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10 Best Hairbrushes

Finding the best hairbrush is the key to success in managing and styling hair. There are many different types of hairbrushes, such as ones with widely-spaced teeth for thick hair and thick tines for curly hair. Hairbrushes may also be made out of different materials, such as nylon, plastic or boar bristles. The different shapes of hairbrushes make it easier to comb out long hair or wavy hair or to pair them with a blow dryer for a blow-out style. This list of the 10 best hairbrushes simplifies the decision-making process.

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1. Bsisme Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Hair Brush-[Upgraded] Boar Bristle Hair Brush with Detangling Pins for Thick Curly Long Dry or Wet Hair,Natural Wooden Paddle Detangler Brush for Women Men Add best hairbrushesng Shine,Hair Brush Cleaner Included

This boar bristle brush by Bsisme is a cheap brush that delivers excellent results. Its sturdy paddle is made from natural wood. This allows for a tight grip even with wet hands and wet hair. The bristles are trimmed from live pigs without harming the animal. Bristles are configured in a way that helps get rid of tangles. The smooth handle is comfortable to hold, even for people who have a lot of hair to comb.

2. ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush Set

ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush Set - (2 Piece Gift Set - Pink & Black) - Detangler Comb for Women, Men and Kids - Wet & Dry – Removes Knots and Tangles, Best for Thick and Curly Hair – Pain Free best hairbrushes

This two-piece detangling brush set by ArtNaturals is ideal for men, women, and children. It is best for thick or curly hair. The handle has an ergonomic design, so it is comfortable to hold even when combing through long hair. The bristles have balls at the end. These balls gently massage the scalp and release dandruff. The pink and black brushes are easy to tell apart and are of a compact size for ease of storage.

3. Revlon Detangle & Smooth Black Cushion Hair Brush

Revlon Detangle & Smooth Black Cushion Hair Brush best hairbrush

This basic hairbrush by Revlon functions as a detangling and styling brush. It is made from plastic and has a textured handle for maintaining a tight grip. It can be washed, so any buildup of hair products will easily come off in warm, soapy water. This brush has tightly packed bristles, making it a good choice for people with thin to average thickness hair and people with straight to slightly wavy hair.

4. LYLFL Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Hair Brush,LYLFL Boar Bristle Hair Brush and Works Great on Wet or Dry Hair best hairbrush

Boar bristles make it easy to comb through rough or tangled hair. This is a mid-sized hairbrush with densely packed bristles. It is a good choice for people with thin to average thickness hair that tends to get tangled a lot. The slim handle is easy for a child to hold. This brush also helps with taming frizzy hair. It comes with a small rake style of comb for stimulating the natural oil production of the scalp.

5. O-CONN No Tangle Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles, 2 Pack

Hair Brush, Hair Detangler Brush with Nylon Bristles and Air Cushion, Pack of 2 Anti Static Wet Hair Brush To Reduce Frizz and Massage Scalp For Women and Men in Pink and Purple best hairbrush

This simple hairbrush makes styling easy. The two-pack includes a pink brush and a purple one. The pad where the bristles are inserted features an air cushion for comfort. This also reduces static when brushing dry hair. The nylon bristles feature small balls on their ends. These balls massage the scalp and help reduce hair product and dandruff buildup.

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6. Balon 4Pcs Paddle Hair Brush, Detangling Brush and Hair Comb Set

4Pcs Paddle Hair Brush, Detangling Brush and Hair Comb Set for Men and Women, Great On Wet or Dry Hair, No More Tangle Hairbrush for Long Thick Thin Curly Natural Hair (Black) best hairbrushes

This low-cost hair care set by Balon has everything needed to take care of any type of hair. There are two brushes and two combs. One comb features thick, widely spaced tines while the other has thin, closely spaced bristles. This set also works for combing a beard. The brushes have long bristles that make it easy to get through thick hair. Dense packing of the bristles on the paddle facilitates detangling.

7. Osensia Detangling Flexi Brush with Nylon Bristles

Detangling Flexi Brush with Nylon Bristles - No Tangle Hair Brush for Kids, Women & Men - Shine Brush Promotes Hair Growth & Eliminates Breakage - Easy Detangler Vented Brush with Minerals by Osensia best hairbrush

This hairbrush has neat rows of thin, flexible bristles. This makes it easy to take care of fragile or thin hair that breaks easily. The bristles are comfortable on a child’s fine hair. Each bristle has a ball on the top for removing product buildup from the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth. These balls also facilitate the loosening of dandruff from the scalp.

8. SUPRENT Blowout Nano Thermic Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush

SUPRENT Blowout Nano Thermic Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush with Boar Bristle, Best Roller Hairbrush for Blow Drying, Curling&Straightening, Volume&Shine (3.3" & Barrel 2") best hairbrush

This blow-out brush works well when styling and drying hair at the same time. The round hair brush shape can straighten curly or wavy hair under the hair dryer. It also works for creating volume and a gentle wave with the aid of the hair dryer. The vented core ensures that heat from the hair dryer can travel all the way through the brush. Its flexible grip is easy to hold with one hand while simultaneously controlling the hair dryer. This hairbrush has short, medium and long bristle lengths for combing through different types of hair.

9. Luxxii (6-Pack) 7.5-inch Nylon Bristle Hairbrushes

Luxxii (Pack 6) 7.5" Plastic Colorful Handle Nylon Bristles Brushes Hair Comb Designed for All Hair Types (Assort Color) best hairbrushes

These simple hairbrushes are ideal for the gym and travel. Their compact size makes them easy to pack and tuck into a small bag, glove box or purse. The thin, flexible nylon bristles work best on thin to average thickness hair. The small handles are ideal for a young child who is just learning how to care for their own hair. This cheap six-pack of hairbrushes is so affordable that they could easily be disposed of after a vacation or scalp infection.

10. Natural Boar Bristle Hairbrush Detangler Hairbrush

Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Detangler Hairbrush for Women Long Thick Thin Fine Curly & Tangled Hair Massage Scalp Spread Sebum Oils Add Shine Promote Hair Health Suitable for Women Men Great Gift best hairbrush

Brush through the tangles with this natural boar bristle hairbrush. Its bristles are lined up in rows, making it ideal for people with fine hair. It also does a great job of loosening flakes of dandruff so they can be washed out in the shower. The brush’s ergonomic design makes it easy for children and people with mobility disorders to hold. This is the best hair brush for people with oily hair because it spreads out the natural oils across the scalp.

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May 2019

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