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Top 10 CBD Dab Products

In this review, we will cover the 10 best CBD dab products you can find online.

With so many new products and delivery methods available in the hemp industry, it can be challenging to sort through what may be the best choice for your needs as an individual. CBD dabs are an excellent and handy choice for users to enjoy CBD benefits while choosing to use a pure and easy form of consumption.

Highly concentrated, dabs come in many forms—waxes, crystals, shatters, and more. If you’re curious to find out more about CBD dabs and their potential benefits, read on to see our favorite picks.

1. Blueberry OG CBD Shatter – by Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is committed to providing users with excellent quality control over their products. They also strive to create a stress-free experience with a user-friendly policy of love it or return it, a great option for new users experimenting with various types of dabs. Their products are sourced from domestic hemp, and they inspect every batch to ensure you have a lab-tested, healthy dab product.

The Blueberry OG is a shatter product that has a 99.6% concentration of CBD, some of the highest purity that you can find on the market. The shatter contains both cannabidiol and terpenes, but the amount of CBD is impressive and is a good choice for those wanting a high-potency dab.

Bluemoonhemp Top 10 CBD Dab Products

2. CBD Wax Concentrated Dabs – by CBDFX

CBDFX is a useful resource for all things dabs, a brand recognized by companies such as TODAY, Yahoo!, Wall Street Journal, VOGUE, and more. Their classic CBD Wax is 100% organic and is sourced from quality hemp from carefully chosen growers. The plants are cultivated specifically for dab products and include a wide variety of healthy macromolecules.

The brand designed this product for not only vapor delivery but oral consumption as well, making this a universal dab product. They suggest putting a small rice-sized scoop of wax underneath the tongue and letting it dissolve for the best effect. This is a pure concentrate and is a fantastic CBD dab product to have on hand.

CBDFX Top 10 CBD Dab Products

3. CBDistillery CBD Isolate Slab – by CBDistillery

CBDistillery is a brand that has perfected CBD dabs. They focus on a potent dab slab by using high-grade hemp plants grown without the use of GMOs or pesticides. Additionally, the slab contains no THC, an ideal element for users shifting from cannabis use to CBD use.

The extract of this dab came by process of supercritical CO2, attaining the best extract possible. This dab can be used in a vapor pen, via dabbing, or even as an edible in beverage form. There is a lot of variety with this isolate, so anybody looking to try something new like a CBD beverage should check this product out.

CBDistillery Top 10 CBD Dab Products

4. Chakra Isolate Slab – by Chakra Xtracts

The Chakra Isolate Slab is a terpene-rich, THC-free dab product that comes from high-grade hemp farms in Colorado. This leading CBD company uses responsible sourcing of their plants without the use of harmful chemicals, making them incredibly eco-friendly. Not to mention, they are a charitable brand, donating a portion of their sales to various charities globally. This organic dab slab is comprised of 99% isolated powder.

The brand is dedicated to ensuring a product that is wholesome and contains only pure CBD. They manufacture their items in an FDA registered facility, and the slabs come in both 1000mg and 3000mg sizes at an affordable price.

Chakra Xtracts Top 10 CBD Dab Products

5. AC Diesel CBD Crumble – by Extract Labs

Extract Labs is another incredible brand that has established itself as a leader in the CBD industry. The company has been recognized on platforms such as Forbes, Good Morning America, Esquire, and USA Today. This limited-edition dab crumble is a unique and bold CBD dab product with an expansive range of aromas for those searching for a fragrant dab. The dab holds notes of cherry and lemongrass while maintaining an earthy, wood scent.

This is a THC-free product, with terpene infusion, and sourced by farmers in Boulder, Colorado. This crumble is lab-tested and certified vegan for all users to enjoy. Customers can order per gram, so this is a great deal for users wanting to try something new without a big investment.

Extract Labs Top 10 CBD Dab Products

6. CBD Wax Crumble Pineapple Express – by Go Green Hemp

While some brands pride themselves on their lack of other compounds, Go Green Hemp proudly incorporates terpenes and other cannabinoids in their product to create a full spectrum formulation. This family-owned business goes through rounds of batch testing to make sure your product meets the very high standards that customers deserve. There are no unexpected results, and there is a no-THC guarantee for their various dabs.

The Pineapple Express CBD Crumble contains 850mg of CBD per gram wax that ensures maximum effectiveness. The product is third-party lab tested, and a certificate of analysis is available for users to inspect.

Go Green Hemp Top 10 CBD Dab Products

7. CBD Shatter Bubble-gum Kush – by CBD Health Products

CBD Health Products offers an array of dabs at the press of a button on this website, including a dessert-like dab, The Bubble-gum Kush. The Bubble-gum Kush CBD Shatter contains 90% CBD along with 5% CBG and 5% CDT, making this an option for users to enjoy a mix of compounds working in harmony.

This shatter dab packs a flavorful punch for anybody with a sweet tooth. Indulge with a sugary cherry flavored and scented shatter that maintains effectiveness and fixes your craving for something sweet. Fans of specialty dabs should be sure to give this shatter a shot. It is available in sizes 0.5g, 1g, 3g, or 5g, leaving options open for users to taste test this product or come back for more!

CBD Health Products Top 10 CBD Dab Products

8. Orange Crush CBD Wax Dab – by Highland Pharms

If you’ve been searching for a dab with vibrancy and freshness, Highland Pharms has an amazing wax dab for you to try. All their items are sourced from non-GMO, organic, US grown hemp, and the brand utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction after harvest. They carefully and lovingly take care of every plant to translate an incomparable experience into the products they distribute.

The Orange Crush CBD wax dab is composed of 70% CBD and 30% of various other compounds such as terpenes that allow for the sweet notes of this dab to shine through. The bright citrus flavor is uplifting, making this an excellent and refreshing product to enjoy.

Highland Pharms Top 10 CBD Dab Products

9. CBD Shatter – by Try the CBD

Try the CBD is also an incredible information resource for new users or those interested in learning more about the industry and the spectrum of CBD products. They carry a wide range of hemp-based products from tinctures to topicals, but this shatter is one of their most popular offerings.

CBD shatter is incredibly pure to begin with, and this product is no exception. It features pure CBD isolate and terpenes designed to imitate strains of cannabis. It is sourced from Colorado industrial hemp and is available in six different strains, including Grand Daddy Purple, Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, Gorilla Glue #4, and GSC. This might be a suitable choice for users shifting from cannabis use to CBD use.

Try the CBD Top 10 CBD Dab Products

10. CBD Shatter Crystals – by Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life relies on transparency and honesty to establish trust and reassurance in their company and their range of products. The founders are a team of experts within the hemp industry, bringing research and experience to the consumer to inform and guide you through your CBD journey. They work for the people and the planet with proud roots in sustainability and strong customer relations.

These CBD Shatter Crystals are developed in Colorado, starting as industrial hemp grown in the most fertile and rich soil to guarantee a healthy harvest. This shatter is made up of pure CBD isolate and includes terpenes to create a variety of flavor profiles, including Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, Pineapple Express OG, and GSC. As a standard, Cannabidiol Life puts its dab shatter through the process of supercritical CO2, a method that refines the shatter to its purest form. It is available in ¼ gram and 1-gram quantities.

Cannabidiol Life Top 10 CBD Dab Products

What Are CBD Dabs?

A CBD dab is essentially just a very high concentration of CBD, and next to isolates, dabs are manufactured to be the purest CBD product available to users. They are most easily vaporized and are composed almost entirely of CBD with few added compounds. There are a lot of options for CBD dabs on the market, and they are an incredibly diverse and unique product, given their ability to induce a variety of effects on users.

While much more clinical research is necessary, many people use dabs to combat insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. CBD dabs can be found as cartridges to place inside of a vaporizer or as the wax itself. They are certainly a powerful way to experience the benefits that CBD offers and can be found online or at a reputable dispensary.

How Do CBD Dabs and Other CBD Compounds Compare?

The significant difference between CBD dabs and other CBD products is the potency. Dabs are composed of almost entirely pure CBD. This potentially gives them a more substantial effect on the body, given their purity.

For the most part, the effects are consistent with that of other CBD products but more pronounced. Highly concentrated, they can be an economical method of consumption that offers quick results. While they contain no THC, most users find that CBD dabs have a relaxing effect.


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