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10 Best Manicure Milling Drill Bit

Doing a home manicure is a great way to save money and make your nails look beautiful. You shouldn’t expect to get the same results at home as you would at a salon though unless you have the same tools. One of the most important tools that manicurists use is a milling bit. A milling bit can remove dead or hard skin on the hands and feet and get rid of dry or damaged cuticles. The tool also works on jagged fake or real nails to even out the surface and edges. You can use any of the 10 best manicure milling drill bits when giving other manicures or working on your nails.

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1. JEWHITENY Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Set

JEWHITENY Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bits Set 7Pcs Remove Acrylic Nail Polish Manicure Machine Accessories Electric Nail Files Nail Tools 3/32" best manicure milling drill bit

This professional manicure drill bit set comes with a milling drill bit and other accessories. You get a plastic storage box that has small holes across the top for holding each tool and a brush that removes dust and other debris as you file. The set also features six bits that are compatible with most manicure drills. Each piece uses a heavy-duty ceramic material that makes the tools last through hundreds of manicures and pedicures. The tools can remove corns and dry skin too.

2. Gimiton 5 Piece Bullet Tungsten Nail Drill Accessories

Gimiton 5pcs Bullet Tungsten Carbide Burrs Nail Drill Bit 3/32" Rotate Bits For Manicure Nail Drill Accessories Milling Cutter best manicure milling drill bit

Though some manicurists prefer ceramic tools, others like tungsten tools such as this set of accessories. The included milling bit uses tungsten carbide, which is as strong as the metal used in surgical tools. It has a rounded design to prevent injuries and can work on both nails and skin. Also included in the set are four other tools that produce less friction and heat when used in a nail drill. The tools each have a 3/32 diameter and are compatible with most drills.

3. KADS Bullet Shaped Symphony Alloy Milling Cutter

KADS Bullet Shape Symphony Alloy Drill Bit Tungsten Steel Rotary Milling Cutter Manicure Cutter Nail Art Tools And Accessories (Cross grain) best manicure milling drill bit

The iridescent color of this milling cutter catches the eye and ensures that you never lose it among your other tools. It has individual stripes and sections cut into the top and sides that you can use to polish and buff nails or to change the shape of nails. The rounded design of the top keeps the metal alloy from cutting into the skin when removing excess skin around the nail beds. It uses both stainless steel and ceramic materials that won’t rust.

4. SeeFDENT 30 Piece Diamond Drill Set

30pcs/set Diamond Drill Bit Set Rotate Cuticle Manicure Pedicure Milling Cutter Polisher Grinding Tool by SeeFDENT best manicure milling drill bit

Creating nail art for yourself and others is easy when you have the right set of tools. This set comes with 30 different tools that you can use with nail drills to create the length and shape that you want for that art. Each one has a 3/32 diameter shank that will fit in most drills. The milling bit has a rounded top and patterns along the sides that remove dead skin without injuries. You’ll get several tools that you can use for cutting and milling too.

5. LILYCUTE 6 Piece Nail Tool Set

LILYCUTE 6 Pcs Silver Metal Nail Drill Bits Set Burr Milling Cutter Manicure Nail Art Tool Set Electric Accessories best manicure milling drill bit

Another set that comes with multiple tools for manicurists is this set from LILYCUTE. These tools are unique because they have a long shank that fits inside the drill and a smaller surface on top that you can use on nails and skin. The included milling drill bit features a round piece that you can run along the edges of nails and on the top of nail beds. Each tool has a working tip with a size of 1.0 to 1.8 mm.

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6. Pure Enrichment 7 Piece Replacement Nail Drill Set

Pure Enrichment PureNails 7-Piece Replacement Nail Drill Set best manicure milling drill bit

Professional manicurists who need to replace multiple tools can use this drill set and get seven bits. The set comes with a sapphire cone that works on artificial and real nails and a shaping disc that works on jagged edges to help shape the nails. It also comes with two milling cutters: one with a cylindrical shape and another with a flame design. This set of tools can last through 12 months of manicures when used by one person.

7. Electric Nail Drill File Set

Electric Nail Drill File Set, Professional Nail Art Drill Kit Electric File Buffer Bits Electric Nail Polishing Machine Manicure Pedicure Kit Nail for Home Salon (Champagne) best manicure milling drill bit

If you need a milling drill bit but also want a tool that you can use for home manicures, consider this electric set. It comes with an electric file and six bits that you can insert into the file to work on nails. You get a bullet grinding head for removing fake nails and a conical grinding head for smoothing rough edges as well as a needle head and a sand ring axis. The set also features two milling heads in different shapes and sizes.

8. Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

Nail Drill Bit, Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Electric Manicure Machine Accessories for Wiping Nail Gel, Pedicure Nail Milling Cutter Rotary Nail File DIY Nail Design Tool for Personal/Salon (#04) best manicure milling drill bit

When doing nails at home or for others, you might not need a ton of accessories, which is why this ceramic nail drill bit is on the list of the best manicure milling drill bits. It uses a durable ceramic material that can stand up to the thickest and toughest of nails without breaking. The 3/32 inch diameter of the base makes it compatible with most leading nail drills. You can use the bit to remove excess or dead skin and to buff and shape nails.

9. Makartt B-28 12 Piece Gold Carbide Nail Drill Set

Makartt B-28 12Pcs Gold Carbide Nail Drill Bit Set Professional Bits Tools 3/32'' with Storage Case Holder best manicure milling drill bit

With 12 different nail drill bits to choose from, this set features all the tools that manicurists need. Each tool has a gold finish and uses heavy-duty carbide to make them last through hundreds of appointments. Three of the included tools will replace the existing milling drill bits that you use. You can select the right size and shape based on the task at hand. The tools also have a thin base that will fit in your nail drill.

10. Gimiton 3/32” Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set

SunTrade 4 pcs Carbide Clean Nail Drill Bit Tool Rotary File Manicure Pedicure 3/32 Shank best manicure milling drill bit

This set of professional manicure tools comes with two different ceramic drill bits for milling and cutting. Those bits have a universal 3/32” inch diameter base that works with drills from different manufacturers. Each one has an antibacterial design that won’t spread bacteria and germs. Both tools are also resistant to acids and any other chemicals that you use for manicures. The ceramic material used in the bits produce fewer vibrations and heat and can help with both shaping and cutting nails as well as creating nail art.

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By BCR Staff

June 2019

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