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10 Best CBD Oils for ADHD 

Best CBD Oils for ADHDThis review will explore the top 10 CBD oils which could be used in the treatment of ADHD or ADD.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 11% of children between the ages of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with some form of Attention Deficit Disorder (either ADHD or ADD). In 2016, this was about 6.1 million children. This number is staggering, and only becomes more troubling when you analyze the fact that 62 percent of these children were taking medication to combat the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. Not only does this mean that 62 percent of children with ADHD are facing possible side effects from traditional pharmaceuticals, but it also means that 38 percent of children with ADHD are not being treated with any medication.

According to ADDitude Magazine, a classroom of thirty children will contain one to three children who have ADHD, and about half of the kids diagnosed with ADHD have been classified as suffering from “severe impairment.”

This statistic is one that could change alongside the exploration of CBD as a method of ADHD treatment. Although more medical research is needed to explain how this treatment could work fully, anecdotal evidence has been incredibly influential in more parents turning to hemp products to help their children’s symptoms. The following list is comprised of ten CBD oils that could be used to aid the symptoms of ADHD.

1. Daily Balance Tincture – by Elixinol

With over 25 years in the hemp industry, Elixinol has become a leader when it comes to providing high-quality CBD products. From extraction to manufacturing, their team of leading experts strives to create the best cannabinoid products possible. 

Elixinol’s daily balance tincture is the brand’s full-spectrum formula and is an excellent place to start. It comes in potencies from 133 mg all the way up to 4000 mg of CBD per bottle and is available in natural or cinnamon flavors. One thing we like about this formula is the inclusion of the vital terpene beta-caryophyllene, which may help to increase the overall effectiveness of the product.  

elixinol top 10 CBD for ADHD

2. Chocolate Mint High Potency Tincture – by Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals makes CBD products accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. The company was founded in 2014, and they produce and test all of their products in-house to ensure the highest possible quality, adding no unnecessary ingredients.
Their chocolate mint high potency tincture contains a whopping 50mg of CBD per ml, which means the buyer can get as high of a dose as they need for relief without having to replenish their supply constantly. It contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and is third-party tested for consistency. The company suggests taking 1ml per day as needed and waiting for up to two hours for the product to take full effect.

Lazarus Naturals Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

3. Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 1000mg by CBDistillery

Named Mashable’s #1 Value Brand of 2019, CBDistillery was founded in Colorado and is a company that believes everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable CBD products. CBDistillery products are sold in over 1500 retailers across America, and they have a passion for providing their customers with not only the products but also the education and background that goes with them.

Their full-spectrum CBD oil is designed for quick relief, with no added dyes or chemicals. The 1oz bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, with 30 servings of 33mg of CBD each. The company suggests taking a 1ml serving orally and holding under the tongue for 15-20 seconds before swallowing.

CBDistillery Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

4. CBD Oil – 1200mg Vanilla by FabCBD

Pioneering a new plan of preventative health care, FabCBD has spent over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and health industries to perfect their knowledge of cannabis and wellness. Founder Josh Delaney originally tested his products on his mother and grandmother, who were suffering unrelenting aches and pains.

The company’s classic CBD oil contains 1200mg per 1oz container but comes in various strengths dependent on need. It is available in several flavors and has a 12-month shelf life because batches are always made to order. This small batch production means that the oils may vary slightly, but FabCBD does not attempt to standardize their products artificially. This high standard is how you know you’re getting a fresh product from a company you can trust to have your best interests in mind.

FabCBD Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

5. CBD Oil Tincture – 1500mg by CBDMD

Using only the industry’s top of the line CO2 machinery and equipment, CBDMD utilizes the most costly method of CBD extraction to ensure that all viable compounds of the hemp plant are retained. Their products undergo rigid testing during all stages of the process to ensure safety and purity. The company’s classic CBD oil tincture contains 1500mg of CBD per 1oz container but comes in various strengths. This dosage comes out to 50mg of CBD per serving, making it a useful product for those who need high strength relief. The tincture also comes in four flavors which are all-natural and leave just a hint of flavor to balance the taste of the natural hemp oil.

CBDMD Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

6. CBD Oil Tincture – 1500mg by Joy Organics

Joy Smith, the founder of Joy Organics, had a personal journey with CBD that led her to start the company. She experienced restless nights lying awake as well as unrelenting shoulder pain, which is how she eventually developed a line of products to soothe her pain as well as help as many people she could around the world with similar issues.

The company’s CBD oil tinctures come in several strengths, as high as 1500mg of CBD per 1oz container. They also come in four flavors, depending on your preference. The products have been rigorously tested and meet the highest possible standards.

Joy Organics Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

7. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil – by Populum

Populum’s high-end full-spectrum oil is a little pricier than some, but their consistently positive reviews say it all—this is one company that has made its mark in the world of hemp. The offer only one formation for their CBD oil, a full-spectrum option that comes in your choice of 250, 500, or 1000 mg potencies.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Populum’s CBD oil is its great taste. It has a light and refreshing citrus flavor that is not overwhelming yet masks the earthy taste of hemp extract with great efficiency. They also offer a monthly subscription program that can lower the cost of the product significantly. 

populum Top 10 CBD for ADHD

8. Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 300mg by CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman has a commitment to provide kindness to their customers alongside their products, offering a Compassionate Care Program to those who are using their products to battle chronic conditions. They also promise that their products have the maximum bioavailability possible, so they are fast-acting and provide quick relief.

Their water-soluble CBD oil comes in four flavors and is designed to be easily mixed into any drink you desire. There are 300mg of CBD per 1oz bottle, which means you are getting 10mg of CBD per serving. The company recommends stirring 1/2ml into 8oz of your favorite drink twice daily for the best possible results.

CBD American Shaman Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

9. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – 1500mg by TryTheCBD

Growing and extracting all their products in Colorado, TryTheCBD is a company that is committed to providing hemp-derived products of the highest quality possible. Using only non-GMO plants, their products contain just two ingredients and have no unnecessary additives.

Their full spectrum tincture contains 1500mg of CBD per 1oz container, which breaks down to 50mg of CBD per serving. The company recommends using twelve drops twice daily, either on the tongue or mixed in your favorite drink. They also recommend starting with a low dosage as this product is highly concentrated, and then doubling or tripling up every two hours until you’ve reached your comfort zone.

Try the CBD 1500 Top Ten CBD Oils for ADHD

10. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture by Kanibi

Kanibi’s full-spectrum CBD tincture is sourced from organic, Kentucky-grown hemp and manufactured in an FDA inspected facility. It undergoes two rounds of testing to endure potency and purity before it ever makes it to the shelf, so its little wonder that this newer company is making its mark as one of the safest CBD oils for potentially treating ADHD.

Shoppers can choose from either a 750 or a 1500 mg dropper bottle, but one of the things we love the most about this oil is the flavor options. If the bold taste of hemp is not your cup of tea, you can choose from cinnamon, choco-mint, lemon-lime, peppermint, or our favorite—skittles. 

Kanibi top 10 CBD for ADHD

How Could CBD Help Those With ADHD?

Currently, we are amidst a nationwide shortage of ADHD medication, which is the worst this country has seen since 2012. Despite the devastating effects of many children being left without medication, this has caused parents to search out alternative methods for treating symptoms. CBD has risen as one of these potential alternative products, and for a good reason.

Typical ADHD medication has proven at times to do more harm than good for kids and teens with the disorder. 70 to 80 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD are being treated with stimulants for their symptoms. Stimulants have many harmful side effects and leave users more susceptible to drug misuse and possible addiction. While these stimulants do work well for many people, if another treatment worked just as well and encouraged no side effects, it would undoubtedly be more desirable.

Although much of what we know about CBD as an ADHD treatment comes from research on cannabis as a whole, the results are promising. According to a study done by the University at Albany Psychology Department, those who used cannabis to manage ADHD symptoms self-reported symptoms of hyperactivity when not using the substance.

Dr. David Berger, a pediatrician in Tampa, Florida, frequently suggests CBD to his young patients suffering from symptoms of ADHD. He is board-certified and has over 20 years of clinical experience, and oversees nurse practitioners who practice holistic healthcare. He has clearly seen patients whose ADHD symptoms have improved after using CBD, and remarks that even if it is partially a placebo effect, it is a much safer treatment than traditional pharmaceutical stimulants.

Joy Neely, who runs Free State Oils based in Kansas, has been using CBD for years to treat her and her nephew’s ADHD, after noticing he relied on cannabis use to manage his symptoms. She believes that CBD could potentially provide some of the same benefits as Adderall and Ritalin, adding that we are still working on a scientific backup for this.

Although clinical research is far from comprehensive surrounding the use of CBD to manage ADHD symptoms, results from small-scale studies and anecdotal use point toward the fact that mainstream medicine should be investigating this further.

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