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10 Best Eyeshadow Stamps

If you use makeup or want to incorporate makeup into your daily beauty routine, you know how daunting it can be to experiment with eye shadow. Cut-creases and other seemingly complex application techniques are difficult to learn and even more difficult to perfect. Fortunately, makeup companies have heard our cries for help and created stamp-on products that make eye makeup applications easier than ever before, even for beginners. Read on to learn more about lazy eye makeup tools, beginner tools, and eyeshadow stamps that will change the way you do your makeup forever!

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1. Eye Shadow Stamp, Eyeshadow Applicator with Crystal Ball Handle By Ikibity

Ikibity Eye Shadow Stamp Crease, Lazy Eyes Makeup Tool, precise eyeshadow in seconds, Eyeshadow Applicator with Crystal Ball Handle (3 Sizes) best eye shadow stamps

Eyeshadow application has never been easier. With this silicone lazy eyes makeup tool, simply brush on the desired layers of eye shadow and press the seal on to your closed lids! An easy to hold and chic crystal handle serves as an attractive addition to any vanity or beauty space. This stamp includes three sizes of applicators to ensure the perfect fit for every face. Compatible with powder shadows and glitter shadows, not included.


2. Lazy Eyeshadow Stamp by Healthy Care


Lazy Eyeshadow Stamp Crease Makeup Draw Tool make precise eyeshadow in seconds,Black best eyeshadow stamp

When it comes to application, precision is key. This low maintenance stamp will serve as the perfect tool for experimenting with cut creases and trying new looks. Quickly gain confidence with your eye shadow application using an easy to use, easy to clean makeup tool. The handle is a knit-illusion rubber bulb that is soft and flexible. This stamp is compatible with eye shadow powders, pigments, and glitter. Eye shadows are not included. This product comes in a box, perfect for gift-giving.


3. Eye Shadow Stamp Powder Applicator by Puya

Puya Eyeshadow Stamp Crease,Eye Shadow Stamp Powder Applicator,Eyes Makeup Tool Draw Eyeshadow in Seconds (3 Pack) best eyeshadow stamps

Create a runway-ready look in seconds with this 3-in-1 eye shadow stamp from Puya. Looking to go big and bold, understated, or somewhere in the middle? This shadow applicator comes with three stamp sizes, perfect for a variety of looks, as well as different face and eye shapes. Adorned with a crystal/gemstone shaped handle, this makes a pretty addition to any makeup tool-kit. Silicone with an acrylic handle. Compatible with powder shadows and glitter, not included. Take your makeup to the next level with this easy-to-use stamp.

4. Eyeshadow Stamp by Pretty Comy

Eyeshadow Stamp Crease Make Precise Eyeshadow In Seconds, Silicon Eyeshadow Applicator Eye Shadow Makeup Tool by Pretty Comy best eyeshadow stamps

The perfect little eye shadow stamp for use at home or on the go! This small eyeshadow stamp has a flexible handle and fits conveniently in your makeup bag for traveling. Use it to apply glitter, powder shadows, and pigments for easy symmetrical application on your eyes of simple single layers, or complicated, artistic makeup. Simply apply desired eye shadows onto the stamp with your eyeshadow brushes and apply to a closed lid. Finish with setting spray for a stunning look. This stamp does not include eyeshadows or setting spray.


5. Wing Eyeliner Stamp by iMethod


iMethod Wing Eyeliner Stamp - 2 Pens Left & Right Dual Ended Liquid Winged Eye Liner Pen, Perfect Winged Cat Eye Look, Waterproof, Smudgeproof and Sweatproof, Vamp Style Wing, No Dipping Required best eyeshadow stamp

If you’ve ever tried applying winged eyeliner, you know how hard it is to get your wings drawn on symmetrically. Even, perfect eyeliner is a worry of the past with this easy to use stamp by iMethod. Simply stamp and fill for perfectly accentuated, dramatic eyes. The stamp comes with two compatible pens of liquid eyeliner markers that are formulated to last for all-day wear, ideal for any eye size or shape.

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6. DOUMI 2019 Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator by Suntree


As Seen-On-TV, DOUMI 2019 Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator Silicon Eyeshadow Stamp Crease Popular (Black) best eye shadow stamps

The As-Seen-On-TV version of this makeup tool trend, the DOUMI 2019 Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator has revolutionized the way we do our makeup. Apply with a makeup brush, stamp, and seal. Eye makeup has never been easier or more effortless. With an eyeshadow stamp like this, you can apply makeup in minutes that would have taken hours before. This silicone tool is flexible and easy to use. Makeup not included.

7. Eye Shadow Stamp Crease by Hello22


Eye Shadow Stamp Crease, Lazy Eyes Makeup Tool, precise eyeshadow in seconds, Eyeshadow Applicator best eyeshadow stamp

If you enjoy simple, minimalist makeup tools rather than crystals and frills, this eyeshadow stamp is perfect for you. Featuring a flexible silicone stamp head for easy application and a slime-line basic black handle that will compliment the rest of your basic makeup tools, this piece is attractive and functional. Brush desired shadows, pigments, or glitters on to the stamp to make your look and press on to apply. Eye shadows are not included.

8. 2 Pcs Cat Eyeliner Stencils by TaiLaiMei

TailaiMei 2 Pcs Cat Eyeliner Stencils, Matte PVC Material Smoky Eyeshadow Applicators Template Plate, Cat Shape Eye liner & Eye Shadow Guide Template Tool best eyeshadow stamp

Cute and functional! Create the perfect cat-eye eye shadow and eyeliner with this sweet little cat-shaped stencils! Follow the guidelines to add a symmetrical and flawless finishing touch to your eye makeup with a tool that is an adorable addition to any makeup drawer. Save time with the tool designed to help you with eyeliner shaping, cat-eyes, winged eyeliner, or a red-carpet-ready smoky eye. This tool works for all eye sizes and shapes. Makeup not included.


9. WJood 9 Piece Set Eye Makeup Set by LYDZTION


WJood 9 Piece Set Eye Makeup Set,Eyebrow Stencils,Eyeliner Stamp Guide Template,Eyelash Extensions Applicator Helper Tool,Eyeshadow Stencils Shape,Hairpin,Eyelid Shadow Sticker,Mirror best eyeshadow stamp

Why stop at eye shadow for easy application? This 9 piece eye makeup set includes tools for shadow stenciling, brow stenciling, and more! This set includes 3 Eyebrow Stencils in different popular styles, an eyeliner guide, eyelash guide, 8 eye shadow stencils, 48 pairs of eye shadow stickers, 2 hairpins, and a mirror. Get your glam on with this exciting lazy eye makeup set that will teach you to and aid you in applying many different eye makeup styles for all occasions.


10. Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator by Lucktao

Lucktao Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator Silicon wing eyeliner Eyeshadow Stamp Crease (classic) best eyeshadow stamp

Want the perfect eyeliner to match your perfect crease fast? One tool can give it to you. Simply apply high-quality liquid eyeliner to the chosen applicator surface and press on to the desired area for flawless makeup application. Fill in with your eyeliner brush or pen to complete your look. Who knew a little piece of silicone could do such a big job?

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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