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Top 10 Best Waterproof Eyebrow Products

One of these 10 waterproof eyebrow products will streamline your morning routine and help you get out of the house faster.

Gorgeous brows are a trendy makeup look — which is why a waterproof eyebrow product is a must. These products are designed to stay in place even when you sweat or get rained on, so you don’t need to worry about smudging or smearing. After all, when your eyebrows are on point, the rest of your face automatically looks more refined. The key is to find a product that works for your individual style and hair type. Thick brows, for example, may require the use of a brush to help with shaping and definition. People with thinner brows might be able to get away with a simple pencil.

1. L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

One of the best waterproof eyebrow product options on the market is this L’Oreal Paris pencil. The secret is the ultra-thin tip — it draws fine lines that recreate the look of your real eyebrow hairs. This means that you can fill in bare or sparse spots and achieve a natural-looking effect. The other end of the pencil is equipped with a spoolie brush; the fine bristles enable you to comb your eyebrows and adjust the hairs to blend in with the lines for a more put-together look.

L'Oreal Paris Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

2. MoonKing Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

If you’ve ever struggled to create an even brow shape, this tattoo pen can help. The tip features four individual nibs in an angled shape. To apply, all you need to do is hold the pen at 45-degree angle and follow the direction of the hair growth. This creates a realistic fill-in effect and instantly makes your eyebrows look fuller. To add definition, simply use the narrow edge of the pen to outline the edges and tips. The long-lasting formula stays in place all day and comes off with your normal cleanser.

MoonKong Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

3. Bodermincer Eyebrow Pencil Longlasting

For people who have busy, active days, a long-lasting brow pencil is a must. This affordable waterproof eyebrow product is designed to last for hours, so you don’t need to worry about touch-ups at work or on the beach. The classic pencil design is easy to use, particularly if you have thicker brows. Simply sharpen it to adjust the size of the point; the creamy formula glides on smoothly. Choose from five different colors to find a match for your eyebrows.

Bodermincer Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

4. Hongee 3D Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Achieve gorgeous brows quickly with the help of this 3D pencil. The rotating brush on one end helps you comb your eyebrows and manage any stray hairs. Then, a convenient pencil end creates a thick, well-defined line. After you’ve filled in your brows, use the brush again to blend the pencil and your natural hairs. With its twist-turn top, this pencil makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount without sharpeners. Retract the tip back into the body for safe, break-proof storage.

Hongee Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

5. Aircle Eyebrow Pencil 2 Pack

Stock your makeup bag with this top waterproof eyebrow product, which includes two pencils. Each one features an angled tip, so you can apply precise, perfect lines for a well-defined look. The unique tip shape also makes it easier to create angles and corners, which is ideal when you want to draw dramatic contours. This formula is waterproof, which means that it will never sweat off as you run or go about your day. It dries to a smudge-proof finish.

AIRCLE Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

6. Hongee Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

If you prefer an ultra-natural eyebrow look, this waterproof pencil by Hongee is a great choice. The simple rounded tip creates a soft, smudged application that adds a subtle touch of color to your brows. It fills in the bare skin around individual hairs, making them look thicker and lusher. This set also comes with convenient eyebrow stencils that you can use to shape and perfect your brows. With the built-in brush, it’s a breeze to comb wayward hairs into submission.

Hongee 2 Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

7. HeyBeauty Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Brush

Streamline your makeup routine with this HeyBeauty eyebrow pencil. The tip retracts in and out of the base to eliminate the need for sharpening, and the sharply angled shape enables you to draw crisp lines and angles on the first try. This pencil also comes with a refill tip, so you can go longer before replacing the pencil. With five different colors to choose from, it’s a breeze to find the right match for your natural hair.

HeyBeauty Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

8. Scala Eyebrow Enhancer

When you prefer a natural makeup look, this Scala pencil is a great cheap waterproof eyebrow product. The classic crayon tip and gentle colors are designed to enhance your brows subtly. The soft colors blend easily to give you a look that’s low-key yet sophisticated. Use the brush tip to create a textured look, and rely on the waterproof formula to stay in place.

Bodermincer 2 Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

9. KAWAYIE Eyebrow Definer Pencil

For a crisp, defined look, it’s hard to beat this affordable Kawayie pencil. The ultra-thin tip mimics the size and shape of your actual brow hairs, so you can fill in empty spots with precise strokes. On the opposite end of the pencil, a fine spiral brush helps you comb and shape your brow hairs. Each pack comes with two pencils for easy stocking.

Kawayie Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product

10. Fatuxz Long-Lasting Brow Liner

If you have an active day, this long-lasting brow liner can keep your eyebrows in check. It’s filled with a smudge-proof formula that dries quickly and stays firmly in place. The natural carbon cartridge is smooth and easy to apply, so you don’t need to worry about caking or irritation. With its slim, linear tip, this pencil creates a sharp brow shape.

FATUXZ Top 10 Waterproof Eyebrow Product
Great brows are the start of a fashion-forward makeup look. They highlight your eyes and your bone structure, and form an anchor point for the rest of your cosmetics. With the right waterproof eyebrow product, you can give basic brows color and definition that lasts all day.



By BCR Staff

September 2019