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Top Ten Best CBD Products For Cats

This article addresses the best CBD products for cats that can be found online. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard or seen that CBD is gaining a lot of attention for the health benefits it may provide for humans. It is proving to be a good option for not only treating pain but for reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and a host of other conditions.

But how about the other members of our family—like maybe our feline friends? Research is showing that CBD may have the same effects on them as it does on humans.

Cat lovers rejoice!

This is excellent news because most cat owners will agree that having a happy cat that is not an emotional train wreck is equivalent to winning the lottery. Seriously. So, let’s take a look at some of the best CBD products for cats followed by a brief explanation of why this amazing cannabinoid may be beneficial to out animal companions.

1. Advanced Small capsules by Canna-Pet

With Canna-Pet Advanced Small Capsules, your favorite feline will get the relief they deserve. These capsules have eight beneficial cannabinoids, twenty-four terpenes, and of course, CBD. The capsule itself is safe, pre-dosed and straightforward to administer to any cat. Whether the product is opened and mixed into food or taken orally, the CBD will absorb quickly allowing fast relief. Canna-Pet capsules are recommended for cats that need a generous amount of CBD in their routine.

Canna Pet CBD for cats

2.  CBD Cat Treats by Holistapet

The CBD Cat Treats by HolistaPet provide a delicious way to administer your companion their daily dose of CBD. Being salmon flavored, most cats will find this treat extremely appealing. Each crunchy treat is pre-dosed with two milligrams of full spectrum CBD. There is no THC in this product, and it contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Further, they do not contain gluten, dairy, or ‘GMO’s. Perfect for cat owners looking for one of the best all-natural CBD products available, these treats should cover all your bases.

Hollistapet CBD for cats

3. Soft Chews for Cats by Treatables

These easy-to-chew, soft treats for Cats have the potential to improve the wellbeing of your furry friend. Recommended for older cats or ones who need treats with a softer consistency, they are ideal for delicate felines with special needs. This product offers one and a half mg of CBD per treat. Intended to promote emotional balance and enhanced well-being, these soft chews are an ideal choice for moody kitties needing an attitude adjustment.  The product also helps to maintain a robust immune system and joint health.

Treatables CBD for cats

4.  Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil by Nuleaf Naturals

This Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil is formulated for all your animal companions and is an all-natural method for providing relief from pain, anxiety, and other feline maladies. 100% organic, it contains no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. Nuleaf is an industry leader that truly cares about the safety of their product for all consumers, including our special animal companions.  This oil is available in three different sizes and has been tested by a third-party lab to ensure the proper potency and purity for your cat.

Nuleaf CBD for Cats

5. Hemp CBD Feline Oil for Cats by Ellevet Sciences

This Hemp CBD Feline Oil for Cats was rigorously tested to ensure the best quality CBD oil for any cat. The company conducted safety, dosing, and quality testing on this product for six months. After that, the product went through trials within multiple veterinary clinics. They take their business seriously, ensuring that their product is truly an ideal choice for cat owners. This product has been raved about by certified veterinarians Who have stated that their patients are responding well. This product specifically addresses pain for cats.

Ellevet CBD for cats

6. Pet CBD Food for Cats by Diamond CBD

The Pet CBD Food for Cats product by Diamond is an easy way for any cat to receive the benefits of CBD oil. It is all-natural, straightforward, and a discrete way to ingest the benefits of CBD. Simply add it to your cat’s daily food regimen to help maintain overall wellness.  You may be surprised at the improvement in your cat’s overall mood and energy level after using this product for a few days.

Diamond CBD for cats

7. CBD Cat Treats by Intrinsic Hemp.

Like humans, cats can experience similar emotional and physical issues. With these treats, you can provide the health and wellness your cat needs. This full-spectrum product is a CBD oil blended with all-natural cannabinoids. It is recommended for cats that are suffering from behavioral or mental and physical health issues. These treats can also be taken for cats that need CBD to maintain overall health.

Intrrinsic Hemp CBD for cats

8. CBD Cat Treats by JustPets

CBD cat treats are not just for rewards, they serve to give your pet a dose of CBD in a discrete way. These Cat Treats by JustPets are the best solution to many feline health problems. They are idea for cats with high anxiety, aging issues, and even for healthy cats for maintaining a happy and active lifestyle. With flavors like “purr” and “chicken,” you are sure to find something for even the most finicky feline. Due to the treat’s great flavors, cats can ingest their needed dose of CBD easily and quickly. Domestically sourced, they are ideal for pet owners looking for high-quality hemp sourced pet products.

Just Pets CBD for cats

9. Organic CBD Tuna Flavored Cat Treats by American Green CBD

These Organic CBD Tuna Flavored Cat Treats will have any kitty purring for more. Each treat contains one milligram of CBD, making this product is a simple way to administer it to your cat.  These treats are not just delicious. They are formulated for maximum therapeutic effects for your cat. 100% organic, they are created with homemade recipes that tempt even the pickiest felines.

American Green CBD for cats

10. CBD Oil for Cats by CBD MDCBD MD CBD for cats

This CBD Oil for Cats has been created with anxiety and stress in mind.  With 10 mg of high-quality CBD in each dose, it is highly effective at reducing fear and nervousness in your special friend.  Not only does it contain CBD, but it includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids, essential oils, amino acids, and terpenes. It contains no GMO’s or gluten and is and is completely organic and vegan. CBD MD is a trusted and reputable company dedicated to providing the health benefits of CBD to humans and pets alike.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the 100 or so cannabinoids present in cannabis. But what makes CBD a great option is that unlike the cannabinoid THC which is found in marijuana, CBD will not cause a high or stoned feeling as it has no psychoactive properties.

From your cat’s perspective, this is a pretty big deal, as cats and psychoactive cannabis are not exactly the best mix. In fact, marijuana can be harmful to your pet. CBD, however, is perfectly safe for your favorite feline.

So How Does CBD Work for Cats?

Just like humans, cats have an endocannabinoid system. This system helps control vital physiological functions like mood, immunity, sleep, and pain. A cat’s body, just like a human’s, has naturally produced cannabinoids called endocannabinoids.

When your furry friend consumes a CBD product, it supplements the endocannabinoid system. This has the potential to influence the cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout its body—especially in the brain and nervous system—improving natural functions.  So, just like us humans, cats can benefit significantly from the use of CBD.


Adding CBD to your cat’s diet may help treat a current or chronic condition, but also may prevent the onset of other conditions in the future. Some common ailments that CBD is being used for in cats include:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Aggression
  • Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Lack of Energy

Cat owners have also seen positive results with the use of CBD oils in the treatment of any ailment where inflammation is the root cause, like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and even asthma.

Just like CBD is proving to be an effective form of treatment for human patients that suffer from seizures stemming from Dravet’s syndrome (a rare form of epilepsy) there is also evidence that CBD can be just as effective in treating seizures in cats.

It is also proving useful in the treatment of different skin and coat conditions. While it is mainly administered orally, CBD oil can also be applied directly to the irritated area on the skin since cats have cannabis receptors on the skin’s surface.

CBD Dosage for Cats

Your cat’s size plays a role in how much CBD should be given, and with cats being obviously smaller than humans, they will require a much lower dose.  If purchasing a CBD product that is specific to cats, make sure to follow the recommendations for the proper dosing that comes with the product.

You may also administer CBD oils that are intended for humans for your cat, making sure to give them a lower dose. For general health, for every 10 lbs. of weight, 2mg can be given up to two times a day, taking into consideration that different conditions may require different size doses.

If, after a couple of days, you don’t see a noticeable change in your cat’s behavior, you can raise the dosage by 1mg a day. Always remember that less can be more, so it is essential to start off with small doses first and gradually increase them depending on your cat’s response.

What is Considered Too Much CBD for Cats?

Is there such a thing as too much CBD oil for your cat? Well, yes and no. For the most part, CBD oil is not considered toxic for pets, but it’s best not to overdo it. Diarrhea or stomach upset can occur.

Make sure never to give cannabis or cannabis-derived products that have THC to animals. Cats are much more sensitive to THC than humans. While humans may enjoy the high that THC can provide, a cat may find it quite unpleasant. Stick to Cat Nip to provide them with that euphoric feeling.

Since CBD products are not regulated, be sure to do your research before committing to buying a product so you purchase from a reputable source. It is also a great idea to speak to a veterinarian who has knowledge of CBD use for pets.

Many cat owners are commenting on the positives changes that they have seen in their feline’s behavior since introducing them to a CBD supplement. Cat owners are looking for options for either general health maintenance or for more severe health ailments to help improve their cat’s quality of life. With humans feeling better from the use of CBD, isn’t it time for our feline friends to share in that experience?

By BCR Staff
June 2019