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10 Best CBD Full-Spectrum Oils for Encouraging the Entourage Effect

This list is comprised of the top 10 full-spectrum CBD oils for encouraging the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a proposed theory that all of the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant can work in synergy with one another to produce a more favorable outcome than if they were on their own. That is the science behind full-spectrum CBD oils.

Not all CBD oils contain the whole plant combination necessary to achieve this effect. For those looking for a whole plant option that includes all of the helpful cannabinoids, terpenes, plant matter, and other naturally occurring substances of the plant, our list of the best full-spectrum CBD oils is vetted for both quality and purity.

1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 240 mg by NuLeaf Naturals

Packing 50 mg of pure, all-natural CBD per ml, NuLeaf Naturals’ full spectrum CBD oil is made from all-natural hemp plants sourced from farms in Colorado.  All of their products are third-party lab tested for safety and purity, and NuLeaf is considered one of the preeminent hemp companies around. Their mission is to create cannabinoid products which promote a healthy body and mind and help people lead better lives. The company recommends holding your preferred dose underneath the tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing to get the full effect. In terms of price, this is one of the less expensive options on the list, making it an excellent choice for someone on a budget.Nuleaf top ten CBD for entourage effect

2. Original Formula CBD Oil – by Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web may be the most innovative company on this list, as they developed the genetic makeup of their own, non-psychoactive hemp plant. This development made national news and landed them a spot as one of the top CBD companies. Their original oil contains the highest CBD content per serving out of all of their products, and they recommend it for counteracting everyday stress and recovering from exercise. They put no fillers in their products, which contain only hemp extract, oil, and flavoring. The company recommends mixing the oil into food or drinks if you’re sensitive to flavors, taking one full dropper once daily for the best results.Charlotte's Web CBD for entoruage effect

3. High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – by Lazarus Naturals

This product is excellent for those who may be already accustomed to taking some form of CBD or are looking for a higher dosage. Lazarus Naturals is a company which was founded in 2014 and has a mission of providing high-quality CBD products regardless of financial circumstances. To ensure quality, the oils are made and tested in-house and are free of any additives. Lazarus carefully tends to all of their own hemp farms which provide the source for their products.

This CBD oil contains 50 mg of CBD per ml, and the company suggests that you take one full milliliter of oil as needed, giving it up to two hours to take full effect.Lazarus CBD for entourage effect

4. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – 2100 mg by Flora Sophia Botanicals

Flora Sophia Botanicals is a company which is backed by over 25 years of experience in both the plant medicine and neuroscience fields and they approach health both scientifically and traditionally. They set themselves apart by selling cannabis products which they source themselves, spending time in their farms touching, smelling, and harvesting their own hemp plants. This CBD oil is their highest strength product, with a whopping 70mg of cannabinoids per ml. This concentration is excellent for those who deal with more chronic or intense pain who are looking for a more effective solution.Flora Sophia CBD for entourage effect

5. Receptra Plus CBD Oil – by Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals promotes the use of their CBD oil both for people with chronic health conditions as well as people who need a health supplement for their daily, healthy lifestyle. Their classic CBD oil has 44mg of CBD per dropper and comes in two different flavors. The company recommends using its product for those who enjoy moderate activity or experience occasional discomfort. They cite their oil as providing a calm focus, as well as promoting energy. Receptra Naturals also partners with various organizations to increase their philanthropic efforts, including Trees for the Future, Mission K-9, and Boarding for Breast Cancer, so you know your money is going to a good cause when you buy from them.Receptra CBD for entourage effect

6. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – Veritas Farms

Started in the southern Rocky Mountains of Pueblo, Colorado, Veritas Farms grows their hemp plants similar to how a vineyard would grow grapes, giving attention to each plant and its hydration. They also practice sustainable farming, reducing their impact on the land and the environment as much as possible. Their full spectrum CBD oil comes in multiple strengths from 200-2000mg and is fast-acting. The oil is third-party lab tested for quality and is produced with only the highest quality and consistency standards. The company recommends placing one full dropper of the oil under the tongue, holding for 60-90 seconds, and then swallowing.Veritas CBD for entourage effect

7. Eureka Tincture – 500mg by Eureka Effects

Eureka Effects is a company which began with one single goal, to help others. Their mission has been fulfilled by creating products of the best ingredients and never cutting corners to increase profit. Each batch is lab-tested for potency and purity, ensuring that you get an accurate dose every time. Sourced from Colorado, they use sustainable business and farming practices to be sure they are giving back to the earth. Their classic CBD tincture contains 15mg of CBD per dropper, and the entire bottle contains 500mg of CBD plus additional full spectrum cannabinoids. The company suggests taking one to two droppers daily, or more if needed.Eureka CBD for entourage effect

8. Organic Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 250mg by Zion Medicinals

Brian Caruso, the founder of Zion Medicinals, saw a need for his products when his wife was suffering from chronic Lyme Disease symptoms and prescription drugs weren’t helping. Upon setting out to find a natural solution, he developed this line of products. Unlike other companies, Zion Medicinals uses a multi-day spagyric hemp processing method starting with organic Colorado-sourced hemp. They believe this process maximizes both potency and bioavailability. Containing only 8.3mg of CBD per ml, this would be a good dose for someone just starting out using CBD. They also offer a 15% discount with a monthly subscription, which is excellent for anyone who wants to use CBD consistently.zion CBD for entourage effect

9. Blueberry Pineapple Lemon CBD Tincture Oil – by CBDfx

CBDFx is a premier online CBD retailer, and they offer over 50 CBD products to suit any needs you may have. Their products are derived from organic hemp plants sourced in southern California, and they currently have over 4,000 certified reviews averaging around five stars. Their products are sourced from organic, full-spectrum CBD, which is full of nutrients to feed the body as well as the mind. Their flavored CBD oil is available in three different concentrations from 500-1500mg and has been tested by a third-party lab for consistency, quality, and purity. The company recommends placing 1-2 drops per day of the tincture under the tongue and waiting for it to absorb before swallowing.CBDfx CBD for entourage effect

10. CBD Oil Raw Drops – by +CBD Oil

+CBD believes that through responsible application of science and innovation, the future of hemp is unlimited. They are committed to pioneering the “CBD evolution” and enhancing the prosperity and overall well-being of their customers, employees, and communities. Inviting customers to educate themselves on CBD health benefits, they promise to honor their buyers’ trust by providing only the highest quality products available. They classify their raw CBD oil as a “superfood,” and it comes in two different strengths, sizes, and flavors. With their proprietary formula, they promise fast absorption, ease of use, and the fullest spectrum of naturally occurring hemp compounds. The company recommends using half a dropper or 15 drops daily.Plus CBD for entourage effect

More About the Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a theory of how different cannabinoids have been observed to perform better when employed together as a team rather than individually. The catchy phrase implies metaphorically that cannabinoids are social creatures; in other words, they don’t function on an optimum level when they are all alone.This theory was popularized in 2011 by Dr. Ethan Russo who published a paper called Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy and Phytocannabinoid-Terpenoid Entourage Effects. In this paper, he investigated the synergy between the various cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, looking at how their interactions may potentially treat inflammation, depression, pain, epilepsy, cancer, infection, and more. He also looked at Cannabidiol as a possible antidote to the intoxicating effects of THC.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD Oil is precisely what you might think. It contains all of the beneficial compounds contained in the hemp plant at the time of extraction. This includes CBD and the whole mix of terpenes, flavonoids, and accompanying cannabinoids, including THC.To be federally legal, the amount of THC in the product cannot exceed 0.3%. This trace amount is an essential component in achieving the entourage effect.

Will Full-Spectrum Products Get Me High?

No. the amount of THC is a full-spectrum CBD oil is not enough to cause any mind altering or psychoactive effects. This is why industrial hemp was removed from the schedule I list of controlled substances and reclassified as an agricultural commodity.

Will Full-Spectrum CBD Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Probably not, but it can. Depending on the user’s metabolism, the dosing amount, and other factors, the presence of THC is sometimes detected in a drug screening test. If your livelihood depends on a clean urinalysis, you should avoid full spectrum products and instead look for a CBD Oil that contains no THC, like a broad-spectrum or isolate formulation.


There are over 100 naturally occurring compounds that make up the cannabis plant, with several of them entirely unique to cannabis. This group is appropriately referred to as cannabinoids. Several of these are of primary interest because of their perceived biological activity and therapeutic potentials.


Starting with the most well-known cannabinoid, THC is easily one of the most famous compounds in the world, even though most of that fame is likely due to its infamy as a consciousness-altering substance.  Like other members of the cannabinoid’s entourage, THC doesn’t function all that well by itself.  Obviously, it does have a definite effect when used on its own; it’s just not an effect most people prefer.  As previously mentioned, THC all by itself in the higher dose range can have some unpleasant effects for people who are sensitive to the psychoactive nature of cannabis.

Entourage Effect–An Illustration

According to what we know from the current research data, the full therapeutic potential of THC cannot be wholly realized unless it has its friends there to back it up. Especially it’s very best friend, CBD, which has been shown to alleviate some of the more negative side effects that are thought to accompany THC use such as short-term memory impairment and excessive anxiety.

For the purposes of illustration, let’s imagine that cannabinoids are characters in a television sitcom.  The two main characters of our little cannabis TV show will be THC and CBD. THC is going to be the big, robust, super serious character and CBD will be the wacky next-door neighbor character who drops in to liven things up— the comic relief. Without the kooky antics of our goofy neighbor Mr. CBD to play off the deadpan seriousness of our somber THC character, the routine would just be a monologue, and the show wouldn’t be very enjoyable at all. The network might as well go ahead and cancel the whole series at that point, but we can’t let that happen, the show must go on!I

If you would continue to indulge this unorthodox illustration of cannabinoids, the explanation will continue.


First, let’s learn a little more about our wacky neighbor Mr.CBD and what he can potentially offer in terms of therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown CBD to have numerous therapeutic properties, which is one of the reasons it has become so sought after. The same studies show that CBD is more effective when combined with moderate amounts of THC than it is on its own. CBD is also very mildly psychoactive when combined with other cannabinoids but not at all intoxicating. There are many reports of people experiencing prolonged mental clarity as a result of using CBD products.

So, we have established that our two main characters are dependent on one another to perform to their full potential. Sure, they two may be able to get a few laughs performing out on their own somewhere, but the performance won’t exactly receive a standing ovation. Our wacky neighbor needs the serious guy just as much as our serious guy needs the wacky neighbor, but it doesn’t stop there. When the other cast members show up, we start to see a more cohesive plot begin to form. At this point, our hypothetical sitcom is much more complete, and although nobody will be winning an Emmy award for this cumbersome metaphor, hopefully, it brings you, the reader a little bit closer to understanding the Entourage effect.

So far, we have our two main characters, THC and CBD, who just happen to have some great on-screen chemistry together.  But as everyone knows, you can’t have a hit TV sitcom with only two characters, so to have a complete show we will also need to add some other supporting cast members into the mix, this way we can deliver the whole sitcom viewing experience that the audience has tuned in for. The supporting cast of cannabinoids is in some ways just as fascinating as the two main actors so we will introduce just a few of them in no particular order.


THCA is a precursor to THC.  It is not psychoactive in its own right, which allows people who would rather avoid the psychoactive effects of cannabis to still benefit from its therapeutic qualities. THCA also shows promise in treating Huntington’s disease.


CBN is produced by the degradation of THC and is said to have mild sedative effects. This would explain why cannabis flowers which are allowed to over-ripen past their prime are said to produce a sleepier effect than their less mature counterparts.


CBG is a precursor to both THC and CBD.  Research with CBG shows it has promise as an antibacterial agent and as a potential treatment for glaucoma as it has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure.


CBC is found in low levels in cannabis, and like the other cannabinoids, seems to work best in concert with its buddies. The research on CBC is still limited, but The British Journal of Pharmacology has conducted some studies involving the compound. One is an animal study illustrating its potential to relieve inflammation. Other studies suggest it may help with addiction, depression, anxiety, and even antibiotic-resistant infections.

Now that the supporting cast of cannabinoids has arrived on the set, they bring not only more therapeutic potential to the table, but all these cannabinoids together also increase the bioavailability of one another. When it comes to the two main characters, THC and CBD, the supporting cast really brings out the best in these two.

The “Extras”

Last but not least are flavonoids, terpenes, and terpenoids. They are like the extras in our little cannabinoid sitcom. They add fine details to the overall experience, such as aroma and flavor. Not only that, but some also suggest that these somewhat benign compounds may actually assist the cannabinoids in crossing the blood-brain barrier, increasing their overall effectiveness,  although this theory is debatable and research is ongoing.


By BCR Staff
July 2019