue, holding for 15 seconds until absorbed.

Our Life CBD Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

8. Vida+ Extract Max – by Vida+ CBD

The team behind Vida+ is committed to helping their customers naturally reach their peak health, using plant-based medicine. Their hemp is sourced from artisan growers, and the CBD is cold-pressed to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The company’s Vida+ Extract Max contains 1300mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 30ml container, which breaks down to approximately 43.3mg of CBD per 1ml serving. The tincture’s bottle has been specially formulated to minimize the UV rays that penetrate the product, therefore increasing the shelf life of the tincture. Vida+ tests all their products with a third-party lab to ensure the highest quality and potency, and they recommend taking one full dropper once daily.

Vida Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

9. Pure Hemp Full Strength CBD Oil – by Pure Relief

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Pure Relief have some of the most innovative CBD products on the wellness market. Founder Michael Melton wanted to do his part in aiding with the opioid epidemic, so he decided to start Pure Relief to change lives around him for the better. The company’s full-strength CBD oil contains 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml container, which is about 33.3mg of CBD per 1ml serving. The only other ingredient in the tincture is MCT coconut oil, which allows the CBD to be fast-acting and highly bioavailable. Pure Relief recommends placing a full 1ml dropper under the tongue and holding for 15-30 seconds before swallowing.

Pure Relief Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

10. Super CBD Oil – by ThoughtCloud

Founded in 2017, ThoughtCloud is a reasonably new CBD company that’s making a significant impact on the hemp wellness market. Founder Leo Pena is a massive believer in a holistic medicine approach, which is why he committed to providing his customers with only the highest-quality CBD products. The company’s signature super CBD oil contains 1800mg of CBD in a 60ml container, which breaks down to about 30mg per 1ml serving. The only other ingredients in the tincture are natural flavorings and MCT coconut oil, so you can be assured you aren’t ingesting any unnecessary additives. The bottle contains about 1200 drops total, and the company recommends starting with a low dosage placed under the tongue or in a vape.

thoughtcloud Top 10 CBD Oil for the Gut

CBD and Your Gut

Gut health has, for a long time, been considered one of the most integral parts of maintaining total body health. Your digestive system is like a small ecosystem, making a home for trillions of micro bacteria and parasites. These tiny organisms make sure that waste moves appropriately through the body, and that necessary vitamins and minerals are maintained. There is a massive correlation between gut health and mental health, and it is a part of the body with which everyone should be concerned.

One of the major problems which CBD has been shown to help with is Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s is one of a few inflammatory bowel conditions, and it causes the digestive system to become extremely inflamed. This inflammation can result in painful flare-ups in which sufferers experience things like diarrhea, stomach cramps, and weight loss. It is thought that since CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory in the body, it could reduce the amount of inflammation in the bowel experienced by Crohn’s patients.

A study conducted by Tel Aviv University in Israel supports this hypothesis. Participants in a double-blind research study were either given CBD or a placebo over eight weeks. It was found that those in the experimental group experienced significant symptom improvement compared to those in the control group. While these patients did not see improvements in their body’s inflammatory markers, they reported a higher quality of life and fewer flare-ups. These results emphasize that while CBD may not be able to replace traditional medications fully, it could be instrumental in improving the everyday lives of Crohn’s patients.

While virtually all research on CBD and digestion has focused on irritable bowel diseases, there is research that suggests it could aid other symptoms as well. Even Ancient Egyptians used cannabis to treat hemorrhoids, which is a testament to how long the plant has been effectively used in medicine. Cannabis as a whole also seems to be universally effective in treating stomach pain and cramping, according to GI Society. They also suggest that cannabis could help those who have a difficult time eating by increasing the appetite of the user and reducing nausea and diarrhea after eating.

For many gut conditions, there are traditional medications that can treat and calm common symptoms. However, many of these medications have harmful or unwanted side effects. They cannot be ordered from the comfort of your home, and most require a prescription from a doctor and a diagnosis of a specific illness. Many Americans don’t want to deal with these hurdles to get the help they need and are turning to CBD as a possible alternative.

CBD use is legal in all fifty states and can be ordered from an infinite number of retailers across the country. You can request a supply that works for your needs and even choose flavored or vaping products. Our extensive reviews of CBD brands and products can help you choose what is right for you. As with any other health and wellness product, make sure you consult with your doctor before starting to use CBD for the first time.



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