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Top Ten Best CBD Chocolate Products

Best CBD Chocolate ProductsCannabis is a plant as ancient as the human race itself, or so it would seem. Humans have documented the medicinal and multipurpose uses of the plant dating as far back as 14,000 BC when ancient civilizations were thought to use hemp for rope, clothing, food, and medicine. Without delving into a 10,000 + year history lesson, cannabis and its derivatives remain one of the oldest and most potentially effective plant remedies. If current trends continue, it may one day dominate the medical world, rendering some pharmaceuticals null and void.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found within the hemp subspecies of cannabis. It won’t make you high, yet has many of the same possible therapeutic properties as medical marijuana. Furthermore, it is legal in all 50 states, making it an attractive option for those who are looking for potential alternative solutions to everyday health issues.

While it is primarily marketed as an oil or tincture, several other CBD products have sprung forth. Among these are CBD edibles such as baked goods, infused honey, and yes, even chocolate! Our list below will introduce you to ten of the best CBD chocolates in the world, so if you’re in the mood for a luxurious, creamy treat, we’ve got you covered.

1. Cannabidiol Life

CBD Chocolate

Produced from organic hemp grown in Colorado, Cannabidiol Life CBD Chocolate is gluten-free, totally natural, and contains 15mg of CBD in each deliciously sweet bite. Cannabidiol’s chocolate chunk pieces are made with cane sugar, fresh cream, tapioca syrup, molasses, vanilla extract, oleo hemp extract, and, of course, cocoa. The chocolate is also kosher friendly and contains a Chocolate Dutch Liquor infusion.

These chocolate bites are unique from others in that they double as chewables. Rather than simply munching on hard chocolate, Cannabidiol came up with a product that satisfies those with a need to gnaw on something candied. It’s suggested by the company for users to take one or two chewable chocolates daily. With this, customers can start and end their days with dessert.

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2. Pure Science Lab

Good Vibes Dark Chocolate

Pure Science Lab CBD Chocolate Products

This dark chocolate bar delight by Pure Science Lab may calm your nerves and relax you to your core. The bars are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Every one of their products is a third-party lab tested to ensure that each product meets industry standards and adheres to the legalities outlined in the Farm Bill. Pure Science Lab prides itself on delivering high-quality products to its customers. With 5mg of CBD per square of 100% natural, organically sourced, vegan chocolate, your body is sure to feel loved when you indulge in this exquisite treat.

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3. CBD Living

CBD Chocolate Bar

CBD Living’s dark chocolate bar is the way to go if you are looking for a delicious and discreet way to consume your CBD. These scrumptious treats are made with full-spectrum CBD using nanotechnology to ensure that your body quickly absorbs the cannabidiol. With 120mg per bar (which contains eight pieces), potential relief is right at your fingertips. The fact that it is in chocolate form is just a lucky bonus. Guilt be gone! This chocolate is as good for you as it is decadent.

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4. Green Roads

180 Mg CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

green roads best cbd chocolate

Whether it’s for a special gift, or simply just a treat for yourself or a loved one, this dark chocolate bar from Green Roads is sure to tickle your taste buds and offer you some well-deserved relaxation in the process. It contains a total of 180 mg of CBD total with each mouth-watering square providing 15 mg of CBD isolate. There is no THC in this bar so if you’re worried about this additional cannabinoid, rest easy. Handcrafted in small batches, it’s made with 62% cacao and American-grown hemp and is vegan. Green Roads is a trusted leader in the CBD space and this confection will not disappoint.

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5. Veggimins

Dark Chocolate Hearts with 300 mg of CBD

veggimins CBD Chocolate Products

Veggimins Dark Chocolate CBD hearts will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed after a long day. Made with only three simple ingredients: cacao butter, coconut sugar, and raw cacao, these tasty treats are all too easy to fall in love with. With 300 mg per bottle, you have 10 mg of CBD per chocolate heart to offer you a respite from an exhausting day. Veggimins CBD is not extracted using solvents, so you will always get high quality, full-spectrum CBD with every serving. Go ahead and fall in love with these little bites of bliss.

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6. Lulus Chocolate

Hemp Oil Chocolate Bar

Lulus Chocolate CBD Chocolate Products

This 80 MG CBD chocolate bar by Lulu’s chocolate is sure to get your senses buzzing without the actual “buzz” part. With 20 MG of CBD per piece, this delectable treat is entirely THC free and packed with a few extras to enhance the positive effects on both mind and body. A unique blend of terpenes has been added to this chocolate to accentuate the potential benefits of CBD while it works alongside the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the chocolate. CBD chocolate offers a double whammy when it comes to cannabinoids as both chocolate and CBD contain them. This delivers a double dose of relaxation and makes the effects of both last longer and become more effective. You are sure to love this chocolate so much that a single bar won’t do. Thankfully, you can get this chocolate in minibars and a case of 12, so you won’t have to say no to a bite of relaxation ever again.

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7. Mota Cannabis Products

Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate CBD Bar

Mota Cannnabis CBD Chocolate Products

Set your senses on fire with this outrageously tasty strawberry and cream chocolate bar by Mota! This nine-piece bar is loaded with 180 MG of CBD. This means you get 20 MG per piece, which is an excellent starter dose to potentially help with a wide range of health conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation, as well as promoting whole-body wellness daily. Mota uses 100% THC-free CBD isolate in this bar to ensure you get all of the possible health and wellness effects that CBD has to offer without giving you anything extra. Slip away to a stress-free oasis when you eat a square of this smooth and rich white chocolate bar.

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8. Made by Hemp

Therapeutic CBD Chocolate

Made by Hemp CBD Chocolate Products

What can be more relaxing than eating a smooth, delicious bit of CBD chocolate at the end of a tiring day? Made by Hemp’s therapeutic chocolate bar may offer you relaxation as well as possibly provide relief from your aches and pains. With 60 MG of CBD per bar and 120 MG for the extra strength bar, this chocolate offers you an easy to use CBD option that you can fit into your daily life without feeling guilty. Made with organic ingredients and available in five different flavors, it is sure to please even the most skeptical of CBD users.

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9. Calivolve

Dark Chocolate + Matcha CBD Truffles

Calivilve CBD Chocolate Products

These delectable dark chocolate truffles are specifically designed to relax your body and restore your mind by offering you the potential effects of CBD paired with the positive spiritual impact of Ashwagandha. To top off this wonderful bounty of nature, they are also infused with Matcha to give you a boost and replenish your energy.  Each piece contains 20 MG of CBD, and each bar has four sections. This truffle is made with full-spectrum CBD extract and contains only natural ingredients to ensure your body is only getting the best that nature has to offer.

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10. To Whom It May Chocolates

Mix & Match Chocolate Boxes

To Whom It May CBD Chocolate Products

This company offers a unique approach to CBD chocolates and how they are sold. To Whom it May offers four different flavors of their chocolates: Vivienne (Cherries, dark chocolate, red wine, honey, and cayenne pepper), Zak (dark chocolate, almond butter, coconut oil, honey, cocoa, and toasted almond), Myra (dark chocolate, hazelnut, honey, cocoa, and brandy), and Ralph (dark chocolate, hazelnut butter, honey, cocoa, toasted almond). The reason this company is so unique is that you can customize the boxes. You can get a sample box with one of each flavor, or you can get a box of 24 which contains a row of each flavor in each different CBD dose which ranges from 2.5 mg up to 45 mg.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a hemp-sourced compound that could have the ability to clear the mind and aid the body in healing. The list of medical conditions it is reputed to potentially treat seems to be growing by the day with no end in sight.

CBD has already been approved to help aid in the treatment of epilepsy. It does this by reducing the frequency and severity of seizures as well as helping to repair damaged brain cells caused by a lack of oxygen during a prolonged episode. This has been life-changing for some people, especially for children who have Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Recently, the FDA was given the green light to begin selling a CBD pharmaceutical called Epidiolox. It is the single most effective treatment ever made for these intractable childhood forms of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is just one in a very long list of medical conditions that CBD is currently under the microscope for.  Other physical and mental health conditions including anxiety, multiple sclerosis, panic disorders, depression, nausea, aches and pains, nerve and muscle spasms are being put to the test as well. It is even showing promise for its potential to help addicts recover by reducing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

With such an incredibly long list of possible medical applications, it’s no wonder CBD is such a popular product lately.

How To Know You Are Getting The Right CBD Product

With so many CBD products on the market, it has become all too easy to get lost when shopping for products. The approval of hemp-based CBD in December of 2018 caused a massive influx of products hitting the market at that same time; before the FDA had time to set some standards and regulations in the industry. This has allowed for some questionable practices and the marketing of CBD products that are possibly unsafe.

To help protect you from these bootlegged knockoffs, we look for some particular features that ensure you are getting the highest quality CBD available.

We examine the extraction methods, which should be either a subcritical or supercritical CO2 extraction process or extraction done using clean ethanol.  Another critical factor is the source of the hemp.  As a bioaccumulator, hemp soaks up whatever is in the soil it is grown in. If the ground itself is contaminated from a chemical spill or over-fertilization, this will show up in the end product. We look for only trusted sources of domestically grown organic hemp.

Will This Chocolate Make Me High?

Well, if you are a chocolate lover, we certainly hope it will make you happy, But if you’re worried about the inebriating effects of cannabis, you can rest easy. There are no psychoactive ingredients in CBD, which is required by law to contain less than 0.3% THC  (the well-known mind-altering chemical in cannabis). This trace amount will not have any intoxicating effects and is perfectly safe for the majority of folks, however, you should always check with your doctor before adding something new to your daily regimen, especially if you are on prescription medications.

It should be noted that the inclusion of this trace amount of THC is what is responsible for the entourage effect. This is a proposed theory that all of the compounds of the cannabis plant work together in harmony to make each more effective.  With over 100 compounds in cannabis, it is easy to see how intricate nature could be when it comes to healing.

Why CBD Chocolate Makes a Good Option for CBD Use

Ultimately, chocolate and CBD both have a positive effect on your endocannabinoid system, which makes the combination a potent duo to relax your body and your mind. Plus, who are we kidding? Chocolate is absolutely delicious!

But don’t take our word for it. You have in front of you a list of some of the best CBD chocolate products available. If you are ready to try CBD but are not sure about the taste or price of a full-spectrum tincture, CBD chocolate might be just the thing you are looking for.


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