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10 Best Fake Eyelashes

If you want to purchase the best fake eyelashes online, you may be gearing up for a day-long search. There are so many options available, but they aren’t all equal to the task of perfect beauty. That’s why we’ve drawn together our top ten favorites, which use only the highest quality synthetic fibers, have a soft, real appearance, and provide you with a confident and easy to achieve experience. Many of the options come with an applicator tool to make placing lashes simple. For those of you who are new to the world of lashes, we’ve sourced the best kits, too. The rest we leave in your capable hands.

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1. False Eyelash Multipack from JIMIRE

JIMIRE Fake Eyelashes 12 Pairs False Eyelashes Multipack Reusable 4 Styles False Lashes best fake eyelashes

With three pairs of four different styles of false eyelashes, there will never be an occasion for which you’re unprepared. The handmade lashes are hypoallergenic and reusable with proper care. They come in four different configurations—natural, demi-wispies, dramatic, and glamorous—so you can tailor your lash look every time. The bands to which the individual lashes are appended is also designed to be safe and irritant-free. Because such care is taken to craft each pair of lashes, you can curl them, apply glitter or mascara, and wear them with confidence.

2. Three-Pack Imported Fiber Lashes by Sunniess Hair

Sunniess Hair Imported Fiber Attractive 3D Mink Handmade Reusable Long Cross False Eyelashes Makeup Thick Natural Black Fake Eye Lashes 3 Pairs(3D-03) best fake eyelashes

When you’ve found a good thing, it’s always the best plan to buy several. That’s why this three-pack of high-quality, handmade fiber lashes should be on everyone’s radar. Because so much care is taken when crafting each pair, you can re-use them up to 30 times with the appropriate care regimen. The bands to which each individually sharpened hair fiber is attached is thicker, which makes it easier to apply, remove, and clean. Because synthetic materials can now be fashioned with a natural appearance, these lashes are always cruelty-free. Wear them for a special occasion or to enhance your daily look with confidence.

3. 12-Pack Variety Lash Kit with Free Tweezers from LVMIX

LVMIX Fake Eyelashes Natural False Lashes Reusable 100% Handmade (5 Pairs) best fake eyelashes

Each pair of these high-quality false lashes is durable, shiny, and gorgeous. They come in four different styles, so you can customize your look, whether you’re going for a charming, daily look or you want to spice up your appearance for a night on the town. Perhaps the most taxing detail of wearing such lashes is the application itself. Often, companies will offer a great product without any way to apply it, but LVMIX thought of that. They provide beautiful fake lashes with an applicator tool, making it simple, clean, and safe to add a little glamour to your day or evening.

4. Variety Pack with Lash Tweezers from MAANGE

MAANGE Eyelashes 10 Styles False Eyelashes Resuable Handmade 3D&5D Lashes Natural Fake Eyelashes Long and Soft False Lashes with Free EyeLash Tweezers - 10 Pairs best fake eyelashes

Whether you’re still trying to decide which style best suits your needs and the look you wish to achieve or you like to regularly change up your routine, this variety pack of soft, natural-looking lashes offers ten different styles from which to sample. Each pair is reusable and hypoallergenic, crafted from the finest synthetic fibers by hand, and always cruelty-free. The generously sized tweezers permit safe, easy handling and application of the lashes of your choice. All ten pairs of lashes come in a convenient carrying tray to keep them safe from damage when not in use.

5. JDO Magnetic Lash Kit

Magnetic False Eyelashes, JDO Upgraded 3D Magnetic Eye Lashes (12 PCS), Reusable Handmade Fake Eyelashes No Irritation No Allergy 3 Styles Lashes with 2 Professional Tweezers for Party Dating Wedding best fake eyelashes

This is the future of your lashes. No more tedious application with potentially disastrous effects. No more playing with glue. This three-pack of magnetic eyelashes comes with a pair for daytime wear, social outings, and even potential romantic encounters. The applicator tools and tutorial make applying them simple, fun, and fuss-free. The lashes are handcrafted of soft, synthetic fibers and appended via three tiny magnets, making these great for individuals who have allergic reactions to standard lash glue. With appropriate care and cleaning, they can be reused for a long period of daily wear.

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6. Eliace’s 50 Pairs of Fake Eyelashes

Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles Wispies Fake Lashes with Tweezers best fake eyelashes

If you work in front of the camera, as a makeup artist, or simply love the freedom of having readily available materials to craft your look, this may be ideal for you. The fake eyelashes kit comes with 50 pairs of lashes in five distinct styles, making the selection of the perfect look easy. You’ll also have a quality applicator tool with which to apply your choice of lash style. Whether you like the wispy augmentation or want something a bit more full-bodied, each pair of lashes is crafted by hand of the best synthetic materials to ensure quality and durability.

7. Ten Lash Pairs with Applicator Kit and Double-Sided Lid Tape from Magefy

MAGEFY 10 Pairs 2 Styles Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set for Natural Look with False Lashes Applicator,Eyebrows Tweezer and Double Eyelid Stickers best fake eyelashes

This fake eyelashes kit comes with everything you need to craft a perfect look. Ten pairs of lashes handcrafted from fine synthetic fibers in two styles allow you to customize your look. Three useful tools—slant-nose tweezers, fine point tweezers, and a lash applicator tool—help you to create your favorite look in moments. And forget the glue. Each kit includes double-sided lid tape in two different widths to suit any wearer.

8. False Mink Eyelashes with Applicator by RCV Cosmetics

False Mink Eyelashes Pack: Fake Eye Lashes with Lash Applicator - 100% Cruelty Free Natural Mink Fur Eyelash Set with Cotton Band Strip - Flirty 3D and Dramatic 4D Reusable Falsies - Set of 2 (Flirty) best fake eyelashes

In olden days, the best false lashes were made with mink, which led to some barbaric practices for the sake of beauty. Today, advanced fiber technology allows companies to handcraft natural fake lashes with all the soft, lustrous loveliness of mink, but in a cruelty-free way. This set of two pairs uses only the finest and most natural-looking fibers with a hypoallergenic cotton lash band for ultimate lash enhancement. Use the applicator included to easily add allure to your daytime or evening look.

9. Limited Edition Shy Lashes from Kiss

Kiss Products Looks so Natural Multipack, 01 Shy best fake eyelashes

This multipack of five pairs of super-soft lashes is easy to apply for a naturally enhanced look. While there are products on the market that provide a sexy, bold appearance, sometimes you only want a touch of mystery and allure. The feathery, lightweight synthetic fiber lashes kiss your natural beauty without overpowering it, which is ideal for daytime wear or a subtle evening look. Simple directions on the back of the package guide individuals who may be new to the practice of lash application.

10. Samthi Beauty’s New York Lash Kit with Applicator and Latex-Free Adhesive

3D Mink Fur Lash Set: 3 Pairs Long Lasting Lashes - Glue - Cruelty free - Tweezers & Mirror | Winged Natural & Dramatic Reusable Eyelashes | Latex-Free Adhesive & Applicator ● Handmade Up to 20 Wears best fake eyelashes

If you’re a woman who loves to change her look to meet the needs of her adventures, this kit from Samthi Beauty is perfect. It comes with three pairs of the finest synthetic fiber mink lashes in distinctive styles. Try Manhattan for a subtly powerful look. Queens lashes brook no argument, and The Bronx style clearly states you’re not here to play other people’s games. The latex-free adhesive will hold your lashes in place all day long wherever you’re headed, even amid a summer heatwave.

False lashes have come a long way. No longer are they stiff and unnatural looking. But finding the best fake eyelashes for your needs and level of experience is a large part of a successful and fun wearing experience. Enjoy soft, natural-looking lash enhancement and make it a part of your morning makeup ritual.

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By BCR Staff

July 2019

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